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A walkthrough is currently in development for Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

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Information Posted on 29 June 18 at 23:45
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Posted on 23 July 18 at 01:46
I know this is a lot but here are some tips I would include in the walkthrough.

General Tips:
For Crash 1 and 3 you are given 1 free relic skip for the base game if you have the dlc relic (required for the first game) I would suggest waiting until you beat the game before attempting time trials especially 2 and 3 because of sprint.

Crash Bandicoot 1 tips: one strategy for the Stormy Ascent relic is when you reach the part where the scientist throws the bottle at the platform that is coming in and out hop on the platform the first time it is safe. If you do it in one go without stopping the platforms will be perfectly in sync making it easy to cross. I would stay on the wheel until he throws the purple and then hop the first time it is clear. If you don't do this the platforms will be out of sync and you have to wait on the platform that moves back and forth until it is safe wasting a lot of time. (I have a video of it on my profile if you need a visual)

Crash 2 tips: You can spin the logs that are thrown at you in the Ruin levels. You can spin the shrink ray blast so you won't take damage in Piston It Away and Spaced Out. It is possible to get even more height with a jump if you slide jump then spin midair. This is useful in the bonus stage of Turtle Woods if you mess up the flamingo jump and it is possible to make the jump in Piston It Away if you accidentally kill the enemy you are supposed to jump on to get the gem. This technique will take a few tries but it is useful especially for Piston It Away.

Crash 3 tips: If you pick up three Aku Aku masks you travel dramatically faster on the monkey bars.
Its Dan
Its Dan
Posted on 30 July 18 at 05:41
2 things I think are very important.

1. Definitely try to play them in order, Crash 1 is the hardest by far and I'd recommend to complete the game then immediately start the 2 hardest time trials in the game (Stormy ascent, High road)

2. Grind your way ASAP to 99 lives, if a level is proving too difficult after 10 lives or so you get a mask, this can come in quite useful for parts later in the game. You can look up where to get 99 lives for each game.
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