1. Crackdown Walkthrough OverviewUpdate notes

Welcome to the walkthrough for Crackdown. This is definitely an early Xbox 360-era game that many of us have due to the amount of times Microsoft has given it and the DLC away for free. The game should take somewhere around 50-60 hours to complete - maybe earlier - if you have a plan laid out for you. This walkthrough is designed to give you that plan in a way that allows for only one main playthrough of the game, with cleaning up afterwards being very quick.

Co-op play is required for some achievements. Download the always-free Free For All Pack for a bit more content, including time trials, and simply do all of those trials with a partner to cut the fat. One other co-op achievement does require being in the main game, however.

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The two DLC packs for this game and the game itself range from being at their normal prices or being free. Purchase/obtain the DLC as soon as you can if it's free. The walkthrough is written with the assumption that you have the Free for All Pack at the very least. Take note that obtaining the Getting Busy Bonus Pack does not require a download - that content is actually already in the game and getting the pack just gives you access to it.

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