5. Contrast (Xbox 360) Act III: Turn a Blind EyeUpdate notes

Just like the Acts before it, this one is also written in text, but like always, if you prefer a video instead, this is a good full walkthrough of the game:

From the beginning of this Act, just follow Didi. Once she stops at Vincenzo's workshop, go to right from there and collect the luminary (1 of 4). Then turn around completely, and then go up the stairs in front and slightly to the left of you. At the end of the road, you will see another luminary to collect (2 of 4). Then go back down the road, but before jumping down the stairs, turn to your left, and you will see a tunnel with stairs leading downwards. Follow them down and turn to the left to collect another luminary (3 of 4). After that, turn around completely, and exit the alley and head to your left. Walk through the ghostly pistol, and a memory will start playing of the mother and Vincenzo. Shift in and jump on the barrel, then on the mother's head, and onto the platform. From there, do a running shadow jump dash, and you will grab hold of the platform behind Shadow Vincenzo's head. Pull yourself up to collect the final luminary here (4 of 4). Jump down, and head towards Didi for a cutscene.

From here, deposit three luminaries to activate the machine. Operate the device so that the big ball with the ring around it has its shadow so that the ring is nearly touching the ground, and the moon orbiting the planet is touching the balcony. Now walk over to the physical ball, pick it up, shift in, and drop it on to the ring shadow. Shift out and operate the machine again. Move the planet so that the ball drops onto the balcony. Then keep rotating it so that the small ball shadow with many rings is near the balcony, and use it to make your path to the balcony. Now go to the balcony. As soon as you do, pick up the ball and go through the doors and interact with the funnel to your left. After the custscene, jump down, and shift into the wall. Use the shadow of the bells and jump onto the ramp they create. Jump onto the drum shadow, and then onto the next one, and finally over to the balcony. Now you want to make your way down the stairs. Once at the bottom, turn left, and walk in a straight line until you hit a wall. Turn left, and you will see an interact-able map on the floor. Pick up the "Science Picture", the first collectible of the act. Turn right from there, and you will see an interact-able trolley with a light on it. Move it so that it is in front of the glass tube in the middle of the room, a little towards the left. You will know if you have done it right when the shadows of the gears are on the left side of the room and there is enough of a ramp on the right side for you to walk onto from the stairs you previously came down from. Go up the stairs a little, shift into the wall, and jump on the shadow ramp. Then wait for the top gear to have an opening and walk in it. Then just ride the gears along until you get to the other side, go up the shadow ramp, and walk onto the shadow figure's hands. Shadow jump dash to the next shadow, and then again to the platform. Shift out and interact. A cutscene will take place.

From where you are, you will see a shadow janitor. Shift into the wall, jump onto the shadow telescope, use it as a ramp, and wait for the janitor to come towards you. When the turns around and starts walking away again, jump onto his shoulder and then shadow jump dash onto the balcony. Shift out and walk through the doorway. Walk down the stairs and pick up the other "Science Picture", the second collectible of the act. Interact with the doors on the left and right just to open them for convenience, and go up the stairs and interact with the door up top too. Then past the door, shift into the wall on your left, and cross the shadow waves, and get to the platform. Walk through the open round window, and jump down. Immediately towards your left will be the "Newspaper Article: Illusionist Cancels Shows, No Reason Given". This will be the third collectible of the act once you collect it. Now go towards the right, and walk down the path and you will see another cutscene with Didi. After this ends, you will get

Turn left from when you take control, and keep heading down the path. Eventually, to your right, you will see some stone stairs. Go up them, and walk a little forward, and you will trigger another cutscene.

When that ends, go down the stairs you went up, and then head straight towards the big lighthouse. You will trigger a cutscene when you get close enough. When it ends, shift into the wall on the right of the door, and walk through the glass, and then shift out. Interact with the light switch on the left wall, and after a short cutscene, interact with the big light in the middle and shine it on the box. Jump over to the box, pick it up, shift in, drop the box, shift out, jump back to the light, and shine it towards the left and the box will get carried over to a platform that you can walk to. Then shine the light back to where it was at the beginning so that the lighthouse still has power. Go to the box, pick it up, and put it on the gold platform at the back of the lighthouse and go up the stairs that just came down when you did that. Now a light will automatically be moving back and forth. Shift into it when it comes to you, shift out on the platform, pick up the box, shift in, and walk forward in the light. Shift out, put the box on the gold platform on the second floor, and then jump down. Then go up back up the first stairs, and then go up the second stairs that just came down when you put that second box down. Keep going forward along the path, and at the end, you will see two interact-ables. One is a set of levers, and the other is a collectible. Pick up the "Picture of a girl's shadow beside a woman walking down the sidewalk". This is the fourth collectible in the act.

Now activate the set of levers, and then go up new staircase that just came down after the short scene. Now go up the stairs, and there will be a paper in front of you. Collect the" Lecture By Dr. William James: Investigations Into the Multiverse Via Mystical Experiences". This is the fifth collectible in the act. Follow the circular wall to the other side, and you will see another collectible. Collect the "Newspaper Article: Missing Illusionist Sought In Affair of Missing Assistant". Now you have 6 collectibles in this act.

Then activate the set of levers on this floor, which will start a timed lighting sequence. You will need to go up the ramp like stairs that seem to lead to nowhere. Then jump into the first light window, shadow jump dash to the next, and then again 3 more times. Once you land on the platform, shift out, and jump up to the next one. Right in front of you is another collectible. Collect "Picture depicting the shadow dimension's effect on the world". This is the seventh collectible in the act. Go up the stairs, and ignore the beams for now. Go past and along the wall, you will find two collectibles. Collect them both. The "Science Picture" and the "Picture projecting skeleton to a shadow" makes eight and then nine collectibles in the act.

Now interact with the first beam of light nearest to the staircase when you entered the room. It will make two gear shadows on the wall. Shift in and jump onto the shadow of the second gear, and jump your way up to the top platform. Once here, you will get your last collectible. Walk across and behind the pillar, and you will see a "Picture of Vincenzo & Dawn: Exposition Universelle 1900". This is the final collectible of both the act and the game. Once you collected it, you will unlock

Now that we are done worrying about luminaries and collectibles, we just need to solve two last puzzles and we will be done with the game. So, with that, go back around to the other side of the pillar, and from there, go to the left on the metal platform. Jump down to where the box is, and put it next to the wall. Walk through the glass, activate the beam of light, walk back to the box, pick it up, shift into the wall, drop the shadow box, and shift out. Now go to the light shiner here, hit LT to focus, and take the box up to the top platform. Then stop focusing on it, move the light down, and shine it on the light globe so that the next light can be powered. Jump up yourself to the next platform, run to the box, pick it up, shadow shift with it, and put it in the wall. Drop it and shift out. Now walk to the light shiner on this platform, and focus on the box, and carry it to the other side. Then release the focus so the box will shift out, and shine the light into the orb above the box so that the next one is powered. Jump to the next platform yourself, and run to the box and carry it to the gold platform. Now that the entire lighthouse is lit, jump onto the newly formed shadows. Jump onto the lowest, rightmost one. Then from that one, jump to the middle one, and to the highest one on the left. Then jump to the swinging pillar, making sure to shadow jump dash through the shadows of the rope, or else you will be removed from shadow form, and fall to your death. Once you land on the staircase, go up and a series of memories will make the remaining shadow for you. Jump into the Didi memory shadow, walk to the next platform, and walk around. Shift into the father shadow memory, walk up his arm, head, jump to the head of Didi, and finally the next platform. Shift out and shift in again. Shadow jump dash through the two pipes (or jump into the middle of them, and then shadow jump dash through just one). Land on the other platform, shift out, and then shift in again and jump on the shadow platform, over the real wall, and land on the other side. Shift back in and walk up the shadow stairs. Shift out on the platform to start a new memory. Jump on the mom's head to the next platform. Then jump on Johnny's shoulder and his head, and to the platform. Then wait for the mother to stop, and jump on her arm, and then on her head, and shadow jump dash to the next platform. Shift out and in, and then jump on Johnny's collar shadow, and then on his head, and to the next platform. And finally, go up the final set of shadow stairs to their own two platforms. Then jump to the last platform that has a bar, and climb up and walk forward once the wall falls down. Now just go to the end and activate the set of levers. Move the light onto the stage, which is near the middle right on the ground floor. You will obtain

You should now be near the Vincenzo portrait / poster. Go up the stairs, and a cutscene will happen. After it ends, walk along the left wall behind the stage to Didi. Another cutscene. Once you gain control, just go to Didi and you will get yet another cutscene. At the end of the scene, and before the credits, you will get

  • FIN

    Unlocks when the player completes the game.

    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain StorylineStory Completed

That is it. The game is done. All under 2 hours. Oh, and there is no cutscene after the credits, so you don't have to watch them if you do not want to. You can use this guide for the both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One version.

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