Crash Time 2: Autobahn Polizei Reviews

  • BantriBantri90,022
    27 May 2010
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    I have played the first game of this series called "Crash Time", and somehow loved it despite the horrid voice acting, and lack of game in the game and repetitive missions. It was still one of my favorites.

    Now this game... It's freaking amazing. I am surprised it is so unheard of. a week or 2 being out and only 2 or so people have the game. This is by far one of my favorite games I have just sat down and played in a while. I love the map option now. Before in the first game, that drove me nuts not seeing a full map, and now you have a waypoint showing you where to go. I remember from the previous game, it was so difficult on some missions because you had no clue where to go first and you had a time limit. But these are some nice features.

    The graphics look EXACTLY the same as Crash Time. Most of the enhancements are just the detail and slightly different scenery as well as the story and some options like the Patrol "free roam" mode. The missions are somewhat less repetitive, and it's really fun. What I don't care for are the mission restarts. you spend so much time on a mission to lose, then start all the way over again. It gets discouraging. But the nice thing is the Hard difficulty is pretty easy. So you may not have so much trouble.

    This game is amazing, and I wish more people knew about it, and wish Gamestop would sell it. Great game for a great price. I highly suggest it.
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    BiLLzuMaNaTihow is it getting 1000 in this?
    Posted by BiLLzuMaNaTi on 07 Jun 10 at 10:03
    BantriPretty easy, just some achievements may be time consuming like the 50 races won, but on a small track it shouldn't take too long. But I'd say about 3/10 for toughness. Nothing too complicated about it.
    Posted by Bantri on 07 Jun 10 at 18:33
    Servant of HellIt's worth a rent.
    Posted by Servant of Hell on 22 Jun 10 at 06:37
    BantriHaha, well it depends on how you went into the game thinking about it. I loved it, but I also didn't have high expectations from it at the start, so nothing was ruined in my gameplay experience.
    Posted by Bantri on 07 Aug 10 at 21:41
    StevannoI got it for $9 and it's looking pretty good for that price lol.
    Posted by Stevanno on 11 Dec 10 at 13:49
    IRISH PATRIOT xTook me forever to find this game. Found it cheap and well worth it. Still has horrid voice acting though. lol
    Posted by IRISH PATRIOT x on 02 Mar 11 at 16:30
    Chicago AJStarted out hating it because of the horrid voice acting. Ended up loving it because it's almost exactly like Midnight Club (the first one) on PS2. Car's exhaust notes sound great, blow off valves sound real and the cars handle pretty decently as well. Took about 9 hours to 1k it. Very fun.
    Posted by Chicago AJ on 26 Mar 11 at 03:24