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  • MuscularTeaMuscularTea946,994
    26 Oct 2010
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    Costume quest was just released last week and this game does the perfect job at keeping you enjoying the story and gameplay from start to finish with the bonus that you can gain every achievement and every avatar award just by playing through all the story and doing all the side quests with MAYBE a possibility of having to fight a few more enemies in each area but not a lot I would say.

    The game starts off with you and your sister in your house and your mom gets to choose which of you are the boss for the night, so either you chose the girl to be the leader or the boy doesn't change much just the outcome of who gets kidnapped and who doesn't.
    From start to finish I was pulled into this little story of 2 kids going around trick or treating and having to rescue my sister(since I picked the boy) from the clutches of the evil monster that thought she was candy. I have to say the script was funny, I found myself laughing out loud a few times and having my girlfriend look at me like I was a weirdo, but that's besides the point. Overall the story pulls you in and from start to finish it's a nice little story that has laughter at every corner, ending was pretty funny too.
    Only thing I didn't like was the fact that the speech bubbles didn't let you go to the next one yourself and I didn't feel like I had enough time to read some but other times I felt like I was just waiting for it go to the next.

    This plays out just like a turnbased rpg where you go around collecting candy from houses trick or treating to finally get to a house where you find a monster robbing the house of it's candy and decides to fight you, making your kid characters randomly transform into real versions of whatever costumes that had to be wearing, like a box costume supposed to be a robot into a real life mechanical robot that can fire missiles out of its chest to kill the monsters and have them explode into candy! Realistic right? haha.
    Definitely provides a nice fun factor to the battle with the kids transforming, but unlike a lot of turnbased games I've played they didn't let you just sit out while your characters attacks where chosen or being attacked they make you pay attention to the battle by providing little commands to help you deal extra damage and defend properly from the enemies attacks, so pressing X at a precise moment or spinning the Left analog stick. The kids can change their costumes to each have a different basic attack and after 3 turns you get either a special attack that doesn't need any button commands, a spell to heal your team or possibly a shield to defend one of your team mates from damage for a time.
    Yes, it can get repetitive, but at the same time it's a short game and you can switch up the kids costumes to provide new battle strategies, especially with what the game calls "battle stamps" that you mostly buy from a vendor. These stamps can be added to your character to give a counter attack ability, extra health or a damage over time command that will give poison to all the enemies.

    The Graphics are nice and definitely perfect for this kind of game. I have almost nothing to complain about with the graphics for this game as it's what it is, an XBLA game which for one it has superb graphics. A few points in the game I seen some things that just seems out of place, but I nothing to complain about.
    The best part for me was seeing the actual transformation of your kids costume at the beginning of each battle.

    I never really bought the game for the achievements to begin with so to find out they were pretty easy and to just get them from basically playing through the story normally was kinda cool. Just wish that they had some little things that could be to play the game more, but at the same time they pretty much made an achievement for every angle of the game so they nailed every aspect of the game. If your going for the full 200G, just aim for one level at a time, finish all the quests in the first level, while going for all the battle stamps and getting enough candy, and by then you'll have the 2 pages of treats allocated for that area, if not then fight a few enemies till you get them, then repeat for the next 2 levels.

    The soundtrack wasn't really that noticeable to me since I actually only noticed on loading screens to tell you the truth which only happened when loading the game and changing levels. So maybe a total of 5 or 6 times. When I did notice it was just trick or treating sounds of knocking on doors, or you transforming, so there wasn't much in terms of sound in the game I noticed but realistically I could just have been entranced in the gameplay to notice.

    Final Thoughts:
    Overall, if your looking for an easy 200G or a game that you can play to keep you pre-occupied for a few hours this game is a nice add on to your library of games priced at a hefty sum of 1200MSP, which seems a bit to much, but at the same time just enough only reason I'd be against it is for how much gameplay you get out of it which is just around 5 hours or so. Definitely worth getting if this game ever hits a Deal of the week. Recommended to anyone willing to fork over the money to Microsoft music
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    Maka91this game was 600 points for the week that just ended, and it was definitely worth it. so good.
    Posted by Maka91 on 04 Apr 11 at 02:20
    Mazraeldefinitely worth 600-800 msp. Pretty easy even if your bad at QTE's like me (got the final boss on the third attempt because I missed pretty much every defending QTE on the first two times)
    Posted by Mazrael on 23 Dec 11 at 04:28
  • MingledorffMingledorff227,756
    17 Mar 2011 17 Mar 2011
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    Costume Quest is an amusing and extremely fun XBLA/PSN game released by Double Fine Productions. After breaking onto the scene in 2005 with Psychonauts, the company has been highly respected by those who have played their games. This time around have they released an RPG that will satisfy, if not impress, any fan of the genre. CQ is like a combination of Final Fantasy and Earthbound; taking some of the best elements from both.

    You play as either a boy, Reynold, or his sister, Wren, in this hilarious tale. The plot is a take on the old “the princess has been captured” story but this time it’s your sister or brother. After going out to Trick-or-Treat on Halloween, your sibling (dressed as candy corn) is mistaken as candy by monsters who are obsessed with it. The monsters proceed to kidnap them and it is then your responsibility to get them back before bedtime!

    This game is different from a lot of other RPGs in that it has a modern setting. You start off in a small neighborhood, but you later go to the city mall and another town. Another thing that sets this title apart from the rest is its mixture of comedy and seriousness. My personal favorite line from the game is “A mall? This looks more like a dungeon! Which I am totally prepared for! Hey look! A dungeon map!”

    Over the course of the game you acquire two allies, Lucy and Everett, to help you in your adventure. They follow you around as you explore the areas of the game and aid you in fights. Also adding to the game are all of the costumes you can obtain. Without DLC, there are 10 in all, each with different abilities and uses. Choices range from a pack of French-Fries to a Jack o’ Lantern to a unicorn. Most costumes have uses in and out of battle.

    The combat in the game is in the traditional turn-based RPG style. The costumes that your characters are wearing will determine what they will transform into during fights. Each costume has one of three attack styles: press a certain button that it displays, tap a certain button to fill a gauge, or rotate the analog stick. Each costume also has a special attack that can range from heavily damaging one (or all) enemies to reviving a dead party member.

    Every location in the game will require different costumes to fully explore it. The knight costume has a shield that protects from falling objects, the robot has skates to jump over ramps and the space warrior has a glowing sword to illuminate paths. Naturally, the other costumes have other abilities but that is just to list a few.

    Each area that you visit has a certain number of houses (or stores) that you must trick-or-treat at. The houses will either hide an adult that will give you candy behind its door, or a monster that you will have to battle. After you have trick-or-treated at every house, you will be able to continue the story and progress to the next location.

    Pieces of candy are, of course, this game’s form of currency. You can use them to purchase “Battle Stamps” which help you in combat. In every section of the game, there is a stall at which these can be bought. Candy is given by adults for trick-or-treating, won in battles and is rewarded for completing a “bobbing for apples” mini-game.

    Some people may be drawn away by the $15 (1200 MSP) price tag and the cartoon art style, but those are the ones who are truly missing out on this great game. It’s not too short as far as arcade games go and it already has DLC out that adds about 2 more hours with the possibility for more to come. It has the exploration of towns and the look and feel of combat similar to early Final Fantasy titles. Also, it has the modern setting and comical dialogue that is reminiscent of Earthbound. The story is pretty good and the gameplay is phenomenal. The graphics are well done and very pretty. If you are a fan of RPGs, then this game is a must have! Truthfully, even if you aren’t that big of a fan of them you should still download the trial.

    Graphics: 9
    Audio: 8
    Single Player: 10
    Multiplayer: N/A
    Replay: 8
    Overall: 9
  • Lawl PwnedLawl Pwned451,224
    06 Apr 2011 08 Apr 2011
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    Halloween at our current decade seems to be a dying holiday. Costume Quest however, brings the magic of Halloween back to life within the first few steps of gameplay. In this adventure-RPG created by Double Fine, you can play as either the courageous Reynold or Wren. Reynold and Wren are twins who’ve just moved into a brand new neighborhood and are convinced by their mother to go trick-or-treating to make some new friends. That is, of course, until one of the twins is kidnapped by a creature with a sweet tooth who mistakes your sibling for a large candy corn. Depending on which sibling you choose, the opposite gendered twin will be kidnapped. (In my case, Wren was kidnapped.) In search of your sibling, you roam around various locations doing quests, collecting candy and fighting thieving creatures.

    Costume Quest is a basic RPG that is naturally entertaining and fun from start to end. Its dialogue is unique in the sense that everyone would get a chuckle or two from the cleverly hidden adult humor to what the goblin’s scream out when they’re about to battle you. The dialogue helps create a place where monsters are just simple employees, children are more intelligent than their oblivious parents and Halloween is full of wonder and splendor. Although, there is no actual voice acting for any character in the game, its style is best suited to not have any speech. Its adorable hand drawn character design is pleasing to the eye and the colorful backgrounds and somewhat spooky environments make it for an ideal location to trick-or-treat.

    Unfortunately, the gameplay is a bit, lacking. The gameplay has a consistency of being really entertaining and really repetitive at the same time. Moving through the story, you’ll realize the game’s title doesn’t stray too far from the gameplay. Depending on which costume you choose, they’ll have different abilities that can be used in and out of battle. While in battle, you can use abilities such as the robot costume’s “Missile Barrage” attack to do some heavy damage on opponents as well as burn them for side damage. Out of battle, it has a nifty ability that allows you to rollerblade and move much more quickly. The battle system plays in an odd manner. It plays like you’re typical turn based JRPG but, more simplistic. Upon entering a fighting sequence, you have only two forms of attack: your basic attack and your special attack. Once you attack three times with your normal attack and you’re allowed to use a special attack. Normal attacks also have quick time events (different events come with different costumes) that require the player to perform the action at the right time to do maximum damage to their enemy. Blocking works with the same quick time event. Collectibles play a role as well in the battle system. A “stamp” (perk) can be added to one of your party members to aid them in battle. Stamps can be purchased with the help of candy, the games currency. To obtain candy, you can run around breaking Jack O’ Lanterns, beat up enemies and of course, trick-or-treating. If you go around trick-or-treating, you’ll have a 50/50 chance of either getting an actual human handing you some delicious treats or you’ll get a monster pop out saying a witty phrase and attacking you almost instantaneously. Either way, at the end of it, you’ll get candy.

    The game’s music is barely noticeable. Throughout the whole adventure I didn’t even notice any trace of music outside of battle. It’s so small and unnoticeable, that it leaves me wishing it actually had some sort of soundtrack. As for camera angles, this game really didn’t have any at all. It was just an aerial shot of my party running around. That’s it. You can’t use the right analog stick to change the shot or anything. You’re forced to move in that one shot which makes finding certain goals and items a hassle and easily frustrating.

    All in all, the game is a creative turn based RPG that is really entertaining and simple. Its simplistic nature and gameplay make it so that anyone can pick it up and have a good time with it. If you truly want a game that’ll hold it’s worth, at its discounted price of only 600 MS points ($7.50), it’s one hell of a deal. For the original 1,200 MS point ($15.00) price tag, it’s a pass on my part.

    Final Review Score: 8/10
  • KiiD RoBoTxKiiD RoBoTx32,312
    31 Oct 2010
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    Costume Quest is a wonderful game for people of all ages. Here is my review!

    Gameplay: This game is somewhat of a grind, but it an enjoyable one. Your goal is to find your brother or sister who has been stolen by monsters. You collect candy to buy battle stamps (power ups) for your fights and pieces for new costumes. You start out in the suburbs, and must trick or treat at every house. There are about 16 houses per "neighborhood". Now, to the meat of the game; the battles. The battles can be pretty tedious after a while. Each costume will either need you to time a button, wiggle the left analog stick, or press a button once or repetitively. It is fun at first, but it will get repetitive and boring. I ran into a few frame rate problems, but it wasn't bad enough to ruin the game.

    Sound: Costume Quest is a mostly silent game. It may be a blessing in disguise, because who knows how bad (or possibly good) the voice acting would have been?! There isn't that much to talk about the sound, but the Sound Effects are a great touch!

    Graphics:The graphics in Costume Quest are super adorable. The kids are really cute and so are the costumes. The designers of this game definatly nailed the Halloween spirit, from the candy, to the Jack-O-Lanterns, the ghosts and the black cat; it feels like Halloween.