3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Story walkthroughUpdate notes

We don’t have to worry about concentrating on a storyline, as there isn't one. Instead, we’ll crack on with the achievements.

During your time playing this game, you'll be awarded medals for completing certain tasks and objectives. You'll need to earn 100 medals to earn the "Awardist" achievement. You can find more information on earning these medals on the next page of this walkthrough. It is recommended that you open this page in another tab in your browser (click here).

Before we start getting into the meat of the game, it should be noted that you’ll want to concentrate on earning the “Battle Sight Zero” achievement, which requires you to cumulatively kill 250 enemies with headshots. I would say “aim for the head”, but that might come across as condescending. If you plan to play against Bots, set them to Easy difficulty as they give you enough time to train your sights at their head before they decide to shoot at you. This will unlock as soon as you've earned your 250th headshot.

Another cumulative achievement to keep your eye on over time is the “God of War” achievement. This requires you to kill 10,000 enemies. This is a very time consuming achievement and shouldn't be taken lightly. The quickest and easiest method for earning this is to play Arms Race against Easy Bots. You should be able to earn all 27 kills, which is the maximum amount of kills you can earn per game, in roughly 5 minutes. As this is an Arms Race, there is no spawn timer, so no wasted time in Spectator mode. This method can also be used to boost the amount of matches played for the “King of the Kill” achievement (below). Obviously, you can mix up the game types for variety as the 10,000 target is spread across all game modes. This can take anywhere between 20 and 30 hours.

Arguably, the “King of the Kill” achievement will take you the longest amount of time to achieve. It requires you to play 5,000 matches of Arms Race or Demolition. This can be seen as a very dauntless task and will take a lot of time and effort. You could use the tried-and-tested method of just grinding this out while enjoying the game, but not everyone has the same amount of enthusiasm and patience.

The best method asks that you not even be in front of your Xbox. You can be asleep, at work, playing on your Windows Phone, or whatever else you get up to in your leisure time. You merely have to set up a game of Arms Race with the following settings:

Mode: Offline with Bots/Arms Race
Map: Any
Bot Difficulty: Expert

Then, just sit back and watch the ‘matches played’ tally up. You don’t have to worry about setting up a new game as the game will do that for you. You don't even have to worry about your controller turning off, as the game will still continue to play. It is recommended that you do this while disconnected from Xbox LIVE as there have been reports of the game freezing whilst connected. Using this method should earn you roughly 60 games every 8 hours or so, meaning you can earn this in approximately 666 hours.

As of writing this walkthrough (October 2012), the game is awarding two games played for every game you play. Hence, the above methods approximate timing can be halved to ~333 hours.

Now that we have the ridiculous cumulative achievements out of the way, let’s continue...

Load up a game of Arms Race (Offline, against Bots) and make sure the difficulty is set to Easy. Playing in a lower difficulty than this will not unlock any achievements or awards. You can, of course, play on a more difficult setting, but it makes the grind slower and more sadistic and frustrating. You can choose whichever map you like, as they’re all fairly similar in size.

As explained in the “General hints & tips” section of this walkthrough, the aim of Arms Race is to be the first to acquire a kill with each weapon that you are given. It isn't too difficult against bots whose difficulty is set to Easy as they take a few seconds to fire at you, giving you an ample amount of time to set your sights on their faces. You can even ‘spawn camp’ them for easier kills, but be aware that they gain ‘spawn protection’ for a few seconds after they’ve spawned, meaning that they’re invincible and cannot be killed.

Playing through, you should earn the following achievement for “Dominating” an enemy. To dominate them, you simply need to kill any given bot four times without them killing you. You can be killed by any other bot, but not the one you are targeting. If they kill you, the counter will be reset.

After you've killed a few enemies, you’ll get to the shotguns. These are your best chance at earning the “Magic Bullet” achievement. For this, you’ll need to kill an enemy with the last round in your guns magazine. This is possible to do with any weapon, but shotguns are the easiest due to its close-range damage. Get up close to any bot and drive your last shotgun shot (of the magazine) into its face and the achievement should unlock.

  • Magic Bullet

    Kill an enemy with the last bullet in your magazine (excluding sniper rifles and Zeus x27)

    Magic Bullet

Within the same game, you may unlock the next achievement for inflicting 2,500 points of damage. This is cumulative and doesn't have to be done in one game. As each player has 100 health points, so you’ll simply need to kill 25 enemies (assuming you inflict 100% of the damage on them).

Now that you’re familiar with the premise of Arms Race, it’s time we earned the “Rampage” achievement, which requires you to win a game of Arms Race without dying. This can be tough, even against Easy bots as they have a tendency of being ridiculously accurate with their weapons from afar and can catch you unaware. There are a few different methods of earning this:

  • Set up a boosting game here on TA and plan ahead. This is arguably the easiest method if you can find the people.
  • The legitimate way – Using all your skill and guile, you can attempt to tackle this on your own against bots. The easiest map to try this is on Baggage, as it boasts more than a few places to sit and camp and pick off unsuspecting bots.
  • Using the extremely helpful “glitch” which takes the strain of earning this achievement off immediately. Play a normal game of Arms Race on any map you wish. Continue killing enemies and ranking up through the weapons as you normally would until you get to the Knife. Don’t worry if you die, as it won’t matter. Once you get there, don’t kill any enemies with the knife, instead swap teams by using the pause menu. You’ll spawn on the opposite team with the Dual Berrettas. Now it’s simply a case of killing two enemies without dying using the aforementioned Berrettas and a knife. If you do get killed, just switch teams again. Once you've earned the two kills, the achievement will unlock.

To earn the “War Bonds” achievement, you’ll need to accumulate $50,000. Again, this doesn't have to be earned in one game and is cumulative. Playing Competitive or Casual modes will earn you the most amount of cash by killing enemies, winning rounds and completing map objectives. This shouldn't take you too long to achieve while playing against “Easy” bots.

The next achievement you should aim towards earning is the “Expert Marksman” achievement. This requires you to kill an enemy with every weapon that the game has to offer. Playing and winning a game of Arms Race will net you the majority of the weapons, but it doesn't feature the G3SG1, SCAR-20, SSG 08, or the Zeus x27. Note that grenades are not required for this achievement. All the required weapons are as follows (these can also be found on the “General hints & tips” page):


P2000 (Counter Terrorist only)
Five SeveN
Dual Berettas
Desert Eagle
Tec-9 (Terrorist only)


Sawed-Off (Terrorist only)
MAG-7 (Counter Terrorist only)

Submachine guns:

MP9 (Counter Terrorist only)
UMP 45
PP Bizon
MAC-10 (Terrorist only)


FAMAS (Counter Terrorist only)
M4A4 (Counter Terrorist only)
AUG (Counter Terrorist only)
SCAR-20 (Counter Terrorist only)

Galil-AR (Terrorist only)
AK-47 (Terrorist only)
SG 553 (Terrorist only)
G3SG1 (Terrorist only)
SSG 08

Machine guns:



Zeus x27

The “First Things First” achievement requires you to kill the entire Terrorist team before the bomb is planted in Online Demolition Mode. One method is to create a boosting session either with your friends or here on TA. Either way, you’ll need 10 people for this to work without any problems. If you can’t find 10 people to boost this with, just make sure that the bots are playing as the Counter Terrorists. Once you have all of your participants, start up a game in Demolition. The recommended map for this achievement is Shorttrain, as it has a few bottlenecks which the Terrorists can funnel through. Make sure you select Counter Terrorists as your team and when the game starts, it’s simply a case of making sure that you kill the entire Terrorist team. Your team mates can injure the opposite, but if they kill anyone then your chance is gone. Also, if you die, you’ll need to try again and it will also void your attempt.

If you don’t have any friends (or at least any with this game) or lack the drive to set up a gaming session, this can actually be obtained on your own (hooray!). Setup a game by using the “Play with Friends” feature and create a Private session. Selecting the map Safehouse is the easier of the maps available as the bots tend to like the shelter of the house. Now it’s a case of waiting until all of the Terrorist bots arrive in the house so that you can pump them full of lead. It may take a few rounds for them to decide to enter the house, so just keep attempting this method until they do.

Next up: Clean Sweep. For this, you need to kill the entire opposing team without any members of your team taking any damage. Again, this can be boosted online, which is ten times easier than attempting this with bots. If you are going to attempt this with bots, you’re going to need plenty of patience and luck.

Setup an Offline, Classic Casual game with bots using the map Dust. Make sure you select the Counter Terrorists as your team and continue playing normally until you have enough money to buy the AWP (Sniper Rifle). Once you have it, make your way towards the tunnel on the left-side of the map. You can either wait for the Terrorist bots to enter the tunnel up on the balcony that overlooks the tunnel, or make your way down to the tunnel itself and pick them off. A few might make the detour up the stairs to the left of the tunnel which means you’ll need to keep an eye out up above the tunnel entrance.

Hopefully your team mates will have gone to the right, meaning that they won’t begin a firefight of their own and consequently taking damage themselves. It may take a few rounds for the Terrorist to work their way down through the tunnel, so keep a hold of your AWP and hope that they do.

  • Clean Sweep

    Kill the entire opposing team without any members of your team taking any damage

    Clean Sweep

If you haven't already earned 100 medals during all of the above, continuing on to the next page may aid you in your progress to earn the last achievement, "Awardist".

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