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XBL Content Roundup: March 14th, 2014 [UPDATE]

Edit: One day, Microsoft will release all of its XBL content at the same time on the same day. A late arrival appears in the Xbox LIVE Arcade Games category. Details are below. Original Story: This c

Posted 9 years ago by Rebecca Smith

Constant C Dated

First announced in September as a Japanese only title, we brought you the news a month later that puzzle platformer Constant C would in fact be making its way to western territories as well. Now, we

Posted 9 years ago by Chewie

Constant C Coming to All Markets

Last month we announced that Constant C, a platformer by International Games System, was set to arrive on XBLA in Japan next year. In a new announcement, it has now been confirmed that the game will

Posted 10 years ago by Marc Hollinshead

Constant C Announced for XBLA Release in Japan

Mages has announced that Taiwanese developer, International Games System (IGS) is working on a new 2D platformer for release on the XBL Arcade. Constant C relies on "gravity change and the time field

Posted 10 years ago by Keith Gray

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