2. Contrast (Xbox 360) General hints and tipsUpdate notes

While this game is very simple, there are spots where you can miss an achievement, and have to replay the entire level all over again to get it. We are going to help you avoid that. But as a general rule, try to look at the achievement list in advance, or don't get too ahead of the walkthrough as you are playing it, to avoid having to replay an entire level. But other than that, the game has nice checkpoints, so you will not have any achievement that will make you replay the entire game all over again if missed. The entire game just needs a single playthrough, and is easily completable in 2 hours on the first run.

This walkthrough will assume that you have never played this game, or its genre before.

If you are just looking for a collectibles guide, here is a really nice one in video format:

26 collectibles in the game, and the video shows them all. If you want to specifically select just a single act to look for a collectible, at the beginning of his video, you can click on the correct annotation box link to the proper video.

There are 10 collctibles in Act I, 6 in Act II and finally 10 in Act III.

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