7. Crackdown Misc AchievementsUpdate notes

There are a fair amount of miscellaneous achievements in Crackdown outside of the ones already covered (like stunts, races, etc.), some of which require more work than others. Most of these solutions are using the assumption that you haven't used the feature to respawn all three gangs (so you have as little reason to as possible). Additionally, if you do decide to reset the gangs, make sure all the races, stunt rings, and orbs are completely taken care of first. You wouldn't want any gangs shooting at you or getting in your way for those, and that's the whole reason those tasks were meant to be done after killing off the gangs.

Enemy Kill-Based Achievements

These are achievements based on killing a certain amount of enemies a certain way. Hopefully, you've gotten these already as you advanced your skills. If you haven't obtained one of these yet, just load up a time trial and work on them from there so you don't have to reset the gangs in the campaign. Untouchable Agent, if you didn't get it when building up to fight Los Muertos, may actually require resetting the gangs, but you should look into waiting for enemies to respawn in a time trial first.

  • Mad Bomber

    Show your explosive personality - kill 500 gang members using explosives

    Mad Bomber

There's an achievement for killing 15 gang members with the globe object, which can easily be found in the Volk Gryzunova time trial. No matter how you go about it, this is going to be pretty tedious, but you fortunately don't have to get all 15 kills in one go.

You'll next want to kill five gang members in one jump, which is ridiculously easy. The wording and achievement picture suggest that this must be done with firearms, but you can actually do this with explosives. Whip out your trusty Firefly and go nuts.


These two achievements require you to use explosives (the Firefly for sure) to keep a body and a car in the air for ten and seven seconds, respectively. Not only can the Firefly lock on, but it's also the one explosive type with a lock-on feature. Make sure that, before starting, you throw the body or vehicle directly upwards first. It also helps to start from a high-altitude place, such as a building or cliff.


Rampage is a six-part achievement that requires these things from you, each of which must be done within 60 seconds. That doesn't mean all six tasks in a minute, but each task is given a minute, tops. Check which of these you've already completed in the cn_start pause menu before doing something over again that you don't have to.

Blow up 25 gang carsStart up the Shai-Gen Cowell time trial and look underneath the tower to find a parking garage full of Shai-Gen vehicles. Use the Firefly to blow up the cars and then run out to the street to get more cars to spawn back in. Repeat until the sub-achievement completes.
Kill 15 gang members (Melee)This is super easy with 3* Strength or above. If you haven't gotten this by the time you've reached this page, just do it in a Los Muertos time trial.
Kill 15 gang members (Firearms)This too is very easy. Boot up a Los Muertos time trial since they're easier to kill and will have a harder time killing you.
Kill 25 gang members (Explosives)Even easier than killing gang members with firearms. This might work in just about any time trial, but Los Muertos is still going to make things easier.
Kill 10 gang members (Vehicles)If you haven't already done this, killing ten gang members by running them over might actually be easier if the gangs were reset. If you really don't want to, then consider using the Los Muertos Guerra or Diaz time trials, as there are vehicles there that could do the trick.
Pop 20 gang vehicle tiresLook back to the Shai-Gen Cowell time trial and use the same method as for the first Rampage task. The vehicle respawning should make this easy.

Time Trials & Co-Op

Time trials are accessible through the main menu, assuming you have the Free For All Pack. You'll have to re-kill all 21 bosses on Psychotic difficulty, which is actually going to be kind of challenging, even with the Firefly. Play it safe and be more cautious than aggressive. It's worth noting that the amount of enemies in a time trial can dwindle down to a minimum amount, but it'll take a while. Dying does keep the current "progress" of killing off the gang members in the current time trial, though.

Note: This is the best way to get through killing each boss with a co-op partner, since this trims all the fat out of getting to each one. If your co-op partner is not at a high enough skill level to be useful, let them sit back as you do the work. After all, you need the co-op achievement, so you ought to take advantage of finding someone else willing to play the game.

Most challenging is the Shai-Gen kingpin, Wang. To skip most of the approach up Wang's tower, climb up the side of the tower near the building with red neon lights; you can hold onto these, which you're going to want to do in order to reach the top of that building. From there, jump back towards Wang's tower. There are thin black beams on the side that you can hold onto, and jumping from one just underneath a slope will let you reach a flat area on the tower. There's a passageway into the tower from here, and using the cloaking device and shooting enemies quickly should eventually lead you towards Wang himself.

If you have any interest and have a way to record your times, you can also try at posting videos of your runs (preferably on Tough instead of Psychotic) to speedrunning sites to compare your times with others.

Stunt Driver

Stunt Driver is a five-part achievement that requires these things from you. Check which of these you've already completed in the cn_start pause menu before doing something over again that you don't have to.

Front Flip(See Driving High and Front Flipper below.)
Back Flip(See Driving High and Front Flipper below.)
Left Barrel RollUse the Agency SUV in the Agency vehicle area and use a bunnyhop to the left to land top-down on the center plate. Then flip back over in the same direction.
Right Barrel RollUse the Agency SUV in the Agency vehicle area and use a bunnyhop to the right to land top-down on the center plate. Then flip back over in the same direction.
200ft JumpUse the Agency SUV to do a bunnyhop right as you leave the tunnels from the Agency headquarters to any of the three regions. The Shai-Gen opening in particular, has a lot of open space in front of it.

  • Stunt Driver

    Successfully execute five car stunts - front & back flips, barrel rolls, a long jump

    Stunt Driver

Vehicle Skill

Execute a 6-second jump in a vehicle. This is best done using the same method as the above for Stunt Driver's barrel rolls; just sit tight as you're upside-down for a while and then flip back over after enough time has passed. Doing barrel rolls six times in a row within a minute gives you another achievement.

Take the Agency Buggy and drive it to the elevator in Cowell's tower in Shai-Gen territory. Put it inside and activate the lift, then get back inside and wait for the first of two achievements to pop. Next, drive up to the highest possible floor in the tower. Once you're facing the open air, back up a bit and take off while holding cn_LSu to do front flips. This achievement requires two front flips, but there's another on the next page for the Getting Busy Bonus Pack that requires three. Keep that in mind and try to do three front flips here.

If you need a back flip for Stunt Driver, come back and do a back flip afterwards.

Other Achievements

As with every list, there are achievements that don't even fit into the subcategories on this page. The first is for hijacking 100 cars that a gang member is currently driving. The best way to go about this is to load up the Los Muertos Diaz time trial and keep hijacking them. Others have had success in a more controlled environment with the Shai-Gen Timbol time trial by staying on the street to find gang members driving by. If you use the latter method, make sure you don't fire back at the Shai-Gen, or any gang members currently in cars will get out.

Up next is an achievement for throwing something over 205ft. The best way to do this is to go up Wang's tower and find something to chuck off the top. Make sure you're cn_RT throwing the item and not cn_B dropping it, and make sure you also throw it from the peak of your jump for more distance.

Do you think there are 100 readily-available explosive objects in one place that you can destroy in 60 seconds? Well, there aren't, unless you respawn them. Of course this is an achievement.

Head to the pier northwest of the abandoned amusement park in south Los Muertos territory and you should find a lot of explosive barrels lined up for no good reason. Lob some Firefly ammo in there and run south away from the barrels to get them to respawn, then run back and do it again until you get the achievement.

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