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Hello, and welcome to the story section of the walkthrough for Contract Killer (WP).

This achievement is unlocked by killing bosses. It will unlock during the natural progression of the game, as there is one boss per contract. You can check your progress towards the achievement by going to 'Contract Targets Killed'. Note: this achievement is glitchy and may unlock before killing 100.

Simply kill 100 enemies that aren't bosses. As you progress through levels, there are more and more non-bosses per contract. You should get this early on in the game, as there are far more enemies than bosses. You can check your progress under 'Total number of foes killed'.

This achievement is unlocked by getting 500 headshots. When you get (a headshot) a notification will pop up that you did so. Note: This achievement can be unlocked with fewer than the required number of headshots; this is a glitch though. You can check your progress under 'headshots'.

This achievement is unlocked by -- well -- not killing anyone. On any contract, crouch for the whole thing.

This achievement is for using 100 medkits. It will, most likely, unlock through your completion of the game. So, stock up on those medkits; you'll need some money though (12,500$).


This achievement is unlocked by firing 1000 bullets. This will come in the natural progression of the game, but if it doesn't, go into a contract with an SMG and SPRAY-BABY-SPRAY!

Informants are the people that give you contracts to complete. As you level up, you unlock new informants. Just keep completing contracts from the informants. For an informant to count, you must pay them their initial cost they ask when you first click on them. Sometimes it is a cash requirement, other times it is a credit requirement. This should first be attainable around Level 10.

See "Exterminator"

See "Exterminator"

Leveling up in the game is based on earning XP, which you gain from completing contracts and killing/capturing enemies. Killing enemies with headshots earns you double XP for each kill. You can also earn a small amount of XP for completing subcontracts. You should focus on completing the daily co-op challenges as well. They provide HUGE amounts of XP when you complete them, anywhere from 2,000 to 10,000 per challenge. These are an absolute must if you want to level up quick! The bulk of the XP will just come from completing contracts. This achievement will take the longest of any in the game, and is where the 730-some hour estimate comes from.

You need to kill 13 enemies in 15 seconds. The maximum amount of enemies in a contract is 13 or 14, which basically means you must kill all enemies within 15 seconds. This is best attempted by randomly firing a shot at the beginning of the contract to get all enemies to spawn and converge on the location of the shot. Just count up all the enemies and plan how your shots you will use to dispose them all. Careful not to take too much damage while 'counting.'

A good long-range gun with a large clip to earn this with would be the Anti-Material Rifle, which costs $350,000 and requires level 13. The type of contracts and enemy positions you get are random. Once you have a good weapon, attempt this on a level with a lot of explosive barrels and very little or no cover for the enemies. Achievement pops after you kill the 13th enemy.

Map Suggestion: Momument Square.

You need to OWN ten weapons, not buy ten as the description says. Obtaining ten takes over 100k dollars.

Ammo types unlock when you purchase a weapon that uses that specific type of ammo. The ammo types are: 9mm pistol bullets, hunting rounds, sniper rifle rounds, tranquilizer darts, SMG bullets, shotgun shells, handgun darts, assault rifle bullets, and AM rifle bullets. Only the tranquilizer handgun takes credits to buy, so plan accordingly.

To receive a x3 multiplier, you must kill an enemy within 5 seconds of the contract starting. A good method is to take note of the color of the boss's shirt on the contract detail screen before loading-in. Quickly scan the scene for him, then zoom in and fire as quick as possible. Progress can be checked in the stats under "X3 Multipliers Gained".

This achievement is easier if you buy Reactix pills in the store as they slow down time. Fire a shot into the air, and enemies will run. I recommend having a pre-designated target to kill. When they run to cover, take 'em out.

It is possible to die in the game if you take in enough bullets. Simply start the day and use all contracts to die. Note: there is no way to track the achievement so keep dying.

To capture an enemy, you need to use any type of tranquilizer gun. Not many contracts require a tranquilizer, so this will take a while. The easiest way to get the achievement is to tranquilize all enemies in the missions where you get ambushed. Note: The achievement is glitched, as it can unlock with as little as 120 tranqs.

Aim for the head or torso. This can be done over multiple contracts; it is recommended that it is in one sitting. DO NOT USE THE TRANQUILIZER. It may mess up your achievement progress.

As the achievement description states, kill 3 enemies with one shot. This is with one bullet - not with an explosive barrel. As you progress through the game, more and more enemies litter the level. It takes luck to have 3 enemies line up perfectly, along with some Reactix pills. Aim for the head for a chain-shot, and you should be good. There may even be instances where 5 or more enemies line up.

Congratulations, you've completed Contract Killer for the Windows Phone.

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