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    31 Jul 2022
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    I was loathe to download this to start with but was persuaded by DETECTIVEDragon and I’m so glad he did. The first day I was still very unsure, this game is FAR deeper than one would imagine & I felt very overwhelmed by it. The 2nd day I left DETECTIVEDragon’s multiplayer world & made a start on my own……I finally started to get to grips with it & by the time I should’ve been logging off I just didn’t want to, lol, I was well & truly addicted and have been ever since!!
    Don’t misunderstand me, I’m sure 90% of players would’ve picked it up much quicker than me (I’m old & decrepit,lol, I just needed to slow down the learning process for myself & Dragon has played the game before).
    This is one of those rare games with something for everyone, if you’re a crafter you can craft to your heart’s content & beyond, the crafting possibilities grow & grow the further one progresses. If you’re a fighter the challenges will be more than sufficient to keep you going as each successive level of island introduces ever more powerful adversaries. If you’re a builder you can create your own village, town, city even…only the size of the island you choose to develop can curtail the size of your settlement.
    Catch animals/other enemies in a style reminiscent of Pokémon & then use them to aid you in other creative ways such as creating batteries for you by powering your treadmill!
    If trading &/or amassing millions is your thing there’s ample opportunity, sell the things you collect or set up a farm to create your own produce. DETECTIVEDragon has the most incredible fully automated warehouse continuously pumping out all the supplies he needs to continue exploring ever tougher islands and at the same time keeping him fully supplied with very lucrative produce to sell to fund his titanic advances whist I’m still farming a small plot & slowly exploring further & further afield.
    And that’s the whole point, the joy of this great game is that you can surge ahead on your own world, or take it as steady as you please, then join together with friends on a multiplayer world to have a ball playing together.
    This is an incredible game of much greater depth than I had imagined & I challenge anyone not to be able to find their own way of playing & becoming equally as addicted as I have.
    Better still it’s currently available on Gamepass so you have absolutely no excuse not to give it a go!!
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    PsiScreamThanks for your review! I am enjoying the game but still haven't left the starter island. I still haven't figured out the controls very well, as the hotbar doesn't seem as intuitive as Minecraft's, for example. How are you finding the achievements?
    Posted by PsiScream On 01 Sep 22 at 14:05