2. Crackdown General Hints & TipsUpdate notes

The aiming and right stick movement for this game is very chunky, but the auto-aiming is extremely accurate. Using cn_LT to aim will almost always hit your target unless the game is being stupid. Crackdown has a few bugs, but none of them really matter at all and the game runs fine for what it is.

There isn't a lot of information one needs before starting the game aside from the reminder that getting the DLC when it's free (or ASAP, the Getting Busy Bonus Pack is pretty cheap otherwise) is important. There have been reports that, since the content is already in the game, the three non-racing achievements in this pack are obtainable when playing in someone's world that has the pack. That leaves two achievements that absolutely require the most-likely-free Getting Busy Bonus Pack.

There are many maps in this walkthrough for the 800 collectibles and other tasks. Download these maps and use a tool like MS Paint to mark off what you've done, using the in-game minimap to more properly confirm the location of the thing you just did.

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