Constant C

Constant C

Xbox 360

Constant C Achievements

Most Earned

Catlike Reflexes
Catlike Reflexes10 (10)Changed the direction of gravity while in mid-air and applied brakes.
Fall Down 150 Times, Get Up 151
Fall Down 150 Times, Get Up 15111 (10)Died more than 150 times! Nothing can stop you!
Fall And Miss
Fall And Miss13 (10)Changed the direction of gravity at least 10 times in mid-air and landed safely.
Catch Me If You Can
Catch Me If You Can29 (20)Chased Ellie 2.0 through all the levels where she appears.

Least Earned

Nothing Escapes Me
Nothing Escapes Me36 (20)Completed F1-5 in 20 seconds.
I've Got Time
I've Got Time18 (10)Collected any storage device inside the 6th door without using the second time field.
Archivist36 (20)Gathered all the storage devices.
Princess Is In Another Castle
Princess Is In Another Castle18 (10)Found the mechanical dinosaur.
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First announced in September as a Japanese only title, we brought you the news a month later that puzzle platformer Constant C would in fact be making its way to western territories as well. Now, we

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Mages has announced that Taiwanese developer, International Games System (IGS) is working on a new 2D platformer for release on the XBL Arcade. Constant C relies on "gravity change and the time field

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