Costume Quest 2 Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Costume Quest 2 is the sequel to the amazingly popular Costume Quest RPG.

Every achievement can be obtained in a single playthrough and, with one exception, none are missable. The game has a definite ending when you defeat the final boss but progress is not saved so you can load your save if you still have more work to do.

The one missable achievement involves wearing the Candy Corn costume in every battle in the game. Because you can be ambushed at unpredictable times, be sure to always wear that consume on one character at all times. This does make the game a bit harder because that costume has no abilities, but the game is easy enough that this shouldn’t present a problem.

There are two potential glitches that can prevent you from completing the game.

For a quest you need two copies of the Smoochies creepy treat card. One of them is dropped randomly by a set of monsters and there is a very slim chance that it won't be dropped by any of the monsters before you have defeated them all. It is possible that completing areas out of order (and getting the other Smoochies card from the boss) may trigger this glitch. Following the sequence of steps in the walkthrough should minimize the ability to hit this glitch, but if you are unfortunate enough to hit it, then you'll be locked out of the "complete all quests" achievement.

The other bug is more serious, but is easily avoidable. Near the end of the game, when you have a chance to get a Hotdog costume, don't leave the room without getting it. If you leave the building, the game will forget that you defeated the guards and won't let you take the costume.

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