2. Contract Killer (WP) General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Here are a few tips I can give you with your playthrough of Contract Killer; they are as follows...

* Again, note: this game has glitches and an unobtainable achievement. DO NOT play if you want to complete it.

  1. Find friends that play the game. They can give you cash, items, and ever-so-valuable credits. If you don't have any friends that play it, create a Gaming Sessions
  2. Aim for headshots. They will increase your XP, and earn you an achievement.
  3. Finally: Just play the game. Almost all of the achievements are obtained through natural play. Completing a game depends on how often and how long you play it. Because of the energy system, this game will take around a month's time to complete.

You now have entered the point of no return...

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