1. Contrast (Xbox 360) Walkthrough OverviewUpdate notes


Exalted Entity

Contrast is made by Compulsion Games, and is actually a very unique noir platformer, with puzzles the likes of which has not really been seen since Limbo.

Didi, a child being raised by her mother who is separated from her father, goes on various adventures trying to get her father back, and fix the messes that he creates. She is helped by a Shadow Illusionist named Dawn. Enter this adventure and manipulate shadows as Dawn to take control of your world.

Almost all of the achievements in this game are story based, and while some are missible, they are very simple to obtain, as long as you know what to look for (which is what we are here for). There are also twenty-six collectibles in this game, but most of them are laid in your relative path, and the rest are easy to collect.

The game is both on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, so it can be double stacked for achievements. 2 hours should suffice to complete this game, but it can be done in about an hour and a half.

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