2. Costume Quest General hints and tips

The game is quite straight forward, so the Hints and Tips may seem fairly obvious.

To obtain as much candy as possible throughout your Quest, pail bash as many objects as possible. There are dozens of objects in the game that will give you candy, including trash cans, mail boxes and pumpkins.

Candies can only be used to purchase one item type in the game; Battle Stamps. Whenever possible, find Sadie and purchase any Battle Stamps you can afford. You will need to purchase every Battle Stamp she has before you defeat the final boss of the game.

Pail bash enemies in the back to activate a battle. Not only will this damage the enemy before the battle has started, giving you an early advantage, but it will also help you gain the "Do the Monster Bash" achievement for pail bashing 10 different enemies.

As you work your way through your quest, you will earn more and more costumes. Experiment with costumes and Battle Stamp combinations. Each person will have their own personal preference. It is also worth noting that combinations that work against normal enemies may not work against bosses. For example, the main bosses of the game cannot be stunned, so the French Fry's 'Salt Assault' will be useless. In such cases, try to find alternate combinations.

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