5. Costume Quest Grubbins on Ice DLC Pack

Choose Continue Game from the Main Menu and select Grubbins on Ice to carry your save over from the main game. If you start Grubbins on Ice AFTER completing the main game, you will retain all of your costumes, Battle Stamps and Creepy Treat cards. For obvious reasons, this is highly recommended.

As mentioned earlier in the walkthrough, you can actually start the Grubbins on Ice DLC before playing the main game (not recommended), by selecting Grubbins on Ice from the ‘Start New Game’ option. If you choose this route, the three characters in the party will start at level 10, but some costumes will not be available to you.

The game starts with Lucy and Everett talking about the disappearance of the monsters. After what can only be described as flirting by Everett, the two of them find a security speaker. Lucy shouts into the speaker, which opens a portal. Lucy suddenly disappears, leaving poor Everett alone. The next cut-scene shows Everett with Wren and Reynold; all three of them in costumes. The kids find a portal and decide to enter it in an attempt to find Lucy. Before entering, you must select a leader; Wren or Reynold.

The next scene shows Lucy with Araxia and two Repugiarchs. Everett, Wren and Reynold fall through the portal just ahead of Araxia, who plans to take them to Big Bones. Araxia puts the Repugiarchs in charge of the three kids, whilst he takes Lucy to the Candy Cage. You will now enter into battle with the three Repugiarchs. They are all level 14, with 1000 health, so you will not defeat them.


Viva Repugia!
Hook, Line & Freethinker
Grubbin Lovin’
Tome of the Trowbogs
The Case of the Missing Yeti
Save the Escapees
Bobbing for Eyeballs
This Card is ULTRA Rare
Repugia Collect ‘em All

The three kids are then thrown off of a cliff, each landing on a separate Trowbog. You are now in Repugia, where you may start your new quest. Talk to the nearby Grubbins to learn that they wish to start a revolution to overthrow Araxia. The Recruiter asks that you find some candy donations by trick-or-treating.

In the lower, right area of where you begin, you may find the first kid hiding. Truman is hiding behind some weird plants to the left of the river. You must find and save all six escapees from Araxia. Just beyond Truman is a coffin containing an Eyeball Costume Pattern. Head back towards the Recruiter. To his right is a Secret Cave. It’s signed extremely well. Enter to find a coffin containing candy and some Revolutionists. Talk to Cranston, who will give you a Pirate Costume Pattern. Exit the Secret Cave and talk to Shady to the right. Shady takes the place of Sadie in the DLC, with more Battle Stamps on offer.

Now cross the bridge over the green river. To the upper left of the Grubbin area, you can talk to the Grubbin Elder, but he can’t help you for now, so we will come back to him later. Trick-or-treat at all houses in the area, whilst defeating all Repugiarchs. You may unlock “Battle Buds” and “Leave some for the rest of us” at various points throughout the DLC if you are playing Grubbins on Ice before the main game. Once you have cleared the area, go to the lower left and talk to the Grubbin blocking the ramp. If you spoke to Cranston, Philthie will move out of the way for you. Open the coffin for an Eyepatch. Boost over one more ramp and talk to Van Horn to get him to allow you to pass. Van Horn will also give you a Plastic Hook. Another ramp is guarded by Fangus to the upper right area. Boost over the ramp to find a coffin containing Newspaper. Congratulations, you now have a Pirate Costume.

Completed Quest: Hook, Line & Freethinker

Further to the right, under the elevated path, you can find Shawn, the second of the six escapees. To the right of the houses near the lower area, you will notice a break in the fence. Jump down to find a coffin containing Crepe Paper. Enter the cave below. In the second room, you will find a coffin containing a Track Suit. Go left at the coffin. You will eventually make your way back to the start of Repugia. If you head to the fence to the left of the river, you can find another area where you can jump off. It heads towards the same cave, but if you use the Pirate Costume’s Exploration Ability, Zipline, you can reach a new area.

Jeepers Peepers

Acquire the Eyeball costume.

Jeepers Peepers
3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable
Enter the cave to find three coffins. Two contain candy, whilst the other contains Wire Mesh, the final material for your Eyeball Costume. Exit the cave and your will again find yourself back at the start of Repugia. A second zipline can be found by Van Horn, after boosting over two ramps to the lower left of the town area, crossing the river.

Near the gate to the right of the town area, Barfolomew will tell you that he cannot let you through, because he doesn’t know how to open it. He tells you to talk to the Grubbin Elder. If you talk to the Grubbin Elder, he will tell you that he is heartbroken. The Repugiarch Elder’s sister is vacationing with another Repugiarch just over the fence. How exotic! To get to Hairyette, you must climb the elevated path near Barfolomew and zipline across. Hairyette is standing in front of the buffet table. However, Hairyette will not follow you unless you have some food. Change to the French Fry Costume and use the Lure ability. Take the path next to the Repugiarch and Lure Hairyette back to the Grubby, the Grubbin Elder. In response to seeing Hairyette, Grubby opens the gate for you.

Completed Quest: Grubbin Lovin’

Just past the gate, you can talk to Glob, who is looking for a “Cuttin’ Candy” Creepy Treat Card. If you have one, you can finish the quest now. If not, come back later.

Completed Quest: This Card is ULTRA Rare

Once more, trick-or-treat the area. Also, be sure to try out your two new Combat Abilities. Eyeball: EYE-agara Falls and Pirate: Dead Men Tell No Tales. To the upper left, Ackley will tell you that he cannot let you pass without permission from the Trowbog Elder. In the lower part of this area, you can find Raha, the third escapee. You can also buy Battle Stamps from Shady in this town. To find the Trowbog Elder, go to the upper right part of the town and head down the wooden path. Ignore the Elder for now. Trick-or-treat the remaining two houses in the area, and the boost over one ramp. Change to the Eyeball Costume. If you use the Exploration Ability ‘Survey’ you can see there is somewhere to fall below. Move through the bushes to fall down to the area below.

Short Stack

Find the mysterious visitor in the cliffs of Repugia.

Short Stack
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle Player
Enter the cave to find characters from https://www.trueachievements.com/Stacking-xbox-360.htm. Exit the cave and make your way to the Trowbog Elder. The Elder tells you that Araxia and the Repugiarchs have trashed the Trowbog culture when they took over. He then tells you of the Tome of the Trowbogs, an ancient artefact. He sends you to find it for him. Return to Ackley, who will now step aside. Use the Zipline ability to make your way across.

Welcome to the Sacred Trowbog Caves of Confusion. On the floor of each room is a symbol. Go the wrong way and you will return to the start of the cave. Use the Knight’s Shield ability to move under debris. You can either work out the route by trial and error, or follow the guide step-by-step.

Move right to room with a coffin containing candy and move up to a statue room. Now go right and then up. Use the Glow ability to light up the floor area. You must match the symbol on the floor with a symbol next to an exit. Go up and then left to find another room with a coffin containing candy. Head up to another statue room, before moving left, up and right to a room with a Repugiarch. After defeating him, go up, right and down. Open the coffin in this room to find the Tome of the Trowbogs! Now go down to exit the cave and return to the Trowbog Elder. In return, the Elder opens the next gate for you.

Completed Quest: Tome of the Trowbogs

Move through the gate into the Crestwailer town. Trick-or-treat the available houses and defeat the Repugiarchs once more. Once you have cleared the area, find the forth escapee on the right side of the area. Kat is hiding behind a house. If you go to the upper part of the town, you will see a few monsters looking towards a cave, talking about a Yeti. You can’t do anything with them yet though, so go to the left and talk to Blob, the Eyeball Bobber.

Yellow eyeballs are worth 3 points, white eyeballs are worth 1 point, whilst you will want to avoid pink eyeballs. For completing the first round (35 points), you will win 20 pieces of candy. Complete the second round (40 points), you will win 50 pieces of candy. Complete the third and final round (45 points) for the “Wiggly Woozers” Creepy Treat Card.

Completed Quest: Bobbing for Eyeballs

As there is a Trowbog blocking the path to the lower left at the moment, there is not much more you can do. Talk to the Crestwailer Elder between the two houses to the right of the area. He tells you that he cannot open the gate until the end of Yeti Fest. Yeti Fest apparently ends after the Yeti appears from his cave. Therefore, you must solve the case of the missing Yeti. In return the Elder will open the gate for you. Return to where the Trowbog was blocking the path. He is now gone! Fall down the gap in the fence and enter the cave to the left. In the second room of the cave, you will find another escapee. Teddy is hiding behind a rock.

Playin' Hooky

Use the Pirate hook on 5 unique ziplines.

Playin' Hooky
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCumulative +
Exit the cave and use the Pirate Costume’s Zipline ability. This should be the fifth zipline you have used. If you have not unlocked the achievement, look through this list to see which ones you may have missed. Two more unmissable ziplines appear later, so don’t worry too much.

1. Jump down to the left of the river at the beginning of Repugia.
2. Crosses the green river from right to left.
3. From elevated path. Use to reach Hairyette.
4. Used to reach the Sacred Trowbog Caves of Confusion.
5. After exiting the cave from the Crestwailer area, in search of the Yeti.
6. After exiting the Yeti’s Cave, go right to return to the Crestwailer area (Later).
7. At the top of the hill, after exiting the Crestwailer area via the gate (Later).

Do not jump down to the path below, as that returns you to the beginning of Repugia. Instead, enter the cave ahead of you. After you exit the cave, you will find yourself on an ice path above the Crestwailer area. Follow the path into another cave. Enter and talk to the Crestwailer, who informs you that it is he that dresses up as the Yeti. However, the costume shrunk in the wash and is now 4 sizes too small. The Crestwailer gives you the Yeti Costume and then disappears. Exit the cave as the Yeti for a very short cut-scene, and then head right, using the Zipline ability to return to the Crestwailer Area. Return to the Crestwailer Elder and he will open the gate.

Completed Quest: The Case of the Missing Yeti

Enter through the gate and climb the steep hill. At the top of the hill, use the Zipline ability to cross to the other side. Immediately fall down to the right and enter the cave for some more objects to pail bash. Exit and cross the zipline once more. Follow the path and buy any Battle Stamps from Shady. Just beyond Shady is Skully, a Repugiarch that wants a “Nutty Dumdums” Creepy Treat Card. If you have one, you can complete this quest now. If not, return to him later.

Completed Quest: Repugia Collect ‘em All

Immediately below Skully is the final escapee. Talk to Maximus to complete the quest. You will receive a Commemorative Yeti Fest Tote for your efforts.

Completed Quest: Save the Escapees
Truman – Behind plant to left of river, near start of Repugia
Shawn – Under elevated path in the Grubbin area.
Raha – In the southern-most part of the Trowbog area.
Kat – Right side of the Crestwailer area.
Teddy – Behind a rock inside the cave after you fall down the gap in the fence from the Crestwailer area.
Maximus – Behind a large rock, next to Skully in the final area.

Trick-or-treat the three houses in this area. Be sure to check out the new Combat Ability. Yeti: Abominable Armor. After you have trick-or-treated at the three houses in this area, a few monsters will storm the next gate, providing you have now trick-or-treated every house in Repugia.

Completed Quest: Viva Repugia!

Defeat one more Repugiarch and enter through the gate for another cut-scene. Araxia has summoned Big Bones! Everett leads the team to find Lucy, and you face Araxia and Big Bones, both of which are level 20, with 4000 health.

You cannot attack Big Bones, so just attack Araxia as per normal. After taking a good deal of damage, Araxia begins to hover. He is unable to be damaged whilst in the air, but after three hits, you will eventually knock him back towards Big Bones. Candy hits Araxia and he lands on top of Big Bones. Knocking Araxia back also stops Big Bones from attacking you. Big Bones’ attacks damage your entire team significantly and are not dodgeable, so you will want to avoid this as much as possible. Also refrain from using any physical special attacks whilst Araxia is in the air, as such attacks will be wasted.

Birdbrain Beatdown

Defeat Araxia in battle.

Birdbrain Beatdown
1 guideOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline
Knock Araxia back into Big Bones three times to finish the fight, earning you the “Birdbrain Beatdown” achievement. The Costume and Battle Stamp combinations I used were Robot with Disembodied Six-Fingered Hand (Strong counterattack upon a successful defend), Statue of Liberty with Albino Black Cat (Adds greater chance of dodging enemy attacks) and Yeti with Skeleton of the Wolf (Double attack power), but there are many combinations that will work.

Revolutionary Hero

Complete all quests in Repugia.

Revolutionary Hero
2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle Player
If you have completed all of the quests in Repugia, you will also earn the “Revolutionary Hero” achievement.

After the battle, Lucy is saved and the four kids exit Repugia through the portal.

Congratulations, you have completed Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice.

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