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    Before we get into the meat of this review let me point out to you all few things you should know about the Counter-Strike franchise as I feel a lot of people doing reviews on this(mainly on this site, but a few others I've seen as well) have either never played Counter-Strike 1.6 or any of the other Counter-Strike releases or are simply comparing it to the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises. Valve does not create games to be like the cookie-cutter FPSs and they've stayed true to their roots with this release with a sprucing up of the old Counter-Strike many of us know and love. I will say that the comparison by others may be warranted based on the fact that CoD and Battlefield rule the first-person shooter market right now and perhaps they may not have been around during Counter-Strike's relatively unchallenged dominance of the FPS genre, though I regard Counter-Strike:Global Offensive as a different kind of beast which warrants it's own review without being extensively compared to current FPS release. So with that in mind, I hope you all enjoy my review. If you're going to vote negatively, at least leave me a response so I can improve my reviews in the future, as this is my first. Thanks!

    Being that the other releases of Counter-Strike never had stories, since Counter-Strike itself was a mod of Half-Life, I was not surprised to find that this release did not contain one either. That being said, I will not penalize Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for not having one.

    Score: N/A

    There are some issues with some of the player model animations, in particular the AI hostages running animation doesn't work quite correctly but it's a relatively minor glitch. The guns are for the most part accurate to their real life counterparts. A little more variation in player models would be nice, most if not all players look almost exactly the same from map to map, though there are some subtle differences. The graphics are on par with Valve's other FPSs from the last 2-3 years as well as most FPSs in general, they could be a little more polished but overall they don't take away from the gameplay.

    Score: 3.5/5

    Counter-Strike has never been one to blow you away with it's auditory brilliance and this release is no different. The sounds are decent enough, most of the gun firing sounds seem a little generic, which is a tad disappointing because I feel that's a detail that is hard to overlook. When playing certain game types the computer will call out for help or to tell you a sector is cleared, there's little chatter other than that though so ultimately the call-outs aren't annoyingly repetitive or obtrusive such as those found in Brink, for example. Maybe it's just me but enemy footsteps are nearly impossible to hear so using that to know when an enemy is approaching won't get you many kills.

    Score: 3/5

    This is where Counter-Strike has always shined, at least to me. There are no attachments, killstreaks, perks or anything else of that ilk to distract you from what you came here for; a fun, fast paced shoot 'em up. While to some the lack of customization may be a drawback, I view it as a plus here because it gives everyone a level playing field, you all start off with the same base guns or money based on your game mode so there aren't any outright advantages. This game does not have a steep learning curve and it would not take very long for someone who is not familiar with the Counter-Strike franchise to become accustomed to the game.

    There are 3 different game categories(one of which has it's own game type subsets), separated into 4 different game modes. The categories are as follows:

    Arms Race: A Gun Game type of game mode, where each kill(with either your knife or gun) moves you up to the next gun rank. There are a total of 26 ranks, you start out with SMGs, transition to shotguns, then to sniper rifles, followed by light machine guns and finally pistols before you reach the 26th and final rank which is the golden knife. This game mode can be frustrating at times because your 'teammates' can and will often steal your kills, especially when you're playing with the bots. This game mode also has a spawn protection feature where enemies will appear transparent and are invincible for 4-5 seconds after spawning.

    Demolition: This is your standard demolition game mode, you plant the bomb at the bomb site, usually something like a bank vault or a railroad car packed with explosives and other hazardous materials. Much like in Arms Race you need to kill to advance to the next weapon, though unlike Arms Race, the next weapon is given to you at the start of the next round as opposed to instantly, you'll occasionally earn incendiary, explosive and flashbang grenades as well. These matches are usually quick if you've got a decent team as this is the only game mode that features 4 v 4 gameplay as opposed to 5 v 5 in all of the other modes. Each match in this mode is a best out of 20(first to win 11 rounds).

    Classic: This category actually contains 2 different game modes, Competetive and Casual. Money is earned by killing and winning/losing rounds as well as planting/defusing bombs or rescuing hostages. You can purchase different weapons and gear with the money you earn. There are two different types of missions you can play underneath the Competetive and Casual modes, there are bomb planting/defusal missions and hostage missions. Casual features no friendly-fire damage and is a best of 10(first to win 6 rounds). Competitive does have friendly-fire damage and you are not automatically given armor or defusal kits so they must be purchased under the gear section when in the beginning of round purchasing menu.

    Score: 4/5


    Counter-Strike: GO features 12 achievements worth a total of 400 gamerscore, 9 of the 12 are very easily attainable with proper boosting partners, Awardist could also be obtained with good boosting partners as well. God of War and King of the Kill will both take time, with the latter taking upwards of hundreds of hours to complete, though one could conceivably leave their XBOX on as the game does not actually have any sort of pause feature. My lone gripe is that 5000 matches of Arms Race or Demolition is incredibly excessive, 500 would've been a much more obtainable number instead of a huge grind.

    Score: 4/5

    Final Comments: Overall, Counter-Strike won't blow you away with any innovations, graphics or storylines but if you're looking for a solid multi-player shooter or looking to relive your glory days from a decade ago on the PC then this is a game I think you should try. If you're a CoD or Battlefield fanboy, this may not be the type of game for you. Download the demo and see for yourself smile

    Overall Score: 3.75/5

    Thanks for reading!
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    KiN6TiMAmazing review. It's like a tractor beam, sucked me right in. ;)
    Posted by KiN6TiM on 09 Sep 12 at 14:53
    flodrosGreat review, I agree with pretty much everything in there.

    My biggest gripe though is that there is no ability to pause, even against bots. It's kind of frustrating as this would be an excellent game to play while doing other things, like cooking dinner or during the breaks in football.
    Posted by flodros on 06 Jan 14 at 18:21
    xCRiMZoNxCounter Strike is the FPS that will always have a place in history. Its loyal audience after all these years still proves that. (Obviously that audience is on PC) Its one of the shooters I always end up going back to when I'm craving a good and simple skill shooter. Great review!
    Posted by xCRiMZoNx on 01 May 17 at 02:22
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    External image

    The original Counter-Strike released in ‘1999’ as a mod of Half-life became the common template for all later online FPS multiplayer games and gained massive popularity. Now Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment have attempted to revive this classic by releasing an Arcade remake with new graphics, A.I., sound, physics and online multiplayer.


    The original concept of Counter-Strike was to pit two teams of actual real-life human players against each other in simulated FPS combat- focused around a single objective. Before this no one had ever fought against each other in a 'team' online shoot ‘em up environment. The success of this idea, as we know, was monumental.

    Like its predecessor Global Offensive attempts the same concept, a game entirely based on online multiplayer combat, lacking any campaign or story of any kind. And even though this is only an arcade game I would have expected a lot more bearing that fact in mind. The only major new introduction is a new mode called ‘Arms Race’ which fails to improve on or even compete with the original modes.

    The basic modes stack two teams of 4 or 5 against each other in pretty limited and unimaginative sandbox maps. One side will be the ‘Terrorists’ who will either have to plant a bomb at one of two designated sites or protect a group of A.I. hostages. The other team will be the ‘Counter-Terrorists’ who will either have to wipe out the Terrorists, disarm the bomb before it detonates, or rescue the hostages. Quite standard stuff, but to be forgave because the real appeal to the original and indeed this game is the ability to purchase weapons, armour, grenades and gadgets between rounds with cash accumulated through performance. This adds a fantastic edge to the game-play giving good players tactical advantages and increasing teamwork capabilities. Buying items for your comrades or working together to achieve bonus cash can really give teams an advantage. It is therefore a real shame that they failed to emphasize this feature and even removed it altogether in Arms Race mode.

    External image

    A classic concept revitalized but lacking anything significantly new
    = 7.5 / 10


    The mode ‘Demolition’ is based around two teams of 4 or 5 competing towards either the elimination of the other team or the planting / defusing of a single bomb. One of the Terrorists will be randomly equipped with the bomb who can either pass it to another member or attempt to plant it in the bombsite. This focused gameplay allows for a lot of room to be tactical instead of simply running around in a team deathmatch environment. This is facilitated by the fact that successful detonation or the bomb getting defused will result not only in victory but also a great boost of cash to the players involved. There are only six maps in Demolition, they are all small and almost symmetrical with either team placed on either side of the bombsite. Some of the maps offer decent tactical advantages but these are very limited and no real thought went into the design of any of these maps. However despite the basic maps Demolition is definitely the most appealing and enjoyable gametype in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I am very disappointed that they didn't bother to make some new modernized maps for this potentially great release.

    External image

    The 'Classic Casual' mode is also based around two teams competing towards an objective. However the objective is dependent upon the map this time with either a slightly different form of Demolition or a Hostage based mode. There are eight maps altogether; with Nuke, Inferno, Dust, Dust II, Train and Aztec focused around the planting of a bomb, this time with two different bombsites offering a deceptive theme to the gameplay. And with Office and Italy as the two hostage based maps. Again all these maps are very lineal and basic, there is not much detail or tactical vantages. 'Casual' is the like the easy setting of the game, with the match being decided by the best of only 10 rounds, friendly fire and team collision turned off and 50% kill rewards. Also you will be given new armour and bomb defusal kits for free each round. The game also offers a greater challenge in the form of 'Classic Competitive' mode. This is identical to Casual except the match isn't decided until one team gets the best of 20 or 30 rounds, friendly fire is on and will penalize your cash, team collision is on and you will have to buy new armour and kits each round if you are damaged or die. Like Demolition these modes are enjoyable and diverse in terms of action but are still limited in terms of environments, again greatly disappointing anyone who expected anything new here.

    The final mode is the all-new 'Arms Race' mode, the objective of which is to gain 26 kills cycling through a new predetermined weapon with each kill. Although this mode is set out in two teams you are in fact alone in your kills and your teammates only serve to steal kills from you and distract the enemy. You begin with a standard SMG then each time you kill a new weapon is automatically shoved into your hands until you progress through all the weapons ending with a knife. If you die you simply respawn with the same weapon you died with and continue. The tactics in this mode are annoying and unrealistic; everybody will gain advantage by running around idiotically trying to get a kill/suicide to progress their weapons. There are only two maps and these are small and dull, dull, dull. Arms Race is a terrible addition to the Counter-Strike franchise up to the point of hateful.

    Recycled old boring maps with an awful new mode
    = 2.5 / 10


    The weapons themselves are extremely diverse and well balanced, from pistols, Sub-machine guns and shotguns to assault rifles, light machine-guns and sniper rifles. The firepower, firerate, accuracy and your movement speed with that particular weapon are the aspects the game has focused on. These differ greatly between weapons and so to does the feel, range and capabilities. You can carry three weapons at a time; a main large weapon and you are restricted to a knife and a pistol for the other two. You can also carry two different types of grenades. This gives the players a lot of scope to the variety of their strategies.

    External image

    The game has aptly based the prices of the weapons vaguely in accordance with their usefulness or power. The standard P2000 pistol will set you back a mere $300 whilst the advanced scoped SCAR-20 assault rifle will cost $6000. You can earn cash by injuring, killing and otherwise attacking your enemies, planting, defusing, detonating the bomb, protecting or rescuing the hostages and winning rounds. However you will cash penalties in competitive mode by injuring or killing your teammates or the hostages. These cash awards or deductions are fair and change the gameplay from other shooters by encouraging teamwork and attention to objectives.

    Gameplay is also diversified by the inclusion of many different tactical gadgets and grenades. Your basic kevlar armour and helmet go a long way to protecting you from damage, your smoke, flash and decoy grenades create distractions and advantages. And such unique items like the Zeus X27 (Taser gun) and quick bomb defusal kit can be the difference between victory and defeat.

    Diverse, tactical, enjoyable and well-balanced weapon system
    9.0 / 10


    The default controls of CS: GO are quite basic but serve well enough. Some unusual choices passed down from the original such as LT to crouch and B to reload offer a different approach to the way you control the action. The feature to hold LT to crouch is actually a very innovative way to control your fire, holding it doesn't only make you crouch but also focuses your weapon (indicated by the reticle) making you more accurate. Another unusual feature is the ability to spin turn 180 degrees, this at first seems undesirable but mastering this reaction works great to avoid flashbang grenades and to evade fire. The controls are fully customizable and you can map any button to any action, this is the way all games should be, but some of the defaults can be advantageous.

    The environmental controls and interactions are very poor in this game, for example: if you wish to pick up a new weapon from the ground the option to do so is activated by an impossibly small area making it annoying and sometimes costing you your life. Also having two separate buttons to change weapon can often be confusing (even with mapping this cannot be changed), whereas it is LB to change to your knife you have to press Y to change back to your main weapon and you have to cycle through two sets of weapons with LB and Y, LB cycling through the knife, grenades and bomb, and the Y button to cycle through your main weapon and pistol. With practice the controls can become second nature but avoiding the fidgety environment interactions is impossible.

    Full control mapping but a lot of frustrating environment interaction
    = 6.0 / 10


    In a game where you rely quite heavily on bots and hostages the A.I. is very disappointing and often leads to incredible frustration. In general the A.I. are clumsy and stupid. Changing the difficulty does not make the enemy A.I. more strategic or realistic neither it makes them automatically know where you are at all times and guides their bullets directly between your eyes every time. Your team mates will not help you, they will run into the open, never seeking cover, and stand still while they slowly shoot a dancing enemy bot. The enemy A.I. is much the same except they tend to move around in a very annoying pattern like a jack rabbit. The real annoyances come from the hostages, they are dodgy- what I mean by that is they get stuck a lot and they struggle to follow you around the simplest of objects, like massive open double doorways!

    Annoying and stupid, especially in such an A.I. reliant game
    2.0 / 10


    Mainly showcased through gunfire and explosions the sounds of Counter-strike need not have been spectacular. Unfortunately though they are not even sufficient; most weapons sound almost identical, there is little in the way of diversity in surfaces and all explosions seem to be of one pre-recorded sound. Shoot any metal surface in any map with any gun and hear the same sound, break any glass of any kind – same sound. Same annoying voices of teammates and same dull action music when the bomb has been planted. The only redeeming point is that the sounds are for the most point sharp and clear, otherwise they fall flat on deaf ears.

    Although reasonably clear they are dull, lazy and repetitive
    = 3.5 / 10


    Powered by an allegedly improved version of the 'Source²' engine, the graphical effects and animations of CS: GO are sufficient enough. It has improved slightly since it's predecessor but fails to compete with similar arcade titles of its time. New lighting and shadow effects add some new depth to gameplay but fail to offer any true realism. Effects of breaking glass and boxes (of what little there are) are very poor indeed. The smoke produced from Smoke grenades looks like it belongs in an old PS game and such effects as bullets and blood splatters are even worse.

    External image

    The environments themselves, because they are so basic, can offer little in the way of impressive graphics. No contrasting night and day maps, no water effects of any kind, no fire effects, no weather effects of any kind neither. Even the reflecting sunlight and shadow directions are wrong in some areas of certain maps.

    Animations of the bots and hostages are laughable, hostages especially look like wacky cartoonish mannequins cluttering their way along. Apart from the floating up stairs and from surface to surface, standing on thin air and shadows appearing through solid surfaces the graphics are great!

    Poor effects, no aspiration, poor animations and plenty of mistakes
    = 2.0 / 10


    Also powered by the 'Source²' engine the physical environment of CS: GO is again extremely basic and lacks any imagination. Obviously a great improvement from its predecessor but nowhere near competitive with other similar arcade titles of its time.

    The only physics even included are character collision and deaths, grenades and the rare occasional breaking glass of other small items. Although the deaths are not pre-rendered they are a restricted form of rag-doll that tends to limit the diversity of death actions. The bodies seem too heavy and do not fall correctly, grenades do not bounce true and things like glass and other breaking objects disappear instead of falling to the ground.

    Overall gravity and effect are entirely unrealistic and environments lack destructibility
    2.5 / 10


    Supposedly the strength of Counter-Strike was the option to tear away from the terrible A.I. bots and take your skills to compete against the world. Powered by the 'Steam' engine and protected by the 'Valve Anti-Cheat' system the online multiplayer is the main focus of the game. You have the option to quick matchmake, taking you swiftly to the nearest lobby with the, allegedly, best connection. You can search a custom match limited to choosing only your preferred mode. And you can gather friends and matchmake together. The killer about playing with friends is you cannot talk to each other using a party and are forced to communicate in-game, this makes boosting very difficult but also makes it impossible to taunt your friends if they are on the enemy team as in some modes they can’t hear you. Whether this was an intentional decision to discourage boosting or a mistake is unknown but it does make one wonder why they have a feature called ‘Join Xbox Live Party’ when you can’t use an Xbox Live party, hmm.

    As for lobbies and connections they are extremely laggy and poorly networked. (This information is sourced from many different people from around the world and not solely on my own experiences). From day one the servers were awful, if you aren't lagging to death you are simply disconnected repeatedly.

    The online all but died less than six months from release, a far cry from the expectations of the successor to one of the most popular online games of all time. The fact is that we are offered the same general regurgitated game of the original which even as an arcade title cannot compete with MP games of this era.

    Badly networked, mistakes in design and poor matchmaking capabilities
    = 2.2 / 10


    There are only 12 achievements in CS: GO, all are obtainable (although tougher) offline and most are reliant on skill during combat. Some of the easier ones will be unlocked without any effort such as dominating a single enemy and killing an enemy with the last bullet in your clip. Other easy accumulative ones will unlock without noticing; such as inflicting 2,500 points of damage and earning $50,000. Getting 250 headshots and a kill with every weapon in the game will require a little attention but nothing great.

    If there wasn't a trick to unlocking ‘Rampage’ (surviving an entire Arms Race without dying) it could have proven quite intense. However there are two achievements that do require either a lot of skill and luck or a boosting party:

    The ‘Clean Sweep’ achievement requires you to kill the entire opposing team without you or anyone else on your team receiving any damage at all.

    Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveClean SweepThe Clean Sweep achievement in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive worth 110 pointsKill the entire opposing team without any members of your team taking any damage

    And the slightly harder ‘First Things First’ achievement requires you to personally kill the entire terrorist team before the bomb is planted. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a challenge on easy, the real difficulty comes from your own team members (which you can’t disable offline) stealing your kills.

    Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveFirst Things FirstThe First Things First achievement in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive worth 122 pointsPersonally kill the entire Terrorist team before the bomb is planted in Online Demolition Mode

    The only real imaginative achievement is the ‘Awardist’ of earning at least 100 different awards.

    Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveAwardistThe Awardist achievement in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive worth 275 pointsEarn 100 awards

    These awards range from simple wins on certain maps and accumulative kills with certain weapons to more interesting team based and tactical awards that encourage diverse and imaginative gameplay. All of the other achievements are also an award so working towards this achievement in general is a primary concern and advantage. There are actually 167 awards available so this is not altogether a difficult achievement however many are long grindy awards that will come eventually as you work towards the two mentioned below.

    The real crippling feature of all of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive comes from two massively excessive accumulative achievements. The 'God Of War' and the 'King Of The Hill' achievements of 10,000 kills and play 5,000 matches, (2,500 through a favourable glitch in the programming), really spoil the entire experience of this game.

    Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveGod of WarThe God of War achievement in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive worth 510 pointsKill 10,000 Enemies

    Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveKing of the KillThe King of the Kill achievement in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive worth 332 pointsPlay 5,000 matches of Arms Race or Demolition mode

    Even for those who love the game and don't mind grinding, these achievements are only practically obtainable by playing the one mode that has no replayable value; 'Arms Race'. Although you can get kills in any mode there is no point in playing the other fun modes since you should play Arms Race to accumulate the matches played as you go because Demolition matches take far too long.

    Arms Race mode as I've explained above has no mission objectives, no teamwork, no purchasable items and only two small maps. So unless you want to buy a game only to idle boost it for up to 250 hours or actually play the most repetitive mode over 2,500 times I’d avoid this title altogether.

    GAMEPLAY = 7.5
    MAPS AND MODES = 2.5
    CONTROLS = 6.0
    GRAPHICS = 2.0
    PHYSICS = 2.5
    ONLINE PLAY = 2.2

    A sloppy and unimaginative regurgitation of a classic that could have been so much more

    OVERALL = 41.3 / 100
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    Counter Strike Global Offensive is a attempt at creating the brilliant and best selling pc shooter on console, so how does it do?


    No story to speak of, no plot, background infomation, just round based shooting.


    The game is split into 4 game modes which are all 5 v 5 team games

    ARMS RACE - This plays much like battlefields and CoD's Gun Game (though this game was the first to introduce the game back on pc), you're on a team of 5 and start with a default weapon, every time you get a kill you instantly swap to the next weapon. First player to get a kill with the final weapon wins. The good point of this is the weapons are worse as you go on, so unlike other games you start with assault rifles and then shotguns and move on to the pistols, sniper rifles, sub machine guns, so you are never stuck on a pistol being dominated from the start.
    This is the only respawn game mode

    DEMOLITION - This is similar to arms race but with a twist, it's round based. You don't instantly switch weapons, you go up a level on the following round after your first kill, any additional kills net you extra items like grenades. Also the win requirements change, its when one team eliminates the other OR the bomb is detonated/defused. It's best of 10 and you swap teams on round 6.

    CLASSIC CASUAL - The two teams battle it out on diffrent maps, you start with £1000 to buy weapons, max armour, defuse kit where applicable, and no friendly fire.
    One team wins the round when either all hostages have been rescued, the bomb has been detonated/defused or in most cases when one team eliminates the other. It's best of ten round. This is a light hearted team work game where more people tend to be near team mates but don't nessaseraly work as a team. Teams swap over at round 6.

    CLASSIC COMPETETIVE - This is much the same as above but you start with no armour or items just a pistol and £800. Kills, planting bombs, defusing bombs rescuing hostages give you money which is then used to buy new weapons, items and grenades. The online feel is much more team based. It's also best of 30 rounds, teams swap over on round 16.

    All the game modes can be fun regardless of if you are playing with friends or not, but people need to get on them mics.
    There are no unlock schemes in this either, so no lower powered weapons of fresh players vs over powered weapons of longer players, every one has a fair shot at this.

    Graphics and sound

    The graphics on this game are a let down, I know its a XBLA title but in recent times games have proven they can produce great visuals but this is not one of them, it all looks fairly old from the start and the charecters hands and weapon all look squashed together. But i would let this put you off. The sound does sounds like a direct port from any other pc CS games.


    These really are a mixed bag, youe can get some with ease but you're gunna need to be looking at guides if you want them quickly,
    Some are for getting a lot of kills, and playing a lot of rounds. There is only one online based achievement which is simple but hard. And one achievement similar to battlefields collect every ribbon. This is for collecting 100 'awards' there are over 167 to collect and only 2 require online play, thanks Jessie Gabriel for pointing that out in the comments


    This is not a fast pased CoD nor is it a great looking BF3, it's a round based 5v5, which promotes team work while not punishing lone wolfs, it's not great graphicaly but it's solid gameplay and above all fun, fun, fun, and a fun new take on the massivly popular minefield that is online FPS.

    THANKS FOR READING, this is my first review so any neg comments please state why, and hope this has helped
  • drewbreezy360drewbreezy360183,575
    24 Aug 2012
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    It could be argued that first person shooters are the most woefully represented genres available through the Xbox arcade. Few have achieved success, while most have failed miserably. Has Counter-Strike Global Offensive managed to break the mold, and establish itself as a legitimate shooter from the arcade?

    CS GO is a relatively bare bones experience. You get your standard deathmatch, gun-game, demolition and search and destroy game types. There is also the standard casual, competitive and private game modes. The most popular being the classic defusal, or search and destroy, variation. This is a fast paced, six vs. six shootout centered around one team planting an explosive while the other team defends. On the map there are two designated locations to plant, and an alloted time to either defuse or make sure the explosive is detonated. If your team is successful, you are awarded with additional money to purchase better weapons, grenades and/or armor. These purchases are made before each individual round. If you die during the round, you lose everything except your pistol and knife. Defusal is hands down the best game mode available. The games scoring is best of 30, while switching side at round 16. And yes, they can be quite long. Usually 30-45 minutes per game.

    Go has provide its players with an ample supply of weaponry and environments. The game boasts 16 maps, 6 of which can be used for defusal. The maps look good but not great. They all play really well, which is a testament to Counter Strike's PC success. There are about 30 guns to choose from in GO, with alot of fan favorites. There is the M4, AK47, P-90, UMP and of couse the Desert Eagle. Unfortunantly, the balancing leaves a bit to be desired. Few weapons are one shot kills, and make nearly all other guns worthless in the right hands.

    The overall feel of the game is fairly fluid. There are many choke points in each level, which will almost always result in several shoot outs in a short amount of time. This makes for a more calculated run and gun experiance, and a limited amount of time spent watching other players after your death. This feeling of speed and momentum is the best thing that CSGO has to offer. A version of search and destroy that has far less camping than its competitors.

    Unfortunantly, this game is missing alot of the bell and whistles we have come to expect from a quality FPS. Variable zoom is limited to scoped weapons making it difficult to line up moving targets. Also, small player names and little hit mark detection can make getting the drop on your enemy next to impossible. The ability to go prone and limit radar detection is also unavailable. If you're looking for precision shooting, this is not the game. This game is largely based on tactics and luck. Luck that you picked the better weapon at the start, luck that you had enough money to buy full armor, and luck that your in-out shooting technique is lining up this go around. And oh yeah, players are forced into the game lobby chat while playing, just thought I'd let it be known.

    As far as achievements, it's a mixed bunch. Half of them you will likely knock out the first couple days of playing. The other half are cumulative. The amount of games played, total amount of kills and total headshot achievements will make completion a formidable task. Rough estimates of total game completion have shown to be roughly 35-45 hours of gameplay. Key word being gameplay, because getting a game going this first week has proven to be a challenge in itself. Last night I played one full game of classic competitive defuse, and it took a total time of 1 hour 15 minutes to search out and play.

    Overall, we have yet another mediocre FPS brought to you by the Xbox arcade. CSGO does little to seperate itself from the other shooters available on the marketplace. Nothing was done to make this game above average in any respect. The feel and rhythm that the Counter Strike franchise has presumably mastered on the PC is GO's only bright spot. Although the gameplay is solid, it is not enough to save Counter Strike's latest entry from its alternatives.