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    18 Oct 2012
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    The game's good as long as you have someone to compete with.
    Or if you are really in for getting those achievements.

    The game starts off in a very interesting fashion, with you having to kill a few people and then some. It isn't too hard and after a couple of missions you pretty much get used to it.

    Here your main aim is to kill the boss. Nobody else matters. If you do kill a few others, well, they just add to your experience, so no harm done.

    You'll have to kill every person in the mission for completion. Ambushes work in the same way, except when it's an ambush, everyone knows you are already on the scene and they take places and start shooting you from the word "Go"

    Here, the main thing is to tranquilize the boss. Be careful though, if you kill him / her accidentally, the mission fails. The mission also fails if you tranquilize an enemy, because they have to be killed not just put to sleep.

    The weapons are easy to understand, and of course the best ones cost the most. Your arsenal consists ot 5 types of weapons: handguns, snipers, automatic, shotguns and exotic. You'll have to buy the best of them to play the weapon challenges. They are tricky but pay well.

    These will come in handy after you've reached level 10 or so. Personally, I haven't used armor since it looks like a waste of money compared to the meds. The meds aren't very cheap either, so you need to be very careful and start saving up for stocking them.

    1. Do not buy your weapons hastily. Save up a bit and then try to buy a better one, preferably with a higher range. It's much easier to complete missions with a much better weapon than a slightly better one. As an example, my second sniper rifle (in addition to the one that was given to me in the beginning) was a Cheetah Rifle costing 250,000.

    2. If you have the credits, save them. Two informants later will be a good place to spend them. Shady Wessler is the best buy at 5 credits and then you have Parker who comes for another 5 credits.

    3. Headshots give you twice the XP. This will help you level up faster. The guys with masks on cannot be killed by headshots; hit them in the mid-section instead.

    4. Always try and locate the boss and kill / tranquilize him / her first. Unless your mission mentions that you have to kill his goons befor the boss arrives. If you don't kill the boss first, the boss usually escapes and you fail the mission.

    5. There are a few bugs which cause the boss to escape before you even see him. Don't worry, just keep restarting the mission. You lose energy, but after 3 - 4 retries, it becomes an ambush. Now, no one runs and you get to kill everyone for the XP.
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  • Sleepy Dogg 007Sleepy Dogg 007229,018
    06 Aug 2012 06 Aug 2012
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    Brought to you by Glu

    Contract killer is exactly what the title says. You are basically a free lance merc that takes up contracts (by phone calls) for sniping drug lords or criminals.

    After the 1st mission is done you are brought to a map of the city where there are icons of people to take missions, go to a store to buy new guns, and take missions that you have agreed to do. The map isn't really that big. There are also icons of monuments that are around that just give you info on the location that missions are around it.

    As you level up new contracts are unlocked for you to do. They always consist of:
    1.) Kill the boss and only the boss
    2.) Kill everyone
    3.) Tranqulize everyone to teach them a lesson
    4.) Random ambushes where the enemy knows your their right off the bat.

    The equiment you can buy is very basic, you have your medkits, snipers, shotguns, pistols, smg, rifle, tranqulizer guns, and armor (armour ;) ).

    You are only allowed to carry 2 weapons (I reccomened a sniper since the targets are always so far away). The armor system requires you to but a new set everytime it runs out.

    You always have challenges every day you log in, in co-op mode. Usally it says complete the missions in under 30 seconds, get x headshots in a row, etc, etc.

    You also get bonus cash for logging in every day. Sadly this game has a lot of trouble connecting for the game to load up. This happens freqently. You can just ignore it and play it without it connecting but no co-op mode this way.

    The graphics are quite nice for a cell phone game. Sometimes the game dosen't sense your fingers when you tell it to do something its rare but it happens. Some missions to kill the boss are a bit unfair, you are looking for the boss but hes never around. So you shoot someone to bring him out you get the "boss is escaping" alert and as you look around like a mad man he is nowhere to be found and escapes.

    Every mission has a cooldown timer so you have to wait to accept new missions. You are also limited to an energy bar that uses 5 points for every mission and have to wait 5 min till you get one point back. As you level up you get +1 extra towards it. You also get new stages but in some your character loves to camp out in a wobbly platfrom where it sways side to side making your sniping a tad bit harder.

    Lastly you have a weapon challange mode where the mission gives you a specific task to do with a certain weapon.

    Overall your looking at a grinding game since its really dosen't seem to have a story mode to it. But it is quite fun.

    So I give it 4 dancing faces.... out of 5.

    headspinheadspinheadspin (the other face dosen't seem to show up :o )