3. Crackdown Los Muertos TerritoryUpdate notes

The story for Crackdown is pretty simple: Pacific City is overrun by three gangs as the Agency, the only keepers of peace in the city, are now backed up into their headquarters. An Agency doctor has created supersoldiers to deal with the crime lords. To get to them more securely, you'll want to take care of each kingpin's generals first. But before you so much as lay a finger on a general, there are a lot of things you should take care of first. These kinds of steps will be the same throughout each gang takeover, with the order being:

  1. Impounding all gang vehicles in the area
  2. Increasing your skills to deal with the later tasks
  3. Taking over all supply points in the area
  4. Obtaining all weapons of the current gang
  5. Defeating all generals (liberating the area)
  6. Collecting orbs
  7. Finishing side tasks like races and stunts

I would recommend reading up on the orbs first, and downloading the maps, as you will likely get some orbs naturally while doing the other tasks, and you definitely don't want to get an orb without marking it off on the map, as that could lead to some serious confusion down the road.

Stage 1: Increasing Skills

The first thing you should do is level up your skills, of which there are five: Agility, Driving, Explosives, Strength, and Firearms. The reason this is a priority over killing even a single general is because all of these skills (except Agility) will be easier to level up if there are actual enemies you're able to fight. You should level these up as much as you feel like it, but obviously leveling them up higher now means you won't have to later.

Any experience towards filling the bar for a particular skill can be lost by dying or attacking policemen or civilians (except for Agility) until the bar is filled and emptied, resulting in a stat increase (Driving increasing from 00 to 10). At that point, that skill cannot be decreased beyond the solid number. A skill gains a star when the stat reaches 100, giving your agent new abilities or buffs. A skill's usefulness reaches its peak at 4*, but all five must reach their maximum at 5* for an achievement.

Note: Again, do not kill any generals while increasing your skills.

For a good skill set before moving on to the next stage, try to have at least a 1* Agility, 4* Driving (just to get it out of the way), 2* Explosives, 4* Strength, and 2* Firearms. The 1* Agility will allow you to reach all Los Muertos supply points, Driving will not be as big of a concern after getting it to 4*, 4* Strength is very useful, and 2* Explosives/Firearms is a good start for Los Muertos. Or, you know, you can use the Agency Buggy and Agency Armored Vehicle to max out Firearms and Explosives too.

Agility: Increased primarily by collecting agility orbs. Some orbs are not reachable unless you already have a certain Agility level, making Agility the toughest skill to level up. You have to collect all 800 orbs anyway, though. Agility is also increased by killing enemies from a high area (a minimal increase) or by completing agility races. This skill is extremely useful to have at a higher level, as you'll be able to run far faster and jump far higher than you could before. This makes travel much, much easier and allows for quick getaways in a pinch.

Driving: Increased by completing races, performing stunts, driving through purple stunt markers, and running over gang members. It takes approximately three gang members to fill the experience bar once. This can be very easy to level up, and doing so increases the abilities of some vehicles. The Agency Supercar, for example, gains a gun when you hit X* Driving. Since enemies naturally move out of the way of your car, drive slowly to prevent them from moving very far. Although Driving is easy to level up, its tactical purposes remain a complete mystery. Perhaps increasing your Driving increases your vehicle damage output, but enemies already die so easily that it doesn't matter.

Explosives: Kill enemies with explosive weaponry. Improving this skill increases your damage output from explosive-based weaponry. If you have the Getting Busy Bonus Pack, the Agency Armored Vehicle has an explosive launcher that can count towards this skill if you use it.

Strength: Kill enemies with cn_B melee attacks or with thrown objects, though melee attacks are more controlled. Increasing this skill is very important, as it also improves your health. Your agent will increase in stature and will be able to pick up more objects as their Strength increases, making it a very handy skill. A maxed-out Strength skill also helps in killing bosses with ease.

Firearms: Kill enemies with bullet-based weaponry. Headshots give you more skill orbs. Improving this skill increases your damage output from bullet-based weaponry. If you have the Getting Busy Bonus Pack, the Agency Buggy has a cn_LB/cn_B turret that can count towards this skill if you use it.

A really good way to get a head start on your skills is to aim for the Untouchable Agent achievement, which requires you to kill 200 gang members without dying. This is best done by running them over with the Agency Buggy or Agency Armored Vehicle thanks to their additional weaponry, though increasing your driving by running people over would work in your favor too. Earning this achievement creates a burst of skill orbs in the air - this burst gave me +100 to my Agility stat (meaning an entire 1*) and about the same to my Strength, among other orbs for the other stats. This is particularly useful because it gives you the bonus of having 1* Agility without having collected any of the agility orbs, making collecting them a bit easier.

Earning other achievements also gives you a range of skill orbs, but since you can only earn an achievement once, these bonuses are only available once; keep that in mind if you delete your save or lose it between consoles.

Stage 2: Impounding Vehicles

The next thing you should do, assuming you have the Free for All Pack, is work on impounding the first gang's vehicles. There are only eight of these, so this shouldn't take too long. The reason you should be doing this second is because these vehicles obviously won't be around if the gang isn't there to drive them. You should also impound a standard police car and any civilian vehicles you find. A full list of the vehicles you should be looking out for is below; you don't have to get all of the civilian vehicles now, but then again, getting any of them now means you won't have to later.

The game will not tell you what car you're driving, but it should tell you that you should take the vehicle to the Agency to impound it if it's new. But be aware that civilian vehicles that don't tell you to impound them simply cannot be impounded for whatever reason. Assuming your Strength is high enough (3*+), you can also carry a destroyed/blown-up car to The Keep to impound it; its destroyed state does not matter.

Peacekeeper Dispatch VehiclePeacekeeper Dispatch Vehicle
Parked all throughout The Keep. Walk around to find it.
Los Muertos Modified HatchbackLos Muertos Modified Hatchback
Can be found in the fight immediately outside of The Keep.
Los Muertos Modified SportscarLos Muertos Modified Sportscar
Can be found in the fight immediately outside of The Keep.
Los Muertos Pony CarLos Muertos Pony Car
Sometimes just being driven around. Differentiated from the muscle car because the engine isn't sticking out.
Los Muertos Muscle CarLos Muertos Muscle Car
Can be found in the fight immediately outside of The Keep.
Los Muertos Modified SaloonLos Muertos Modified Saloon
Can be found in the fight immediately outside of The Keep.
Often seen around general strongholds.
Los Muertos Modified VanLos Muertos Modified Van
Sometimes just being driven around.
Los Muertos Slammed PickupLos Muertos Slammed Pickup
Not commonly driven around, and is often regarded as the rarest Los Muertos vehicle. Immediately snag this as soon as you see it. Easy to identify because it's just a pickup truck with Los Muertos' logo on it.
Los Muertos LowriderLos Muertos Lowrider
Can be found in the fight immediately outside of The Keep.
Civilian CabrioletCivilian Cabriolet
Commonly driven by citizens.
Might be parked along the road or in parking lots.
Civilian SportscarCivilian Sportscar
Uncommon; a fancy-looking car without a roof.
Civilian CoupeCivilian Coupe
Driven by citizens, or parked.
Civilian Sports PickupCivilian Sports Pickup
Driven by citizens, or parked.
Civilian MicrocarCivilian Microcar
Driven by citizens, or parked.
Civilian PickupCivilian Pickup
Driven by citizens, or parked.
Civilian SUVCivilian SUV
Uncommonly driven around town. The back of the vehicle gives it away from other types, since it has a spare tire back there.

Stage 3: Supply Points

That orange spot you're spawning from at The Keep is a supply point. You can respawn at supply points and refill/change out weapons as well. The next step in preparing for killing the gang generals is to take over all of the supply points on the islands taken over by Los Muertos. This is as easy as driving up to them, taking out the gang members at a supply point, and using the supply point to put it in Agency control. This will let you respawn at any of these points, which you can do if you die on the way to another supply point.

The other use supply points have is storing weapons you find from enemies. Some of these weapons are extremely useful, while others are not. For the sake of completion and having options, it would be a good idea to obtain all of the below weapons anyway. The sniper rifle is only used by the elite gang members that arrive once notoriety is at maximum, and the grenade launcher is also used by the Volk gang members; if you want to obtain it now so you don't have to think about it later, drive east from the southern island to reach Volk territory.

PistolKokov 'Diktat'
Assault RifleIngalls X80 SMG
Machine GunHarlington HMG-90
ShotgunDempsey SO-6 'Stub'
Sniper RifleBastion S600 'Long Eye'
Grenade LauncherWatson HE79 'Grenadier'
GrenadeShrapnel Grenade

Collecting weapons serves yet another purpose: Weapons can be dropped and given to another player in co-op, and when they put the weapons in a supply point, they'll be able to keep them for themselves. Finding someone who happens to have the most important weapons can help immensely, but finding them yourself isn't that hard anyway.

Stage 4: Kill All Gang Leaders

Now that your skills are at a respectable level - or at a higher level that you're comfortable with - and Los Muertos has nothing that you don't have (you have all of their weapons and vehicles), you should now be safe to wipe Los Muertos off the face of the earth without penalty. Be aware that generals drop a lot of skill orbs, so if you want to get a big boost in Explosives or Firearms, these guys are a great help. The inverse advice for this is that you shouldn't go in with melee attacks if you're at 5*, as that won't be of any benefit to you. Melee attacks definitely are the fastest way to kill a general though.

The death of the four higher-up generals on the gang dossier is said to make attacking the gang's kingpin easier. If you'd like to attack him earlier (there's no need to), you can find him in the large villa on the west side of the northern island. You really ought to take out all six generals first, though.

After killing the seven figureheads of Los Muertos, the remaining gang members will be rioting on the southern island at the abandoned amusement park. Welcome to Fun Land. All you have to do here is kill all of the gang members, and doing so will finally put all of Los Muertos to rest. The entire area of the newly-named Green Bay is now free of gang influence and no more enemies will appear on either of Green Bay's two islands.

Stage 5: Agility Orbs & Hidden Orbs

The death of Los Muertos means collecting all of the orbs on these two islands is a far, far safer task. Nothing should interrupt you from obtaining them aside from figuring out where to jump and where orbs actually are in your game. The below two maps should help you find the agility orbs and hidden orbs scattered across Green Bay. There are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for these, and they're very important:

  • Download the maps to your computer and use a tool like MS Paint to cross off orbs that you've found. It is beyond frustrating to miss an orb and have no idea where it is.
  • Make sure that you're absolutely certain you're marking the correct orb off your copy of the map. Check the mini-map to be more precise about where you are.
  • Collect all the agility orbs first, then the hidden orbs. Having a higher Agility is more important than finding hidden orbs, as your Agility determines how many and how quickly you can obtain either type of orb.
  • You have to collect every orb in the game for achievements. This is only about a third of them.

Take note that some orbs around the edges of the water might just be found near sea level or in a small outlet inside of a rock. There's also an underground tunnel in the southwest sandy area that leads to several hidden orbs. All orbs in Green Bay can be obtained with only a 3* Agility (except the one hidden orb at the top of a lighthouse near Fun Land). Your agility will increase over time as you collect orbs.

Agility orbs are marked as green dots on the first map and hidden orbs are red on the second map. Save these to your computer and either paint bucket the dots to not be green/red, or just wipe them out with a big paintbrush tool.

Los Muertos (Agility)

Los Muertos (Hidden)

Stage 6: Races & Stunts

When you start working on vehicle races, you're going to want to drive the Agency Race Car, which is the fastest car in the game. Agility races require a certain Agility level to even start them, so if you can't start some of the races here yet, you can always come back later. You may as well just do these once you have 4* Agility anyway, since that'd make all of the races easier. It's very important to obtain all of the Agility orbs before starting agility races, as you might accidentally collect one during a race and will have no idea which one you picked up unless you pause the game and mark it off.

The Goin' Home agility race consists of a fair amount of running on the open road. Cut down on this immensely by just grabbing a car and driving through those checkpoints until you're back at Agency HQ. In the same race, you'll have to climb up the Agency Tower; this basically has to be done without mistakes, or the race will time out. This is considered to be the hardest race, so you'll be able to rest easy after finishing it. It's best to save this race for the last in the game, once you've fully completed The Volk and Shai-Gen, and everything else in Los Muertos.

Note: Any races you find that aren't on this list or the map are not necessary for the achievements for finishing them all.

Los Muertos Races

Race NameRequired Time
La Mugre Coast01:30
La Mugre Alleys01:40
Crazy Horse01:55
Off-Road Chaos02:40
Hillside High05:30
Los Muertos Endurance Test06:50
Race NameRequired Time
Around the Wheel01:30
Los Muertos Rooftops02:40
Rooftop Acrobatics03:05
La Mugre Skyline04:10
Goin' Home11:40

The stunt rings in this game can be the most tedious thing for some people since they're often out of the way and there are 39 in the game. Separating them into chunks should alleviate these issues a little bit. To use these maps, start from where the yellow line begins and drive towards the numbered circle. The smaller line perpendicular to the main one is where you jump from, if applicable.

All of these stunts should be done with the Agency SUV. You'll also need a 4* Driving to get to all of these, since the Agency SUV can do a bunnyhop at that level.

Los Muertos Stunts

Ring #Strategy
1Drive from the garage and floor it through the tunnel to this area.
2With 4* Driving, the wheels should be so big that you can just drive over the rails on the freeway into the ring.
3There's a rock ramp north of the park but you really ought to just use the SUV to jump onto the ticket booth.
4Drive up the staircase leading up to the ring and zoom into it. Passing under it might work.
5Use the grass slope to drive towards the billboard. This might take a few tries. Try bunnyhopping; it might send you over the ring, though.
6The beach house south of the pier has a slanted slope you can use.
7Drive up the rock slope and use a bunnyhop. This is probably going to take a few tries.
8Drive from the garage roof to get to this one. You can bunnyhop into it from the roof underneath it if you don't get enough vertical height.
9This ring can be bunnyhopped to on the ground, but you'll have to drive from the roof first. There's a ramp on the very first "roof level" area of the garage.
10One of the two ramps on the very top of the garage, over a building.
11One of the two ramps on the very top of the garage, over the freeway.
12Just past a parked ramp truck on the side of the road. Just drive over the ramp.
13Above the cliff face. If you get the SUV up there, you can just bunnyhop into it.
14Also above the cliff face. If you get the SUV up there, you can just bunnyhop into it.
15This is another angled rock jump. If you make it to the roof, without touching the ring, you unfortunately won't be able to hop up into it.
16To get to this ring, drive on the road and do a slight bunny hop. This one can be finicky.
17This is quite a long jump. Don't worry if you don't make it into the ring; you can actually bunnyhop from the ground into it if you get to it in time.

The stunt rings are known to be incredibly buggy. They are only intended to be visible when in a vehicle, but it isn't uncommon for you to see them when you're on foot, and then for them to vanish after a little while, while you're in a vehicle. If this happens, drive out of the area and re-enter and it should reappear.

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