1. Crash Time 2: Autobahn Polizei Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

This game is very easy and fairly quick one. It's also enjoyable racer where you get to do various "police" tasks which always include fast racing through a German city and highway (autobahn). As in other Crash Time games story/plot is cheesy but the driving bit is lots of fun. Game is based on long-running German crime-series about two highway cops.

Although you can manage without this walkthrough, if you follow it I'll show you the quickest way to complete the game and offer a few tips along the way. Good news is that none of the achievements are missable and all are offline.

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This game is stackable which means that you can earn separate 1000G for PAL (Europe) version of the game and another 1000G for NTSC (United States) version. This walkthrough is covering the US version. If you have a hard time finding the game in stores, note that the game in Europe is sold as "Alarm for Cobra 11: Burning Wheels" and in the US it's "Autobahn Polizei".

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