4. Contrast (Xbox 360) Act II: The Stuff That Dreams Are Made OfUpdate notes

This entire Act is also written in the text, but if you prefer a video instead, this is a good full walkthrough of the game:

As soon as the Act begins, turn around and grab the "Picture of Johnny" behind you by the night lamp. That is the first collectible of the Act. Then walk to Didi's bed, and a cutscene will start. After it ends, the first thing you want to do is walk out the door look at the interact-able picture. It will start a cutscene. Watch it all the way to the end. When it ends, you will obtain

Then walk down the stairs, and interact with the table. You will get a cutscene. After it ends, interact with it again, as the first time it was not collected. The "Eviction Notice: To Katherine Malenkaya from Law Offices of Dewey & Howe" will be your second collectible.

After that, interact with the coffee table, to get the "Letter from Kat to Child Services: Please don't take my daughter away". This is the third collectible of the act. Then walk out the door, and you will need to use your dash ability through the shadows. So you want to shift in, dash through each of the pipe shadows that are blocking your way all the way to the end. Then you will need to do one shadow dash and jump. So jump, and then hit B on the second shadow crossing. Reach the end, and then follow Didi. Go into the tent to start a cutscene. Once it ends, head behind the curtain (still inside the tent), and grab the luminary (1 of 15). Then from there, turn right, and grab the "Picture of Johnny's family: We are counting on you Jonny, Love Sal". That is the third collectible in this act. By now, you should also have received:

Now exit the tent and walk down the ramp, and head towards the left. Go to the edge in a straight line, and you will find shadows of rocks on the wall. Jump on the first Shadow rock, then to the next one. Wait until the middle pillar type shadow thins down, and the third rock is nearby, then shadow dash through the pillar, onto the third rock, and get out and collect the luminary (2 of 15). Repeat the process to get back to the other side, and then go back to where you came from. Go down the stairs. From the stairs, head to the left, and enter the shadow of a man hitting the weight bell. Stand on the spot that would send the ball flying into the bell, and wait for him to hit hard enough to send you flying. Then jump at the peak of your height onto the balcony, to collect another luminary (3 of 15). Now head back to the stairs, and go right this time, and activate the ghostly wheel to start another shadow scene so that we can get another luminary. Jump onto the short guy's hat, and then wait for the big guy to bend down, and jump on his arm and run up to his head and jump to the balcony to grab the luminary (4 of 15). Jump down, turn right, and head into the little alley. Go to the end of it to start a cutscene.

After the cutscene ends, you will need to power the carousel with luminaries. So insert three to start it up. Now, before we start this part, make sure to dash past all the way to the right from the luminary insertion device, to grab another luminary (5 of 15).

Now, you need to do the shadow puzzle here. A text guide will be included, but if you want a video guide, here is one that I made, split into three parts: one for each section of the puzzle:

So what you want to do is jump onto the lowest horse near the edge of the wall, and jump up the horses in the opposite direction of their movement, using them as a ramp, make sure to shadow jump dash through any pillars blocking your path. Jump to the little platform at the end, and shift out to grab the luminary (6 of 15). Then jump and shift into the billboard, and wait there until a horse comes by, and continue using them as ramps to get to the shadow balcony. Didi will now make a plank for you, so jump onto that and jump across to the other platform. Shift out, and jump onto the top of the carousel. Insert a luminary into the glass orb to power the rest of the carousel. Now jump back to the plaform, and start shadow jumping like before and using the stars as ramps this time. Make sure to shadow jump dash past any pillars again until you get to a platform. Now walk to the other end and jump onto the little pipe. Upon pulling yourself up, collect the luminary (8 of 15). Shift in again at the end and walk across the rope to the other platform. Jump to the next platform and shift in again, and make your way across the shadows again. On the other side, shift out, go down the stairs, and head straight to the interact-able under the umbrella. Interact with the bottle to obtain:

Now go past the stairs on walking along the roof of the house, get the luminary at the end (9 of 15). Walk back and up the stairs and to the end where you see a rope, and interact with it. It will start a cutscene.

Once it ends, head from where you are towards the right and past the big red pathway. Travel through the forest like path, and at the end will start a cutscene. Now it is time for another shadow puzzle. Go to the end of the stage, pick up the princess hat from the chest. Then shift in. You will now need to follow the story and do a bunch of jumping and manoeuvring.

When you gain control, walk forward, making sure to jump across the spike pits, and using tree trunks to jump onto higher trees / platforms. When you get to the windmill. Walk below it, to the other side, and then jump onto the fan and let it carry you up. Jump up onto the tree, get past, and you will see crocodile heads (and Johnny will mention them). There is an achievement for this part, so don't rush across.

A text guide, like always, will be written, but in case you want a video guide, feel free to use the one I made for this achievement:

This is a simple puzzle, all you have to do is wait until the crocodile closes its mouth, and then start rapidly (but not too rapidly so that you do not lose control) jumping from one closing mouth to the next. Only 4 to cross, and once you reach the other end safely, you will obtain

  • Just Like Harry

    Unlocked when the player makes it over the crocodiles on their first attempt in the Shadow Theater.

    Just Like Harry

Now you have a mushroom puzzle. Jump on to the far right mushroom first, and wait for 2 seconds. Then jump to the middle mushroom. Then jump onto the first branch, and wait for it to throw you up, and jump to the second branch, using it as a bridge to get to the tree. Keep going past, and you will run into an Ogre. You want to either be on the tree trunk, or very close to it; and wait for the Ogre to smash into it and get stuck. As soon as he hits the trunk in the middle with the nail on his stick, jump onto it, then jump past him, to the tree trunk. Wait for him to now try to run you through with the stick, and as it nears you, jump up and his stick will get stuck in the tree, and you will be able to land safely on it. Carefully jump onto his head and get past (if you go too far and hit his mouth, you die). Wait past the first tree stump that he got stuck on, and the second tree will fall on him and completely engulf / trap him. Then jump onto the tree trunk for another cutscene.

Now you have to do another shadow quest. Keep jumping and safely advancing past dangers, and you will get to a part where there is a giant spike filled cliff. Wait there for Didi's conversation. After it ends, shift out, and go grab the umbrella from the chest, and shift back in. Use the umbrella to safely float down. The best path is crossing the first spike platform to the left of it, then going between the two that follow. Do not hit anything at all until you reach the web, or your umbrella will break and you will have to start over from the cliff. Press A to break the webs. Keep running, until you get to a platform that looks like it curves in a little. Hide in there for the boulder to pass. When the spider starts chasing you, jump to the top platform first, then run under the second one, and continue running underneath all of them until you get a piece of land jutting out. Jump onto that, and run jump over the web and under the platform, jump past the webs on the ground, climb the earth-made ladder, and use the platforms to go up. At the top, head towards the right, get stuck onto the right web, break it, jump to the middle platform, and jump onto the right web, break it, and wait on the right side for the spider to get crushed by many falling rocks. Once they have stopped, move forward. Get trapped in the spider web with Fred, and break it. Another cutscene will commence.

Now for the final shadow quest. Keep moving forward, jumping across dangers. After the second jump, a boulder will follow you, so jump back to the first platform, and wait for the boulder to get stuck, then walk across and continue. Now wait for the wind to make a ramp out of the broken tree branch. Cross, and then use the wind to get you to the next platform. After that, you will get to a section with a boulder and three wind blowers. Stand on one of the wind blowers and ride it to stay above the boulder. As the boulder passes, run across and below the earth ceiling to safety. Continue on, and you will run into the dragon boss. Keep aggravating it by going past the rock towards it, and immediately running behind the rock to not get burned. Do it three times, and Fred will be free. That is the end of the shadow quests, and the attraction has been fixed.

Now head to Tortuga's Revenge (the ship), at the far left end of the map. This will be the final attraction to fix. Enter the ship for a cutscene. After it ends, turn to the left and pick up the collectible off the wooden pillar. "The Pirate Ship needs maintenance or else it will jam" will be the fifth collectible in this act.

Run forward, go down the ramp, and pick up the box. Run back up the ramp, shift in, walk all the way to the end, and put the box down in shadow form. Jump on the box, and then jump again to grab hold of a plank and pull yourself up. Activate the interact-able to create a bridge for Didi. Once she walks all the way to the end, she will need you to open the other doors. So go back to the beginning, pick up the box, and carry it over the bridge in real form and put it on the red platform to the right. Then pick up the other box on the left side, and carry it over to the right side, and shift into the blue canvas, walk past the glass door, and shift out and put it on the blue platform. Then interact with the wheel, and spin it until it cannot spin anymore. Get out of the room, and jump onto the shadow of the wheel. Ride it up, and jump onto the left balcony. There is a luminary (10 of 15) here, but we do not need it for anything, so just skip it, as trying to get it will be a hassle if you fall off. Pick up the box, and jump onto the shadow wheel. Ride it all the way until it warps you and the box into the physical world. Put the box on the green platform, and then head to Didi. Behind her will be a luminary (11 of 15). Take it and interact with the boat for a cutscene.

Like always, for this upcoming achievement, there will be a text guide, but if you prefer a video guide, here is another one that I made:

As soon as you regain control, turn around, go up the ramp, and fall into the open treasure chest. That will get you

Now jump out of the chest, and walk back up the ramp. Go all the way to the end, and you will see an interact-able. After the cutscene this triggers, jump down and head towards the wall with the octopus getting chased by a boat on turbulent waters. Shift in and ride the octopus tentacle up, and at the peak of your height, shadow dash onto the platform. Shift out, and pick up the ball. There is a luminary here (12 of 15), but once again, it is not needed, and it is a hassle, so skip it. Now, with the ball, walk to the glass door. Drop the ball, interact with the door to knock it down, pick up the ball, shift into the shadows, walk across the rope (you can drop the ball and roll it if you want for faster mobility but it will stay in the shadow wall, so will need to shift back in and pick it up. I chose to avoid the hassle and just walked with it). Shift out, walk to the interaction spot near the ramp, shift in, and put the shadow ball below the shadow claws. Shift out, hit the interact-able, and that will trigger another cutscene. After it ends, go to Didi, and get on her boat again for another cutscene.

After you regain control, you will come to the last puzzle for this act. Now you need to drop all the way down, and pick up the ball there. Walk up the ramp with it all the way to the top. Shift into the shadow wall at the end and drop the ball on the flat shadow platform near the wooden real platform. Now walk back, shift out, interact with the switch and move the shadow platform up so that it bridges to the real platform. Shift back in, get to the ball, pick it up, and walk to the real platform and shift out. Walk up the ramp and interact with the cannon. Another cutscene will ensue, and after it ends, jump to the luminary (13 of 15), and walk down the ramp. Use three luminaries to activate the door, and walk through it. After the first hallway, drop down when Didi starts going down a ramp, and keep falling all the way down, and there will be a luminary (14 of 15). Pick it up, and turn left and jump over the boxes to the bottom of the stairs. Go left from here and out the door, and you will see the last luminary (15 of 15) of the act in front of you. Pick it up and go to Didi. Turn left after she starts talking, and you will see the collectible right in front of you. "The Pirate Ship Maintenance Book: Lubrication points for roller bearing assemblies" will be the final collectible of the act, and you will get

Now just interact with the switch when Didi says go, and you will get a cutscene. After the cutscene, you will get:

Now just get back to the circus tent up the two ramps in front of you for another cutscene. The cutscene signals the end of Act II. Now let's move on to Act III, the final act of the game.

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