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Posted on 15 February 19 at 14:53, Edited on 15 February 19 at 16:26
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Crackdown 3: Wrecking Zone is the separate multiplayer entity of Crackdown 3. It features its own achievement list with 12 achievements for 500G that is completely separate from the 1000G you can earn from the Crackdown 3: Campaign

Wrecking Zone is 5 vs 5 PVP. As of launch, there are only 3 maps, 9 total weapons (5 assorted primary and 4 launchers as secondaries) and 2 choices of equipment (vertical boost and shield) for you to use in the 2 modes Agent Hunter and Territories

Agent Hunter is essentially 'Kill Confirmed' as a competition to be the first team to collect 25 'Badges' from fallen Agents, while Territories is similar to 'Domination' and is a battle to be the first team to 250 points. After 50 seconds however, the objectives in Territories switch from one place to the next until either time expires or a team reaches the 250 threshold

The maps are almost completely destructible, allowing you to vertical boost your way through multiple floors or to simply annihilate the walls and floors with a launcher if you please. That being said, the destruction manages to get repetitive after a short while just as the rest of Wrecking Zone. Additionally, you can also see the location of all the enemies at all times as red triangles too, which certainly keeps the games flowing and the action constant, although it definitely also changes how you go about playing compared to other games (whether this is for the better or not is for you to decide I suppose).

Punching is also extremely irritating and very non-fluid. You must have momentum and hold (B) in order to melee. This will cause your Agent to do a charged dash forward, although you can't lock on or aim this attack. Furthermore, if you jump or are airborne, it will occasionally do a ground pound, although almost every time it'll still dash forward. The trick to getting a ground pound seems to be staying still and looking down when you hold (B). Lastly, the circle at the bottom-center of your screen is the recharge time before you can melee again, so remember to take that into account

There is no ranking up or ranking system of any type in Wrecking Zone, which makes matchmaking unpredictable and many times lop-sided in one team's favor. There's also currently no ability to invite or join your friends either, although the developers have said a patch will be coming sometime soon to add this feature

The achievements are all obtainable, however beware they are certainly finicky. I've had several wins not count toward my 20 wins achievement, several kills and badge collections not do the same, and had to complete the requirements for the 'Arms Dealer' achievement twice even though all 9 of my kills showed up on the kill-feed each time

Also beware of other regular general issues you may get while playing, such as unbalanced teams (both before the match commences and during) as well as the occasional game where your player will sink through all destructible floors the entire game (I've already had a few of these. There's nothing you can do to fix it asides from quit or finish the match and start a new one)

All in all, as an avid Crackdown fan since the original who's put hundreds of hours into the titles and earned all the achievements in the series thus far, I must say this is a true and utter disappointment that's only worth your while if you're getting it as part of Game Pass. It feels like a slight enhancement to Crackdown 2's Deluge in regard to both graphics and mechanics, despite the fact that it's on a next-generation console and 9 years later. Hopefully Wrecking Zone sees some future enhancements such as new maps, guns and abilities in the coming months, otherwise I can't imagine it'll be relevant for too long

Thanks to all who took the time to read this review. Any constructive criticism of it is gladly welcome.
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