3. Contrast (Xbox 360) Act I: The Problems Of Three Little PeopleUpdate notes

The entire Act is written in the text, but if you prefer a video instead, this is a good full walkthrough of the game:

After you start your new game, look at the first interact sign (glowing fireflies) beside the coat on a coat hanger. Interact with it to get your first collectible, Didi's drawing of her family. Then, interact with the light by the window to start a cutscene. When it ends, jump through the window and then shift into the shadows on the wall like the game tells you to do, to obtain:

Then traverse down the shadows to reach the platform, and go down the stairs and push the card next to the wall so that Didi can get down and start a cutscene. After it is over, follow her for a short distance for another cutscene. Shift into the shadows, go up, and jump onto the balcony. Walk through the hallway to get the luminary (1 of 10). Jump outside and then down, and shift into the shadows of the bike to go up more to another balcony with the luminary (2 of 10). That should get you:

Now jump down from the luminary, and head towards the right side of the screen, and you will see a poster that has fireflies around it. Collect "Kat Knight Premiering at the Ghost Note" to get your second collectible of the game. Go towards the Ghost Note, but on the road, two buildings before the Ghost Note, you will see a table set up, with an interact sign. Go to it, and collect the "News Paper Article: Carmine Bruni Acquitted of Murder for Second Time", to get your third collectible in the game.

After that, just go to the Ghost Note Theater like the game tells you to, but instead of actually going towards it, just cross by it and head to the building that is 2 buildings to the left of it to see a 1 storey building that says, "Dirty" on it" Stand under the right most door, under the sign that says 24h, and walk to the door and press X. That should get you:

Then, after the above achievement, go along the road until you get to a gramophone in the middle of the street. Touch it and it will replay memories. Shift into the shadows and jump on the girl's legs, and then when she folds them up, jump on to her knees. Wait for the mother to remove her hand, and jump onto the girl's head from her knees. And from there, jump onto the balcony with the luminary (3 of 10). Then continue past and jump onto the stairs, and keep going forward until you enter a room with a little light switch. That will show you a controller with angelic wings and a halo. You will start seeing credits roll, and at the same time, you will unlock:

You can skip the creidts if you wish to do so. Then, head to the Ghost Note where Didi is waiting for you, and you will start a cutscene. After the cutscene, go ahead and interact with the door to go inside. As soon as you go inside, head to the right, and hit the light switch. Then aim the lights at the main stage until you see a shadow of someone playing a saxophone. Now go back to the doors, and go along the left path, and aim the spotlight at the guy playing the drums. You have one more light to turn on. Shift into the shadows with the guy playing the drums. Jump onto his drum stick, let it carry you to the shoulder of the guy, then jump on his head and to the balcony. Head past and you will see another interact-able. Pick up "Department of Child Services Notice: Dereliction of parental duties, RE: Dorothy Malenkaya", giving you your fourth collectible. Now keep going past, and aim the spotlight in the middle at the stage until you see a girl laying on a piano. You will see a short cutscene, and once it ends, continue into the foggy doorway to see another cutscene. After that, jump down from the stairs and head behind them to the interact-able. Collect the "Check from Johnny Fenris to Kat Knight: Insufficent Funds" to get the fifth collectible. Then walk out the door, and you will obtain:

Continue along and you will meet Didi, who will open the metal gates for you. Follow her to a wooden door that says, "Caution" and you will learn how to break wood. Go back and to the right side of the building, break that wood, get the luminary (4 of 10). Note that you can now use the B button to dash faster instead of just walking and running. Then go back to where you broke the original fence, for a cutscene, followed by another cutscene after you move a few steps in. After it ends, head directly to the left, to collect "World's Fair Poster: Featuring The Great Vincenzo", the sixth collectible in the level. Then position the lights in the middle towards the right end of the stage, so that the piano and boxes form a ladder to the left balcony leading to the Manager's room. Get to the balcony past the pool table on the second floor, and follow the path to the right on the fire escape. Shift into the shadows after the first stairs, and get the luminary in front of you (5 of 10). And keep going forward. Enter the manager's room, and get the luminary at the very back (6 of 10), and then collect the "Newspaper Article: The Amazing Vincenzo Hides His Secrets In Plain Sight" on the coffee table in front of the sofa. This is the seventh collectible in the game. And finally, pick up the reel on the table and walk out the manager's room, and jump down to Didi, in front of another breakable fence. Follow the slow walking Didi for a cutscene, and then go to her once again to activate the lights by giving it 3 luminaries. Now it is time for:

Shift into the shadows and jump to the end of the first billboard. Then jump and the game will automatically shift you out, and you need to shift back in right as you land on the other billboard. Once you reach the floor, you will obtain that achievement, and get a cutscene. After it ends, break down the wooden beams holding the billboards up from behind, so that they make a bridge for Didi.

This video guide will show you how to unlock this achievement if you are having trouble following the word guide.

Now, after you get that top achievement, just fall off into the abyss to obtain (Note: You can get it very early in the game, basically, just walk off the edge and get it, that is how I did it, but some people say they have a problem unlocking Now That's Thinking With Shadows achievement doing it like that, so why tempt fate, right?):

In front of the doors to the Cinema, you will see a ticket booth. Get the notice reading, "Due to change in management we are currently closed for business." This will be your eighth collectible. Then follow Didi to the Cinema for another cutscene.

Push the cut out of the guy with the top hat towards the right balcony, and position him so that you can jump on his arm, and then on his top hat, and onto the balcony and around until you get to a collectible. Collect it - "Prison Release: Johnny A. Fenris, Crime: Passing Bad Checks" will be your ninth collectible.

Then shift into the wall, go across the glass screen, and shift out. Go to the bottom for two back-to-back cutscenes. Let them beat up the guy for a little, and you will unlock:

Then head to the back of the cinema, shift in, go past the glass, and shift out, and play the reel. Another cutscene ensues, followed by another one again. In between them, you will get:

When you get out, you will be in a patio type area. Interact with the right most umbrella to close it, wait for 2 seconds, and interact with the one right next to it. Jump onto the chair, and up, then wait for the first umbrella to open with the timer, run across, and jump over the second closed umbrella, and walk to the left balcony to collect another luminary (7 of 10). Jump down and head through the breakable wood fence, and back over the bridge you created for Didi before. After going into the alley directly after the bridge, you will see Hotel Excelsior. This will be the final part of Act I.

Enter for another cutscene, and then a huge puzzle. As soon as you regain control, head back in the opposite direction of where you are facing, and you will see a collectible on your left side of the screen. Collect "Carmine's Debt Book: Johnny Fenris $20 Large". This is the last collectible of the Act, and you will obtain the achievement:

Now that you don't have to worry about missable achievements or collectibles in this Act, put your entire attention to this last puzzle.

Head towards the elevators at the very back of the map. Grab the suitcase carrier, and push it into the elevator with open doors so that it is weighted down enough for you to climb on top. Then get on the platform, and go all the way to the front of the map on the second floor. Move the left chandelier enough so that the shadow makes a bridge to the fourth floor. Then shift into the shadows and jump up to the right side on the third floor. Go all the way around, and jump on the shadow you created earlier. Don't go to floor 4, but rather, jump on to the platform that has the luminary. Jump again and you will enter another cutscene.

Now go through the door you are looking at, and break through two wooden doors, and once you are outside, traverse a platform towards the right until you see a shadow scene.

Jump on to the lady's high heel, and ride it to the piano. Jump on to the object at the top of the piano that looks like a stick, and wait for her to bend over. Get carried until she tilts her head back, and jump on her head, and then on to the gentleman's elbow. Stay on the elbow until he grabs his hat, and then climb to the hat. He will put it down, and that is where you shift out. Go through the door that you are in front of, and open the doors for Didi. This will start another cutscene, and end the Act, earning you:

On to Act II!

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