3. Costume Quest Story walkthrough

To create a new game, choose ‘Start New Game’ from the main menu. If you have already purchased the Grubbins on Ice DLC, you will have two options. Select ‘Costume Quest’.

The game will begin on Halloween with Wren and Reynold wanting to go trick or treating. After a little scuffle, the children’s Mother decides that she should pick one of the kids to be ‘in charge’. This is where you can select your character. Choose either Wren, the girl or Reynold, the boy. Whoever you select will be wearing the Robot Costume, whilst the other character is wearing a rather embarrassing Candy Costume.

Auburn Pines Subdivision

Robot Repair
Programmed for Protection
Pie for the Putterpam
The Patriot’s Party
These Tombstones Aren’t Styrofoam
Suburbs Bobbing for Apples
Auburn Pines Hide ‘n’ Seek
This Card Is So Rare
Suburbs Collect ‘em All

Now that you are in control, you can start trick or treating!

There’s not much you can do at this point. If you try to follow the road to the right, Travis and his gang of mummies will block you off. Travis informs you that nobody trick-or-treats the following neighbourhood before him. If you attempt to follow the road to the left, your sibling will think you are trying to ditch them, forcing you to turn around. To put it simply, there are just two houses that you can trick-or-treat at this moment in time, and they are both immediately to the right of your home.

Only one of the two other houses has its lights on. Go to the front door of this house, and press A to trick-or-treat. You will receive one stale diabetic marzipan from the Grownup. After you trick-or-treat each house in the game, the lights will turn off. This makes it easy to track which houses you have already been to for some of the quests.

After trick-or-treating the first house, your sibling will notice that the lights have turned on in the house next door, meaning somebody is home. Follow your sibling to the front door. You allow your sibling to trick-or-treat alone, so you cannot harm your reputation, but instead of a Grownup, a Grubbin answers the door. Seeing a giant candy in front of them, they kid-knap your sibling and run off with them. Follow the Grubbin for a cut-scene.

After being told that he is not allowed in, the Grubbin will throw your sibling over the fence. Your character will then confront the Grubbin, and you will enter into your first battle. To use a basic attack, press X. Match the timing with the button displayed to improve your attack. Other costumes will have different attack styles, but they are all relatively similar. On the receiving end of an attack, you can also match the timing of the button displayed to block, reducing damage. After two attacks and two blocks, the robot’s special power has charged up. Press Y for Missile Barrage. Each costume has a different Combat Ability. You must use each one in battle for the “Master of Disguise” achievement.

After defeating the Grubbin, you meet Dorsilla, a witch who calls you ‘normal’. Dorsilla then summons a tornado, making your costume disappear. After crying to themself, a black cat walks towards your character. Your character follows the cat to find the Robot Costume Pattern. The black cat is then nowhere to be seen. Spooky!

Once you have control of your character again, you can press Y to view various menus. Here you can see your current status, Battle Stamps, Active / Completed Quests, Costume Patterns and Creepy Treat Cards. You also now have the ability to Pail Bash. To pail bash, press X on various objects, including piles of leaves, mailboxes and trashcans. Each time your pail bash something, you will gain some candy.

To continue the story, pail bash through the pumpkins directly in front of you. Follow the path to find a coffin containing a Cardboard Box. Immediately afterwards is another coffin, containing Aluminium Foil. Continue up the path a little more by pail bashing some more trash and you find a third coffin, containing Roller Skates Shoes. You now have all of the Robot Costume materials. Your character immediately dresses up in the Robot Costume.

Move back in the direction you came to see a small cut-scene. Lots of trash is knocked down by a Grubbin, blocking you in. You are then informed that some costumes have Exploration Abilities that can help you in various ‘sticky situations’. Press and hold B to Boost over the ramp. Press Y and go to Costume Patterns to view each costume’s Exploration Ability.

Completed Quest: Robot Repair.

Officer Nichols will not allow you to go towards the black gate yet, so head right to see Travis fighting a boy called Everett. After a couple of small conversations, Travis will chase you. Hold B to escape from him. Follow the road counter-clockwise. You will jump a ramp near Officer Nichols in a cut-scene. Officer Nichols threatens Travis, who then runs off. After being dumbfounded by what you just accomplished, Everett will join you, giving you the option of wearing his Knight Costume. You can switch costumes by holding RT and pressing A on the desired costume. Press LT whilst holding RT to change characters.

Completed Quest: Programmed for Protection.

Now that you have Everett with you, go back to the area where he fought Travis and begin trick-or-treating the houses in the new area. In the first house on the right, you will be confronted by a Grubbin. Remember to use your new Combat Ability. Knight: Guardian Shield.

Battle Buds

Defeat a monster in combat with a friend by your side.

Battle Buds
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline
After the battle, you will receive your first achievement. Well done!

At the end of the small road, you can follow the road either left or right. However, immediately ahead of you is the park, and an area to save. To save, the kids phone the police to report the kid-knapping, to no avail. Enter the park after you have saved.

Turn right to talk to Bob, who talk about the dangers of sugar. He is running an apple bobbing game. Complete the game three times by beating the required scores. Green Apples are worth 3 points, whilst Red Apples are worth 1 point. As the points suggest, your primary target should be the green apples. If none are available, bob for the red apples. Avoid other apples, as they will slow you down and do not earn you any points.

For completing the first round (20 points), you will win 20 pieces of candy. Complete the second round (25 points), you will win 50 pieces of candy. Complete the third and final round (30 points) for the “Sweet Tooth” Creepy Treat Card.

Completed Quest: Suburbs Bobbing for Apples

In the centre of the park, you will see Sadie’s Battle Stamps. Talk to Sadie to see what she has on offer. Battle Stamps can be purchased in exchange for candy. I would suggest buying whatever you can afford, as candy is not used for anything else in the game. Return to Sadie often to see if she has more Battle Stamps on offer. Once you have purchased any Battle Stamps available, exit Sadie’s store and the Battle Stamps menu will appear. You can assign Battle Stamps to different characters. Each Battle Stamp has a different in-battle effect.

In the top left of the park, you will notice a child hiding behind a tree. Talk to the child. Ruby informs you that her and her friends are playing Hide N’ Seek, and that you must find them. There are six in total. I will describe them all one by one as we pass them.

Exit the park using the right entry/exit. You will notice that the path is blocked. Talk to Mrs. Putterpam to find out that the School bake sale needs your help. Mrs. Putterpam requires you to find an ingredient for her.

Follow the road away from Mrs. Putterpam to see Scott on the left side of the road. He wants a “Glop” Creepy Treat Card. You may have one at this point, but you need two to be able to trade. When you receive a second from another Grubbin, return to Scott to complete the quest.

Completed Quest: This Card Is So Rare

After talking to Scott, follow the road to the right to see a house that has gone America Crazy. The ingredient you need for Mrs. Putterpam’s pies is in the garden here, but Russell will only allow Patriotic Heroes to enter. Talk to Cindy, the girl in the Abe Lincoln Costume. She will give you a Statue of Liberty Costume Pattern, but will not allow you to trick-or-treat here. To the right of the house is another child hiding. Talk to Mark to find the second of the six kids. In the garden of the house directly opposite the Patriotic House is another coffin. Open to find some more candy.

Continue right to see another child dressed as Abe Lincoln. Wayne will require a password before he allows you to enter the sewers. Providing you’ve spoken to the children outside of the patriotic house, you will give Wayne the password. “Manifest Destiny”. Wayne will move out of the way. Change to the Knight Costume. Hold B to use the Shield Exploration Ability to enter. Once inside, open the coffin in the hidden room to the right to find a Sheet, part of the Statue of Liberty Costume. Exit by climbing the ladder at the top.

Upon exiting the manhole, you will notice another kid in an Abe Lincoln Costume, blocking a ramp. You know the password, so talk to Evan, and he will move out of your way. Don’t follow the ramp yet though. Behind the green car is Wendell, another kid hiding from you. Talk to him to find the third of the six kids.

Trick-or-treat the houses in the area heading back to the park. Between the park and a house, there is another coffin. Open for some more candy. Head back to Evan, but once more, do not use the ramp. Follow the road down, trick-or-treating all the houses available. In the front garden of the first house to the left is another coffin, containing yet more candy. Just outside the front garden of the house next door is another kid hiding behind a mailbox. Talk to Julian to find the forth of the six kids.

Now return to Evan and Boost over the ramp. Follow the garden to find a coffin containing Cardboard, and another ramp being guarded by another kid in an Abe Lincoln Costume. Tell Brian the password and he will let you pass. You will also receive a Feather Duster, the final piece of material for the Statue of Liberty Costume. You can now go to Russell’s party. Head back to the patriotic house and talk to Russell to complete the quest.

Completed Quest: The Patriot’s Party

Enter the party. To reach the coffin, pail bash the bushes by the entrance. Inside the coffin is some more candy. You may also notice a cherry tree in the garden. Under this tree are some cherries; the ingredients needed for Mrs. Putterpam’s Bake Sale. However, there is a squirrel in the tree. Use the Knight’s Shield to reach the cherries. Now return to Mrs. Putterpam and give her the cherries.

Completed Quest: Pie for the Putterpam

Follow the road, ignoring any ramps for now. Make sure to trick-or-treat every house as you pass them. Also remember to use your new Combat Ability. Statue of Liberty: Anthem. After passing the park to the south, you can find the fifth hiding child dressed as a dinosaur. Lili is hiding behind some trashcans to the north of the road.

At the end of the road is another entry to the sewers. Before entering, head south to find another coffin containing candy. Also talk to Austin; another child asking for a card. If you have a spare “Fruity Foam” Creepy Treat Card you can complete this quest now. If not, come back later.

Completed Quest: Suburbs Collect ‘em All

Now enter the sewers. Enter the hidden room to the north to find a coffin containing more candy and the sixth hiding kid, dressed as a Ghost. Talk to Nyla to complete the quest. For completing this quest, you will receive a candy pail upgrade. The Tote Bag can hold more candy.

Completed Quest: Auburn Pines Hide ‘n’ Seek
Ruby – Behind tree in park
Mark – To the right of the patriotic house
Wendell – Behind Green car after exiting first sewers
Julian – Behind mailbox outside house, near the black gate
Lili – Behind trashcans after passing Mrs. Putterpam’s pies.
Nyla – In hidden room inside second sewers

You will exit the sewers by the black gate. The gate will not open until you have trick-or-treated at every house in the Auburn Pines Suburbs. If you have not been to every house, boost around the Suburbs looking for houses with lights on. If the gate is open, ignore it for now. There is more to do around the suburbs.

Binary Bouncer

Use the Robot Costume to Boost off of 15 different ramps.

Binary Bouncer
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +

1. Exit from where Robot Costume was retained
2. After exiting the first sewers. Guarded by a kid in an Abe Lincoln Costume
3. Immediately after 2, guarded by another kid in an Abe Lincoln Costume
4. To the left of the black gate, heading behind your house
5. Immediately after 4
6. Behind your house. Immediately after 5
7. Immediately after 6. Heads back towards road in front of your house.
8. Head back over ramps 4, 5 and 6. Ignore ramp 7 to find another ramp.
9. Next to coffin containing candy immediately after 8.
10. Entry to where Robot Costume was retained. Above small park with Daisy the Ghost.
11. After Mrs. Putterpam’s Bake Sale, next to save point.
12. Immediately after 11.
13. Immediately after 12.
14. Immediately after 13.
15. Next to coffin containing candy. Immediately after 14.

Once you have boosted over each ramp, the achievement should pop. If you are having trouble finding some, worry not, there will be more ramps later in the game. You can also come back to Auburn Pines Suburbs later. Now head for the black gate.

As you move down the path, you will notice a Grubbin standing on his own, facing away from you. Everett tells you that you should pail bash the Grubbin. Pail bashing an enemy will activate the fight. It will also cause the enemies to lose some health at the beginning of the fight. Additionally, there is an achievement related to pail bashing monsters, so pail bash all enemies you encounter in your quest.

Pail bash the three Grubbins along the path and then talk to the Scarecrow. The Scarecrow will give you the Pumpkin Costume Pattern and one piece of material for the costume; Paper Mache. Just beyond the Scarecrow are two sarcophaguses. For now, they do nothing, but later they will serve as portals between worlds. Continue upwards for a cut-scene with Dorsilla and BoJonn. Your sibling will also appear in the back of a truck.

You and Everett will now face BoJonn, who is holding a Megaphone. Change your target and attack the Megaphone. The megaphone summons more enemies, so you will want to defeat that as early as you can. Once you have defeated the Megaphone, aim for any minions he may have summoned, before finally going after BoJonn.


Defeat BoJonn in battle.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline
Many different variations of Costumes and Battle Stamps will work. I personally used Robot with Fan of the Wolf (Increased Attack Power) and Statue of Liberty with Black Cat (Adds chance of dodging enemy attacks).

Completed Quest: These Tombstones Aren’t Styrofoam

The Autumn Haven Mall

Tickets For Treats
Earn Your Monster Slayer Badge
The Mall-O-Rail is Broken
The Dark Side of the Mall
Extreme Costume Challenge
This Card Is Rarer
Mall Collect ‘em All
Mall Bobbing For Apples
Mall Hide ‘n’ Seek

After BoJonn has been defeated, you and Everett will climb on to the back of the van and will enter Autumn Haven Mall. You will start in a part of the hall that remains under construction. Everett reads the sign and sees directions to the Mother Lode Candy Emporium, which is your ultimate destination.

As you move up the escalators, you will notice that some areas are pitch black and inaccessible. You must find a new costume with a new Exploration Ability to move through these areas. Head upwards, using your Shield ability to move past falling debris. After moving up one more set of escalators, you will see another person hiding. This however, is not a kid. The Security Guard informs you that the Candy Store has been taken over by … TEENAGERS! After his conversation, the Security Guard will give you a Space Warrior Costume Pattern.

Continue from this position, where you will see some more enemies. Remember to pail bash them where possible. In this area, you will also see a Shopkeeper who gives you some Snow Boots, a Construction Worker, who gives you a Safety Visor, and a Janitor, who gives you some Empty Soda Bottles. These three materials complete the Space Warrior Costume.

Quest Complete: The Dark Side of the Mall

Next to the Janitor is a coffin containing candy and a Trowbog. Remember to use your new Combat Ability. Space Warrior: Meteor Avalanche. Work your way back to the entrance and now move right, using your new Exploration Ability: Glow. Pail bash both the Trowbogs in the next area, and use your Glow ability to find a coffin containing candy in the corner. Before using Glow to progress, there is another coffin, with more candy.

Do the Monster Bash

Get the jump on 10 different monsters by pail bashing them to initiate combat.

Do the Monster Bash
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +
As you move through the Mall, aim to pail bash every enemy. Providing you have pail bashed most enemies that you have encountered, you can gain the above achievement in the dark corridors. You will eventually reach another dark gate and a save point. Use the save point and enter the door to the left.

You are now in the main part of the mall. Straight away, Sid informs you that the Mall-O-Rail transport system has broken down. If you can fix the Trowbog problem, Sid promises you free rides all night. Just to the right of Sid is a kid in a Ghost Costume. Carlos wants a mint condition “Cinnamon Brain” Creepy Treat Card. If you have one, you can trade to complete a quest. If not, come back later.

Completed Quest: This Card Is Rarer

Leave some for the rest of us!

Collect a total of over 4,000 candies.

Leave some for the rest of us!
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +
Providing you pail bash everything possible and defeat every enemy you encounter, you will receive the above achievement at some point throughout the mall for collecting a total of 4000 candies. This includes any you spend, so don’t worry about holding off for Battle Stamps.

Go down either set of stairs and trick-or-treat ‘Pumpkin Panorama’, the shop in front of the fountain. To the left of the left-most stairs, there is a kid hiding behind a tree. Talk to Laura to start the next Hide ‘n’ Seek Quest. Again, you will need to find all six children. Enter the shop named Campin’ and Stampin’ to the left to find Sadie and a coffin containing candy. Buy what you can from Sadie, and then talk to the kid hiding to the right. Razmig is hiding next to the tent.

If you move downwards, you can see that kids in Pirate Costumes block your way to the upper floor. Apparently a scary monster told them to stand there and send all kids to the arcade. We will go to the arcade later. Head left first and trick-or-treat ‘Allowance Advance’.

Now head right, to the central area once more. Another Scarecrow is in this area. He gives you some Orange Paint, another material for the Pumpkin Costume. On the stage to the left, there is a costume contest, which requires three contestants. As such, you are unable to enter quite yet. To the South, you will see Bob, who is running an apple bobbing contest once more.

For completing the first round (25 points), you will win 20 pieces of candy. Complete the second round (30 points), you will win 50 pieces of candy. Complete the third and final round (35 points) for the “Pizza Sundae” Creepy Treat Card.

Completed Quest: Mall Bobbing For Apples

Now head right, trick-or-treating ‘Day Old Tacos’ along the way. In the following food court area, there are some more Trowbogs to defeat. Also, look behind Mrs. Bagley to find Joey, the third of the six kids. Trick-or-treat ‘Electric Bagel Land’ and then enter ‘Arrr-Cade!’. Devin, Nadia and Josh will ask you to distract the monsters so that they can escape.

When you are ready, talk to BoJonn and the Grubbin. Defeat the Grubbin Guardsman first and then defeat BoJonn once more. After you defeat them, they will move some arcade machines out of the way to reveal a secret escape route. For your victory, Devin gives you a Scarf.

Completed Quest: Tickets For Treats

Before you follow BoJonn, open the coffin behind Greg, the adult worker to find some more candy. After entering the cave, head down. You will find yourself on some rails, at a higher level of the mall. Open the coffin nearby to find some Sparkly Fabric. Head further South to find a coffin with yet more candy. Now head back North, back into the cave. Follow the tracks North to find Lucy. After a small conversation, Lucy joins your party. Lucy also gives you some Sweat Pants. Follow the tracks a little further to find Dorsilla talking to BoJonn and the Grubbin. Move towards BoJonn to fight him for a third time. There are three in your party now, so this fight should be easier significantly easier. Remember to give Lucy a Battle Stamp before battle.

After defeating BoJonn again, you will have cleared the problem with the Mall-O-Rail. Climb into the train to return to Sid. He will give you some Rope for your efforts.

Completed Quest: The Mall-O-Rail is Broken

You now have three people in your party, so you may enter the costume competition. The Announcer tells you that you can gain an advantage by talking to the three judges. The judges are the adults in the orange uniforms. Each will give you a clue as to which costumes will win the competition. Two can be found to the left in front of ‘Allowance Advance’, whilst the third can be found in the food court area to the right. Mrs. Kim wants to see something Educational. Mr. Mendoza wants to see something High-Tech. Mrs. Bagley wants to see something with Chivalry and Honour. Change into the following three costumes: Statue of Liberty, Robot, Knight.

Make it Work

Win the Autumn Haven Mall Costume Contest.

Make it Work
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player
Now head back to the Announcer and enter the competition. The three judges will be impressed (obviously), and the Auburn Pines Monster Hunters (that’s you) are announced as the winners. You will also win the Unicorn Costume Pattern.

Completed Quest: Extreme Costume Challenge

Now that you have cleared the Arcade, the kids in Pirate Costumes are no longer blocking the escalators. Climb the escalators to the left of the costume competition to reach the second floor. You will notice that the next set of escalators are blocked by kids in Ninja Costumes. Derek, the red ninja tells you that only experienced monster hunters can go to the third floor. He wants to see three monster horns before he will allow you to pass.

Trick-or-treat ‘Shoe Crazy’ ahead of you. Also, before you continue, move the bottom left to see another kid hiding. Bert is behind a waste container in a Banana Costume. Now move to the right of the second floor, trick-or-treating ‘Why Not Flip-Flops’ along the way. To obtain the three monster horns, defeat three sets of Trowbogs on the second floor. Before you return to Derek, make sure to trick-or-treat ‘Rocks for Her’ and ‘Husky Toddler’. There is also another kid hiding on the second floor. Go all the way to the right. Christine is hiding behind a plant, dressed as a dinosaur.

From Christine, head left and climb the escalator. Here, you will find a coffin containing Yarn. Near the centre of the second floor, there is a gap in the railings, covered in ‘caution’ tapes. Break the tape using a pail bash and jump down. You will be back on the first floor, but on the central water feature. Head downwards to find another coffin containing candy.

Dressed to Quest

Acquire 5 Costumes.

Dressed to Quest
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable
Now head back to Derek on the second floor. He will give you access to the third floor and give you the Ninja Costume Pattern. You should already have the materials, and so you will gain an achievement for obtaining five separate costumes.

Completed Quest: Earn Your Monster Slayer Badge

Now head upstairs to the third floor. Pail bash some more Trowbogs. Remember to use your new Combat Ability. Ninja: Kitsune Shroud. Head to the left to trick-or-treat ‘Shovels ‘n Such’. Near this shop is another break in the railings. Break the caution tape once more and jump down. You will fall into the giant pumpkin on the first floor. Open the coffin to find Glitter. This should complete your Unicorn Costume. Make your way back up to the third floor. Remember to use your new Combat Ability. Unicorn: My Pretty Panacea.

On the third floor, trick-or-treat at ‘Tiri Exchange’ and head right. A little further, you will see Kenji, who asks for a “Slime Beetles” Creepy Treat Card. If you have a spare, give it to Kenji to complete the quest. If not, come back later once you have obtained one.

Completed Quest: Mall Collect ‘em All

To the left of Kenji is another hidden doorway. Use your Shield ability to enter under the water. Inside, you will find a coffin containing candy. Heading back out, there is another coffin to the right, containing more candy. Head further around the third floor and trick-or-treat ‘Clothes for Bros’. A little further on from here will lead you to the sixth kid. Mei is hiding behind a bench. For finding all of her friends, Mei will give you a candy pail upgrade. The Pumpkin Pail can hold yet more candy.

Completed Quest: Mall Hide ‘n’ Seek
Laura – Behind tree to the left of the set of stairs upon entry to the Mall
Razmig – Next to the tent inside Sadie’s shop
Joey – In food court area in front of the Arcade
Bert – Behind a waste container to the left of the second floor
Christine – Behind plant to the right of the second floor
Mei – Behind a bench on the third floor, in front of ‘Clothes for Bros’.

Follow the path around and trick-or-treat ‘Orange Blast’, the final shop in the mall. After this, a short cut-scene shows where you have to go. Head here by using the Mall-O-Ride. Aim to finish all quests before continuing. You can also enter the Sarcophagus back to Auburn Pines Suburbs if you have unfinished business there. Also be sure to visit Sadie to buy some more Battle Stamps before you leave. To go through the black gate, jump into the nearby train.

Move towards the Candy Emporium for another cut-scene. You will be reunited with your sibling and introduced to Metxel. Still confused about the Candy Costume, the Trowbogs are told to retrieve your sibling. After defeating one Trowbog, Metxel will appear in battle. The first thing you might notice is that Metxel is riding a bulldozer and has 1000 health! However, it is three on one, so you can damage Metxel quite a bit with each set of attacks. Also, Metxel doesn’t attack with every opportunity. He will merely stare at one of your characters for two turns, attacking them on the third turn. His attack does a lot of damage and also stuns the character involved.

Dozer Dodger

Defeat Metxel in battle.

Dozer Dodger
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline
When you reduce Metxel to 1/1000 health, the bulldozer will explode. You will then have to defeat him again, but this time he has 850 health. After reducing his health to 1/1000 again, the fight ends. Again, there are many variations of Costumes and Battles Stamps. I used the Robot with Disembodied Six-Fingered Hand (Strong counterattack upon a successful defend), the Statue of Liberty with the Albino Black Cat (Adds greater chance of dodging enemy attacks) and the Space Warrior with Jawbone of the Wolf (Greatly increased attack power).

In the cut-scene that follows, Dorsilla arrives. Dorsilla tells your sibling all the nasty things you said about them earlier in the game. Your sibling is then kid-knapped once more, as are the three other kids.

Fall Valley

The Original Costume Quest
All’s Fair That Ends Fare
Children of the High Fructose Corn Syrup
Fall Valley Hide ‘n’ Seek
Fall Valley Bobbing For Apples
This Card Is The Rarest
Fall Valley Collect ‘em All

You will awake with Everett and Lucy, all dressed in Candy Costumes, locked behind some thorns. Your sibling is nowhere to be seen. To break out, pail bash the vines and move towards the sign to the left. The three of you will ride the sign down the side of the mountain. Upon hitting the floor, you all lose your Candy Costumes. Moving past the barn, you see two Crestwailers carrying a coffin. This coffin contains all of your costumes. The gang decide that they need a new costume to re-gain their old costumes.

To the south of the coffin is the first hiding kid of the level. Lydia is hiding behind some bails of hay. She informs you that there are six kids (again) hiding and you must find all of them for a prize. Break through the vines to the right and cross the bridge. To the right is a Carnival. However, to enter you must all be wearing costumes. Seeing as you don’t have a million dollars, you will have to come back later. Just outside the Carnival is the second hiding kid. Anna is hiding behind a rock.

Follow the path upwards. Talk to Nathan to find out that he wants a “Street Chews” Creepy Treat Card to replace his current one. If you have one, great, but seeing as you have just started the level, you probably don’t. Return to Nathan later to complete the quest.

Completed Quest: This Card Is The Rarest

To the right of Nathan, break the vines and talk to Emily, the third of the six kids. To the left of Nathan is a path leading to a coffin containing candy. Further along the main path, you will meet Chip, a fries salesman. The kids inform Chip that they are looking for costumes. Luckily, Chip has a French Fry Costume for you! You can keep the costume if you bring Chip three new customers. He also promises to give you tickets to the Carnival.

The French Fry Costume has the Exploration Ability ‘Lure’. Holding this will make certain characters follow you. You cannot trick-or-treat yet, as only one of the characters has a costume. Continue into the little town. Next to the fountain, you will see a girl with a chicken leg (hunger) symbol above her head. Use the Lure ability to make Kelsey follow you back to Chip. A little further on from the fountain, you will see another girl on a pier, also with a hunger symbol above her head. Use the Lure ability again to get Tasha to follow you back to Chip. On the end of the pier, there is a coffin containing candy. Beyond the pier, you will find Sadie who has more Battle Stamps to sell. North of Sadie is a coffin containing yet more candy. The third hungry kid is to the bottom right of the area. Use the Lure ability and take Tyler back to Chip.

Once you have taken three hungry kids back to Chip, he will give you tickets to the Fall Valley Carnival. However, only those with costumes can enter, and you cannot abandon Everett and Lucy, so you must find a way to retrieve your costumes. Head left, back over the bridge. You will notice that the two Crestwailers have hunger symbols above their heads. Use the Lure ability to get them to follow you. Lead them both one by one into the barn to the left. You can now retrieve your costumes.

Before you enter the Carnival, trick-or-treat the houses near Chip. Remember to use your new Costume Ability. French Fry: Salt Assault. Once you have done that, enter the Carnival. Henry, the person at the ticket gate, informs you that the Ferris wheel is broken. He will also give you a Vampire Costume Pattern, seemingly for no reason.

Completed Quest: The Original Costume Quest

As you enter, there will be a cut-scene with Dorian, a mystic, brother of Dorsilla. It is Dorian that has been helping you throughout the game, as he believes that only you can stop his sister. As you move past Dorian, you will notice lots of candy at the base of the Ferris wheel, along with a few enemies. Ignore them for now. Talk to Bob, as he has another Apple Bobbing contest.

Chompin' Champ

Win all prizes in Bobbing for Apples.

Chompin' Champ
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player
For completing the first round (30 points), you will win 20 pieces of candy. Complete the second round (35 points), you will win 50 pieces of candy. Complete the third and final round (40 points) for the “Sugar Bucket” Creepy Treat Card. If you have also completed all three levels of each of Bob’s Apple Bobbing contests so far, you will have also earned an achievement.

Completed Quest: Fall Valley Bobbing For Apples

Trick-or-treat the tents to the South of the area. Also find two coffins containing candy to the bottom left and bottom right of the area. Go back towards Bob. Slightly to the right of Bob is a Ring-the-Bell. Just below this is a kid, hiding behind some tall grass. Talk to David, the forth of the six kids in Fall Valley. Trick-or-treat the remaining tents to the right hand side and upper part of the Carnival. Providing you trick-or-treated the houses near Chip, you will now have been to every house/tent, and so the next black gate opens, allowing the Repugian Soldiers through.

Now head to the Ferris wheel, where a cut-scene will show you some more enemies stealing candy from kids up high. Walk towards the enemies at the base of the Ferris wheel to enter into a fight. To the left of the Ferris wheel, Jon tells you that he doesn’t think the Ferris wheel will ever be fixed, and so is closed for a very long time. Behind Jon is a coffin containing Scary Fangs.

Now go to the centre of the Carnival area and talk to Orzo the human cannonball. He won’t let you use the cannon, so you must find a way past. Change to the Ninja and use the ‘Sneak’ Exploration Ability to get past him. Walk to the cannon for a cut-scene. The three kids climb into the cannon and it is fired towards the enemies on top of the Ferris wheel. Another fight follows. From the top of the Ferris Wheel, the kids spot the door that Dorian told you about earlier. The kids figure out a clever way to descend, but unfortunately, we don’t see it. Use the Glow ability to move through the pitch black area to the top right of the screen.

Completed Quest: All’s Fair That Ends Fare

First you should follow the path upwards towards the town. Talk to Rebecca, who wishes for a “Unicorn Pellets” Creepy Treat Card. If you have one, you will complete another quest. If not, come back later.

Completed Quest: Fall Valley Collect ‘em All

You can break the obstacle back to the town if you wish, to makes things quicker to move between the different areas of Fall Valley. To the right of where the obstacle once was is another kid hiding behind a tree. Talk to Kjeld, the fifth of the six kids.

Now return to where Kjeld was and use the Glow ability to move into the cave beyond the trees, behind where Kjeld was. In the hidden room, there is a coffin containing Black Cloth. Exit via the ladder and you will find yourself back in the Carnival area. Move past the hidden doorway once more, but this time follow the path to the right.

The Last Gourdian

Acquire the Pumpkin Costume.

The Last Gourdian
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The final Scarecrow (Dorian) will give you some Leaves, the final material for the Pumpkin Costume. He will also give you a speaker from the big black gate. The sixth kid is found just beyond Dorian, wearing a Banana Costume, seemingly out in the open. Talk to Elliot for your prize, another candy pail upgrade. The Bat Bucket can hold even more candy than the other pails.

Completed Quest: Fall Valley Hide ‘n’ Seek
Lydia – Behind bails of hay in front of barn area
Anna – Behind a rock in front of the Carnival entrance
Emily – Behind some breakable vines, to the right of Nathan
David – Behind some tall grass by the Ring-the-Bell in the Carnival area
Kjeld – Behind a tree next to breakable obstacle after exiting Carnival through the secret doorway
Elliot – Just beyond the Scarecrow after exiting Carnival through the secret doorway

Before continuing through the black gate, you can move past the bails of hay to the left to reach a coffin just of the path. The coffin contains White Makeup, the final material for your Vampire Costume. Now move through the black gate.

You will enter a corn maze area. Talk to the first Grubbin. He doesn’t want to fight you, don’t worry. He will tell you that Dorsilla wants to live in the Grubbin’s world, but they don’t want her there. The Defector will give you a Grubbin Costume Pattern. If you can find all the materials, you will be able to move past the guard unnoticed.

Move through the various areas of the maze at your leisure. There are three prisoners you need to help. A prisoner to the bottom left will give you a Burlap Sack. The prisoner in the top centre will give you Dirty Socks. Finally, the prisoner in the bottom centre will give you a Grubbin Mask. You should now have completed the Grubbin Costume. However, unlike the other costumes, the Grubbin Costume has no Combat Ability. In fact, you cannot enter into battle with it, as you can walk past enemies freely when wearing it.

Note: If you play the Grubbins on Ice DLC after you have completed the main game, you can actually trick the game into making you battle with the Grubbin Costume by using it to trick-or-treat. However, when the battle begins, your character will instead transform into a Robot, even if one of the other characters are already wearing the Robot Costume.

There are also coffins containing candy to the top left, the top right and the bottom left. Remember to use your two new Combat Abilities. Vampire: There’s a Bat in my Hair! and Pumpkin: All Hallows’ Eve.

All Decked Out

Collect all Creepy Treat Cards.

All Decked Out
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At some point through this maze, you should complete your Creepy Treat Card collection. For finding all Creepy Treat Cards, you will be given the Black Cat Costume.

Master of Disguise

Use every Costume Ability in battle.

Master of Disguise
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Use the Black Cat’s Combat Ability: The Cat’s Meow to receive the achievement for using every Combat Ability in battle.

Once you have been everywhere in the corn maze, change into the Grubbin Costume and talk to the Repugian Guard near the Defector. The Repugian Guard will allow you through.

Completed Quest: Children of the High Fructose Corn Syrup

There are a few more ramps past this area. You should receive the “Binary Bouncer” achievement if you did not Boost over 15 ramps in the Auburn Pines Subdivision. As you make your way through the next maze, you will meet Metxel once more and enter into another fight … eventually. You will only need to reduce his health once this time. Past Metxel is the two sarcophaguses, which you can use to move between the three worlds.

Before you continue, aim to have completed all quests in all three worlds. Also aim to purchase all available Battle Stamps from Sadie. You should be able to purchase 23 in total, leaving just one gap in your collection. If you do not have enough candy, fight some enemies on the second and third floor of the mall.

Once you are ready, head towards Dorsilla. Your sibling will tell you that they will be leaving with Dorsilla, to a place where they will be appreciated. Dorsilla then informs the four of you that she plans to take you all through the portal to a place where she will be treated as a Queen. Dorsilla plans to dress you all as candy, and hand you to Big Bones to satisfy her debt. After resisting, you will enter into combat with Dorsilla. She is level 20, with 4000 health.

Occasionally, Dorsilla will imprison one of the kids. Attack the vine cage to free them. Dorsilla will also have an ability to create two clones. The clones take lots of damage, so it’s easy to notice which the real Dorsilla is. If you keep the clones alive, Dorsilla will be unable to imprison any kids. Continue to just attack the real Dorsilla, and the fight should end fairly quickly.

They'll be worth a lot someday

Collect all Battle Stamps.

They'll be worth a lot someday
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For defeating Dorsilla, you will receive a Battle Stamp, completing your collection, and earning you an achievement. Talk to Dorsilla a few more times to find out where your sibling is. You will again battle Dorsilla, but this time she will not be alone, as she summons Big Bones. Before the battle starts, Dorsilla’s Message is played from the black gate’s speaker, showing how Dorsilla insulted the monsters earlier. Big Bones breaks the deal he once had with Dorsilla, causing Dorsilla to walk away. Before she leaves however, she clicks her fingers to level up all of your party to level 10.

Big Bones, like Dorsilla, is also level 20 with 4000 health. Occassionally Big Bones will summon some Grubbins, eat them and spit them at you. You cannot dodge this attack. After reducing his health quite low, Big Bones will break his scythe in two, and eat lots of candy. His attacks are slightly different now. Aim to keep all three of your characters alive by using healing abilities and you should be fine.

Sweet Justice

Beat the game.

Sweet Justice
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After reducing Big Bones to 1 piece of health, a cut-scene will begin. For references purposes, the three costumes and Battle Stamp combinations I used were Robot with Disembodied Six-Fingered Hand (Strong counterattack upon a successful defend), Statue of Liberty with Albino Black Cat (Adds greater chance of dodging enemy attacks) and Vampire with Headless Banshee (Auto-resurrect self after 1 turn with all HP restored). You will receive an achievement for finishing the game.


Complete all Quests in the game.

1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player
Also, providing you finished all quests in each of the three worlds, you will also receive an achievement for completing all quests. If you have not completed all of the quests, you can load the game up again, and use the sarcophaguses to move between worlds.

Congratulations, you have completed Costume Quest.

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