1. Costume Quest Walkthrough overview

Costume Quest

Costume Quest is a tidy, casual game, putting an interesting twist on Halloween by using the imagination of children.

The main game is split up in to three worlds, Auburn Pines Subdivision, The Autumn Havens Hall and Fall Valley. To continue the story from each world, you must trick-or-treat at all of the houses in your current world. It is also wise to complete all quests in your current world.

Beginning the story, you will first earn the "Battle Buds" achievement after fighting an enemy with another child in your party. Work your way through the Auburn Pines Subdivision, completing all of the quests and trick-or-treating at all the houses to continue the story. In each area, there will be similar quests. There will always be six children playing Hide 'n' Seek, Bob hosting an Apple Bobbing game, and two children looking for specific Creepy Treat Cards. Before moving forward, make sure to use the Robot's 'Boost' ability to Boost over 15 individual ramps in Auburn Pines for the "Binary Bouncer" achievement. To progress to the next world, you must first defeat a boss for the "Downsized!" achievement.

As you work your way through The Autumn Haven Mall, you should have the opportunity to pail bash enough enemies for the "Do the Monster Bash" achievement. You will also accumulate a total of 4000 candies at some point throughout this world for the "Leave some for the rest of us!" achievement. Note that this total also includes any candies you have spent. Once you have acquired a third member, you can enter and win the Autumn Haven Mall Costume Contest for the "Make it Work" achievement. You should also find Costume Patterns and Materials for a fifth costume in the Mall, earning you the "Dressed to Quest"achievement. Complete all of the quests and trick-or-treat the houses to progress, defeating another boss before you enter the next world, earning you the "Dozer Dodger" achievement.

In the final world of the main game, you will earn "Chompin' Champ", for winning all prizes from Bobbing for Apples, "The Last Gourdian", for completing the Pumpkin Costume, and "All Decked Out" for completing your Creepy Treat Card collection. In Fall Valley, you find all of the costumes from the main game, so you can get "Master of Disguise" for using each costume's Combat Ability in battle. Once you have completed all quests and have purchased all Battle Stamps from Sadie, defeat the final two bosses of the game for "They'll be worth a lot someday", "Sweet Justice" and "Mask-O'-Raider".

Grubbins on Ice

As with the main game, there is the usual set of quests, except this time the children will be escapees, the apples will be eyeballs and it will be monsters trading Creepy Treat Cards. The world is split up in to three main parts, each with its own Elder. As you progress, you will notice that the town's inhabitants change from Grubbin to Trowbog to Crestwailer. To move from one town to another, you must complete a quest for the Elder.

Your first achievement, "Jeepers Peepers", will be for acquiring the Eyeball Costume. The Costume Pattern and Materials for this costume are all obtainable before you move past the Grubbin town. In the Trowbog area, you can find a hidden cave near the Elder to characters from Stacking, earning you the "Short Stack" achievement. Once you have used the Pirate Costume's Hook ability on five different ziplines, you will earn the "Playin' Hooky" achievement.

Complete all available quests and trick-or-treat every house to have the opportunity to face the final boss of the DLC. Once you have defeated Araxia, you will gain the "Birdbrain Beatdown" and "Revolutionary Hero" achievements.

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