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    Constant C is a puzzle platformer focusing on time manipulation and gravity as game mechanics.

    To quote the game's release, in the year 1905, Albert Einstein published the theory of special relativity, suggesting that nothing can move faster than the speed of light. What if any mortal could break that constant?

    The story focuses on the Superluminal Project, a project dedicated to exceeding the speed of light. The story begins with an anomaly enveloping the project, leaving the station frozen in time. Outside of the occasional bit of dialogue, the story is largely told through storage devices that show recordings of the events prior to the anomaly. It's fairly bare, as all the interesting events have already come to pass, and may be mildly interesting, but certainly not the focus on the game.

    The main aspect of the game is time manipulation. The entire space station is frozen in time, but as the Emergency Rescue Robot, you are able to move freely. You also project an area around you that will unfreeze whatever is inside. If a box is floating, for instance, touch any part of the box with that circle and it will continue along its path until it's outside of the area.

    The second aspect is gravity manipulation. A short few puzzles into the game, you gain the ability to flip gravity. X and B rotate left and right respectively, and Y flips upside-down. There is a cooldown of roughly one second before you can flip again.

    There's no problem combining the two either. Keeping an object within the time circle while switching gravity will continue its momentum. Making an object fall adds helpful arrows to tell you what direction it was going and how fast, an addition that is valuable when coming back to an object, informing you what path it will take when unfrozen.

    While the goal of some levels is simply to finish, the real goal is to collect storage devices to open up new areas. In many cases, the level will be simple to finish, but collecting the storage device makes the level much trickier. While the game can get rather perplexing in later levels, the difficulty never ratchets up to be off-putting.

    Don't take this to mean that you won't die; you will die, fairly frequently, and get an achievement for it, but generally you'll die with a better idea over what to do next. Levels are short, dying generally doesn't put you back very long. Beyond the lasers, circular saws, and giant boxes to crush someone, the difficulty increases with the fragility of the Emergency Rescue Robot. While not running fast or jumping high is standard for a puzzle platformer of its type, falling a little too far results in an explosion, and was by far my most frequent accdental death reason.

    Overall, the scene they are attempting to paint is convey a station frozen in a single moment of time, they've undoubtedly succeeded. It's the little things that help add to the feel, such as background objects like industrial fans spinning to life as you pass by, only to freeze again. The background music focuses on being ambient, and the graphics focus mainly on hallways and nondescript rooms, though there are the occasional areas that showed signs of life. Graphically, the game looks sharp when it wants you to pay attention to something, and while the details are there if you look for them, they aren't there very often.

    By playing through the game normally, you are guaranteed 4 of the game's 15 achievements. However, completing the story and finding all the storage devices are closely linked, as you need 70 to complete the story but 74 to find them all. The majority of the achievements, 8 to 10, are goals on specific levels, typically speed runs that present some challenge. Overall, Constant C is a quick completion, about 5-10 hours, best suited for a completion over a day or two.

    As a note, apparently Constant C was released in Japan years ago, and that's why it only has 200 GS instead of the now-standard 400.

    Constant C is a fun diversion offering some interesting puzzles, but it's over far too soon with relatively little replay value.
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    Nice review, thumbs up. After reading your review I've decided to wait with purchasing this game until there's a sale.
    Posted on 17 Mar 14 at 15:18
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