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Posted on 19 February 19 at 14:58, Edited on 20 February 19 at 13:06
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Crackdown 3 is the long delayed 3rd entry in the Crackdown series, somehow keeping in development during the time where games such as Scalebound and Fable Legends were getting canned.

Putting is simply, Crackdown 3 is probably the safest new entry in any series i've seen in years, it is essentially Crackdown 1 with better visuals. That's not particularly a bad thing, actually I loved it, it gave me a lot of nostalgia for the original game. But that's also the issue for the game, it only feels like a £50 rehash of a 12 year old game.

The story is probably the worst thing in Crackdown 3, if you look up the Oxford Dictionary definition of forgettable, you'd might as well have the words "The Crackdown 3 Story" there. In a few weeks time, hell maybe days, I would probably have forgotten the names of any of the characters. There just isn't anything memorable about it, it's the cliche "I want to rule the world because i'm evil bwahaha" story, that is it.

But in defence of that, I don't think anyone was expecting Crackdown 3 to have a great story to rival The Walking Dead Season 1 or The Last of Us. No, people were expecting addictive gameplay, but does it achieve it? Hell yes. Crackdown 3 is that addictive that I stayed up all night just rampaging and traversing through the city of New Providence. I haven't had that much fun with a game in ages, and I wasn't expecting Crackdown 3 out of all games to do that. It's helped by it's still addictive gameplay elements such as collecting orbs, which is just as fun as ever, this time boasting 750 agility orbs and 250 hidden orbs to collect, which I still am trying to find all of (Which annoys me cause that's all holding me back from 100%).

Visually the game looks fine, it isn't anything special. Textures look nice and smooth, draw distances are well done, something that was important for the orbs to collect. Honestly, it's an acceptable looking game, but just don't go into this expecting it to rival games like Ryse: Son of Rome or The Order: 1886 with graphics. Same goes for the audio as well, it suffices well, it sounds prestine. Though the audio is also extremely helpful to collect the orbs as you due get little sounds queues telling that their near.

Now on the technical side of things, I played the game on PC, so I can't say much for the Xbox One version, though I have heard it performs well. On my PC build (GTX 980, i7-4790k and 16GB RAM) it performs relatively well, but did have some pretty harsh stutters with the games recommended settings for my build. It was because the game basically destroyed my CPU, and though my CPU is now starting to show it's age, it shouldn't be getting as many struggles as what it had in Crackdown 3. I had to lower all the settings that used the CPU to basically low to even get the game to hit a steady 30+FPS, though it was easy to do thanks to the wide array of options for performance. Hopefully this gets patched soon, cause at the moment it is extremely intrusive with the constant struttering, again most people i'd assume will play it on their Xbox and that apparently performs well, but PC wise, the game is just a mess.

Achievements in the game range from ridicolously easy to "Oh god help me". For instance, I managed to get all but 3 achievements in the 24 hours for this game, only struggling with about 2 of those that I earned that day. But 2 of the 3 achievements I had left (the other one being a difficulty related achievement, which is actually easy) are a pain in the backside depending on your willpower. Because they are to collect all the orbs in the game, and again, that's 750 agility orbs, and 250 hidden orbs. And there isn't a map to help you, and at the time of writing, also no guide online for it. If you hope to 100% the game, you better have a lot of willpower to hunt all those orbs down by yourself, cause some of them are a pain to get. Aside from that, it's easy to get around 65 of the 70 achievements in the game.

As a whole though, Crackdown 3 is defintely one of the most fun games i've played in the while, and I do expect to probably play it again soon in the future. But saying that, it's just only a fun game to play, it never really takes any risks on the Crackdown formula. It feels like an expensive rehash of Crackdown 1, not in a million years would I spend full retail price on this game, hell debatebly not even half the retail price. Thank goodness for Game Pass here, cause without that, there would pratically be no way i'd recommend this game. It gets the 3.5 stars based on that, if you're thinking of buying it full retail price, then it's basically a 2 or lower, seeing as you might as well get Crackdown 1 which is at the moment free.
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Posted on 18 February 19 at 15:02
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I was one of the few who got the original Crackdown because I wanted the game, not because of the Halo 3 beta. I like Crackdown a lot. 2 was decidedly meh, but 1 was terrific, though the twist ending makes zero sense now given that it indicates you are evil right now...which no other part of the game reflects.

Crackdown 3 is simply the original, cleaned up and improved in virtually every way. Draw distance is as epic as ever but with a much more lively world. The sheer expanse of everything is impressive. You start off weak and difficult to maneuver, but levelling up includes very noticeable improvements. Going from Level 1 to Level 2 agility is not a small, incremental improvement. It is a big change. Gettimg up to Level 6 and you can fly around the environment with massive triple jumps and air dashes.

The story is, well, nonsense. An excuse to go around your city and wreak havoc. Enemy AI is nothing special but the adults in the city apparently reproduce like rabbits as the human enemies are numerous. You will get overwhelmed if you dont try to thin out the ranks before attacking an objective...and tnis continues as you level up. Level 1 you gets overwhelmed. Level 6 you ALSO gets overwhelmed. Its not as rough as, say, Red Faction Guerilla, but its not a total cakewalk.

Technically, the game performs well in spite of the mayhem. On the X, there is occasional music stuttering and some slowdown when the screen is abnormally busy (i.e three giant mechs hurling stuff at you while assorted chemical tanks are blowing up around you). Its not bad...lasts a few seconds maybe. And it is rare and literally only happens when there is a ton of stuff going on. I am still fond of your commander from the Agency (who, again, going with the canon of 1 is actually evil) and his running dialogue detailing your actions...or occasional lack thereof...certainly fit the tone.

Hunting orbs is addictive as always. Now, i normally play at night with no audio (audio on the last few days is an anomaly for me) so finding hidden orbs is nign impossible. Ill stumble on them, but audio cues are extremely helpful. The agility orbs are still fun to hunt down. Some icons on map would be appreciated, but i get it is the developers vision and over the series and the 3 developers, they've been consistent on that.

One critique i have seen is that the game is repetitive. I do not see this. You can: clear out monorail stations, free prisoners, take over turrets, destroy vehicles in lockup, destroy machines, engage in platforming tower climbs, car stunts, races, etc. It is rare for me to be unable to put a game down but this hits that itch hard.

Achievements are numerous but low point. Focusing on story so far with the end very much in site and I have 34 for less than half the points. The list isnt brutal...buf it isnt generous with points.

Again, i do not agree with many of the criticisms. I love the visual style. Audio is good. Performance is good. The gameplay is fun. Progression from non superhuman agent to very superhuman agent is fun and rewarding. If water didnt hurt you and slow you down (while covering a lot of the map), this would be 5 stars. But it is an excellent 4.5 star affair.
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