Constructor Plus achievements

Constructor Plus

There are 34 Constructor Plus achievements worth 1,000 (1,000)

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Constructor Plus Achievements

Complete every quick start game and mission
TRUMPED90 (90)
Build 100 level 5 properties
Build a commission at the original hardcore difficulty
Earn 100,000 in rent during a calendar year
Have a worker knock out 10 enemy workers without dying
Produce 5 fully weaponized Gangsters in one game
Upgrade at least 3 of each resource in one game
Complete all the quick start games
20 or more simultaneous complaining tenants
Picket 3 rival resources simultaneously
Build your 4th commission in a game
Produce your 4th Super-Tenant in a game
BABY BOOM10 (10)
Have a single tenant produce 9 children
Capture 3 rival properties
Cause infestation of 3 properties on Upper Colon development
Have 5 estates with 3 or more tenants with positive moods on each estate
Get 20 police officers patrolling
Produce 10 Gangsters in one game
Pay $50,000 in Tax Bills
Fully stock your gadget factory
Accomplish your 5th council mission
Solve your 20th tenant complaint and be rewarded
Create your 10th Gangster favor
133 MHZ10 (10)
Install a top of the range computer in 20 properties
Upgrade all rooms in 20 properties
Maximize the efficiency of 5 workteams
Start 3 undesirable house parties simultaneously
Cause 3 foremen to retire . . . permanently
Build 2 prisons and fill them with inmates
Upgrade all Resources in one game
GOOD DOG15 (15)
Have your guard dogs protect a property for the 20th time in a game
Destroy 5 Undesirable Buildings in a game
Evicting your 5th tenant in one game
Build 10 estates of at least 3 buildings with 100% land usage