5. Crackdown Shai-Gen TerritoryUpdate notes

Stage 1: Increasing Skills

The Shai-Gen are the end of the line, and they're definitely deserving of being in that position. All skills (except Agility) should have already been at 5* before coming here. You should have reached at least a 4* Agility after cleaning up the Volk orbs, but if you haven't reached 5*, don't worry about doing that here. You'll get the achievement for reaching 5* with all skills after cleaning up the Shai-Gen orbs at the very least.

  • Master Agent

    Earn 4-star ratings in all five skill areas and then max out your Skills Status meters

    Master Agent

Stage 2: Impounding Vehicles

The Shai-Gen, like the Volk, only have five signature vehicles that you need to concern yourself with. Make sure you also find these final civilian cars, as these should be the last things you need. If you didn't get the baggage carrier before, find it here.

Shai-Gen SportscarShai-Gen Sportscar
The most common Shai-Gen car. Pretty small.
Shai-Gen SedanShai-Gen Sedan
Found in the parking lot underneath Cowell's circular tower (between the left and middle supply points on the lower half of the area). Hard to find otherwise.
Shai-Gen 6WD SUVShai-Gen 6WD SUV
Found in the parking lot underneath Cowell's circular tower (between the left and middle supply points on the lower half of the area). Hard to find otherwise.
Shai-Gen SUVShai-Gen SUV
Found in the parking lot underneath Cowell's circular tower (between the left and middle supply points on the lower half of the area). Hard to find otherwise.
Shai-Gen LimousineShai-Gen Limousine
A common find, and easy to spot since it's longer and you should've seen many of these in Volk territory.
Civilian Luxury SportscarCivilian Luxury Sportscar
An uncommon find, but can be in groups once you find it.
Civilian Baggage CarrierCivilian Baggage Carrier
(Before Vitaliy Rzeznik is dead) Inside the huge parking lot (the big circular thing on the map) on the third floor or so.

Stage 3: Supply Points

The Shai-Gen have five supply points in their territory, which is at least a step up from Volk and a huge step up in terms of placement. If you got all of the weapons from the two previous gangs, there should only be three new weapons to obtain. The Firefly rocket launcher is a particularly useful weapon due to its homing capabilities, and it's extremely important that you snag one for later.

PistolSmithers 'Punisher'
*Submachine GunHarman MP-50
*Assault RifleIngalls MG-60
*Machine GunHarlington HMG-90
*ShotgunDempsey 190 'Equalizer'
Sniper RifleBastion SX900 'Longshot'
Rocket LauncherWatson HE99-X 'Firefly'
GrenadeCluster Grenade

Stage 4: Kill All Gang Leaders

The last gang won't be leaving without a fight. The kingpin Zuang Lun Wang is located at just about the center of Shai-Gen territory, so not killing him first should be pretty easy to do, especially because Wang lives in a massive tower.

The remaining Shai-Gen will gather near one of the supply points, making finishing them off rather easy.

Stage 5: Agility Orbs & Hidden Orbs

Most of the remaining orbs are obviously found in these islands. Here are the important things to keep in mind again:

  • Download the maps to your computer and use a tool like MS Paint to cross off orbs that you've found. It is beyond frustrating to miss an orb and have no idea where it is.
  • Make sure that you're absolutely certain you're marking the correct orb off your copy of the map. Check the mini-map to be more precise about where you are.
  • Collect all the agility orbs first, then the hidden orbs. Having a higher Agility is more important than finding hidden orbs, as your Agility determines how many and how quickly you can obtain either type of orb.
  • You have to collect every orb in the game for achievements. This is only about a third of them.

Shai-Gen (Agility)

Shai-Gen (Hidden)

Stage 6: Races & Stunts

The last of the street races are here in Shai-Gen territory, and so is one more agility race (the last of those are on the Agency island).

Shai-Gen Races

Race NameRequired Time
Shai-Gen Shopper's Race01:45
City Park Burnout01:50
Shai-Gen Tourist03:35
Race NameRequired Time
Wings are for Suckers03:25

Shai-Gen Stunts

Ring #Strategy
1Contrary to the norm, flying through the tunnel will barely work here. Pick up the nearby ramp truck and line it up to be perpendicular to the ring instead of thinking about the tunnel, then bunnyhop when driving on the ramp.
2This is a very easy ring to jump into, as it can be reached with a simple bunnyhop from the road.
3Park the ramp truck on the crosswalk at this road and use it to bunnyhop into the next ring.
4This ring is between two buildings. Bring the ramp truck onto the road east of it and bunnyhop into the ring.
5Move the ramp truck deeper into the alley and do the same thing again.
6Use the ramp truck to jump over the concert hall.
7You'll have to drive slowly towards the northern end of the big structure above the bridge and keep trying to drive up it while holding cn_B (but don't actually hop). You should eventually be able to land on it and drive into the ring. Reaching this one sucks, it really does.
8Line up a ramp truck and drive into the ring with a bunnyhop.
9This is the worst ring in the game. You need to line up the ramp truck yet again and launch yourself with a bunnyhop into this ring. This is made far worse because every failed attempt has a high chance of placing your SUV in the water, meaning you have to respawn and drive all the way back for another try.
10The last ring is very easy and dangerous water is nowhere near it. Just drive on the road and do a bunnyhop over the fountain to pass through it. You can go at it from either side of the street.

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