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    I have wanted to pick up Costume Quest 2 for some time now but haven't got around to in until it was on sale a couple weeks ago. I had two main concerns going into this game. One, I have not played the first Costume Quest and wasn't quite sure if it would affect my experience. Two, can a 25 year old really enjoy a trick or treatin' RPG?

    While playing the game, the fact that I didn't play the first one didn't seem to come into play at all. At no point did I feel left out or lost because I was unaware of details from the first installment. At most, I may have missed out on a couple inside jokes.

    As far as being a childish game, fear not, this game can be enjoyed by all ages. Costume Quest 2 managed to find a middle ground that is suitable for all ages. Not only do you get a nostalgic feeling of older times dressing up in costumes and going door to door asking for candy but you also get the satisfaction of sweet combat.

    The story is by no means a plot people are going to be talking about for years to come. However, it is interesting and leaves you wondering how it is going to play out. There were a couple features in the story line that impressed me but I don't want to get into details because of possible spoilers. All in all, it is worth paying attention to and not just skipping through.

    I have not played too many turn-based RPGs but it was very enjoyable. Different skills you learn make it so you are not just choosing an attack type and then just waiting for the outcome. I liked that feature because it kept you more involved.

    There are a decent amount of side quests for you to complete in between the story that can give you a break from just running through the game. You can also spend some time looking for secrets, explore the towns, or in some areas you can even engage in battles with respawnable enemies.

    The game was pretty easy. It didn't take away from the game but it was just worth mentioning. I went for the “hardcorn mode” achievement during my first walkthrough (which makes the game harder by making it so you use one less person) and I still rarely ran into problems.

    The only glitchy part of the game that I ran into was while using the speed boost. When I would run into something while using the speed boost, sometimes I would get stuck in the air for a second. Barely worth noting. It is easily avoidable if you don't, well, run into parked cars like me. laugh

    There really isn't any replay value to the game which was the main downside to the game. The max level is low and there isn't too much to do after you complete the game. If anything, it will be worth playing from the start again down the road.

    The graphics were surprisingly good. Not in the sense of “Oh my God, Costume Quest 2 has amazing graphics”, but they did a great job with the cartoon graphics they were shooting for.

    I typically enjoy having voice acting in the game but this game worked well without it. There wasn't a crazy amount of dialogue so it doesn't get annoying reading through everything and hitting next. I would have hated to see them add in some bad voice acting and ruin an otherwise wonderful game.

    The music in the background was simple but pleasant. It had a halloweenish theme to it which also worked well with the gameplay. At no point was the background music getting on my nerves like it has in different games.

    Majority of the achievements will be acquired from natural play. Even the ones that are not can be easily obtained at the end of the game. There is one missable achievement which , as stated before, barely makes the game harder.

    In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. At $15 I think it is worth it. I, personally, got it on sale but I would have not been disappointed if I had paid full price. I managed to get about 15-20 enjoyable hours out of the game which was more than fine with me. It is definitely worth the consideration. If it is on sale cheap, it is a must have! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    Everything here is based solely on MY experience and opinions with the game. I hope you enjoyed the review.
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    Jamiereloaded23To me this review sums up the game perfectly, I played it through today in around 5 hours from start to finish with the full 1000gs, it was a game I had waited to go into the sale and had it sitting in my backlog, +1 for me on this as I think it is spot-on.
    Posted by Jamiereloaded23 on 03 Mar 15 at 04:41
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    Gameplay: I would say the gameplay in Costume Quest 2 is very similar to the combat in Costume Quest. It's a very simple RPG that a child could learn and become a master at in five minutes flat. The fights may become a little repetitive, but with the usual constant introduction of new costumes to fight with the gameplay never really becomes too boring.

    Story: The story is nothing you are going to write home about. Focus on the gameplay and the quirky art style and you should be fine.

    Achievements: None of the achievements are going to take an extraordinary amount of time to get. The only thing to look out for is the part of the game where you need to go back to Orel's past and open the retina scanner. That is the last mission where you can still go to any area of the game and mop of any achievements you haven't gotten before. The only achievement that is missable is Hardcorn Mode which requires you to always have the Candy Corn costume equipped during fights until the final boss fight.

    Conclusion For the $15 price tag I would say this game is definitely worth the money. What more could you ask for? It's a simple, fun, addicting, quirky, easy achievement game. If you see this in any sale in the future i recommend picking it up, you won't regret it.