8. Crackdown Getting Busy Bonus PackUpdate notes

The Getting Busy Bonus pack is relatively easy to divide up but will still take quite a few hours to complete. Starting with the bulk of your time are the races, which are accessible through the main menu.

Street Races

In order to do all of these races as efficiently as possible, only start these once you have 4* Agility (for running speed), 4* Strength (for picking things up), and a 4* Driving skill. Although we still have no idea what Driving actually does, it's still the most important part of the skillset you need for these races. These races can increase a player's 4*-00 Driving to somewhere around 4*-70 if done properly.

There are six race courses and six different cars per race that they can be done in. The achievements require you to come out victorious for each variant of these races, totaling 36 different races you need to win.

These races are very difficult for what they are, and there's fortunately a workaround built into the game that the developers actually provided for this (for the most part). When a race starts, drive from where you are towards the Agency headquarters and select the Agency Supercar. The supercar's speed and durability increase with your Driving skill and even get two miniguns at 4*, which is the crux of winning. Carefully drive the supercar to the starting line and get out of the car when it's parked relatively near your starting point (but on the sidelines). Reset the race when you're on foot and the supercar should be there. Just hop out and get into it, then kill most or all your competitors with the guns to ensure victory. Make sure you leave the car on the sidelines again before finishing the race on foot, as that will keep the car there for the next race - assuming you're doing the six sets of the same race all in a row. If you're the only remaining driver in a race and your current supercar isn't looking too hot, you can obviously grab a new one without having to worry about anyone passing you.

There's only one race where this strategy fails to work, and that's the La Mugre Agency Race car race. Since the race car outclasses the supercar in speed, drive up to the first turn that has an impassable metal fence and pile up the six large rocks in this area (three behind the metal fence and three in the direction you came from) onto the road. When the cars come around on their second lap, they'll pile into the rocks; move around and aim at the cars until you can shoot one in the back of the little car target reticle; one pistol shot here should detonate the car and any around it. Do this again, using the newly scrapped cars if you have time. You'll be able to destroy all of your opponents on their third lap if you're lucky. If not, then you'll have to try again. Killing your opponents after they finish will unfortunately not work in your favor, as the game secures their position in the race when they finish the third lap.

Aside from that one La Mugre race, all 36 of these races should be pretty straight-forward in terms of strategy. This whole thing might take four to six hours or so, however.

Co-Op Play

There's one achievement related to one of the co-op modes in the game, Stockpile. The instances of this game in Los Muertos territory are the easiest, since that's the easiest region of the game. All you have to do here is collect all of the orbs with your partner in under 2:30, which is also pretty self-explanatory. Simply find one of the light grey markers around the city (looks like a supply point) to begin the game.

  • Pack Rat

    Complete any Stockpile mini-game in Co-op mode in fewer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds

    Pack Rat

Misc Achievements

The two remaining achievements should not take long whatsoever. The first is for using the harpoon gun to attach five gang members to a single car; that's what the achievement says you have to do, but anyone - including civilians - will work for the achievement. Use a huge vehicle with lots of surface area and wait for passersby to walk in front of it before firing the harpoon gun.

The last thing you have to do is just perform three flips in one jump with a car. There are many ways people have accomplished this, though the Agency Dune Buggy is best suited for it. People have put their buggy in the elevator of Cowell's tower in Shai-Gen territory and driven it off the top, used those curved ramp trucks, and just driven off of the roof of the pit stadium in the northern Los Muertos island for some air.

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