Crash Time: Autobahn Pursuit (EU) Reviews

  • gladbecker82gladbecker82233,031
    20 Dec 2013
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    Alarm für Cobra 11 - Crash Time Review


    This Game is driving and driving only, you get in various Types of Vehicles from a Formula 1 Type Racer to a APC, it offers diversity. The Mission can be that you have to follow someone without being spotted or chasing them, race trough checkpoints in certain amount of time, stop a vehicle or perform jumps over ramps, participate in races and a little bit more, it never gets boring although the Game has a big Trial Error Factor as checkpoint arent really shown on a big map, you mostly just the direction and if you picked the wrong Road you can start all over again. Its not ridiculously difficult though, just that you have to repeat certain missions is a bit annoying.


    There are 9 Mission and they all have a different story that is presented by dialogue and little gameplay cinematics at the beginning of each mission. Since this is based on a TV Show you can expect the length of each mission to also be around 30-45 minutes, but as said before, trial and error moments can double that. The Stories keep you playing and thats all that matters.


    As a German i am happy with the recreation of a german environment, you really feel like you are playing a game set in Germany and with more anti-aliasing this would look much better, the graphics are good though, especially for a budget game from 2008. Thumbs up here.


    After the finishing the Game i can say that people who want a racing game with car chases, an big open world to race and an variety of missions will be right here, the only complaints can be the trial and error missions which are figured out after 2-3 tries and the anti-aliasing issues with graphics.

    If you see it, get it, it will be cheap and an easy and mostly fun game to complete.
  • Luke norn ironLuke norn iron233,765
    07 Nov 2010
    8 10 8
    To start with this game is quite hard to find in my experience! The games story follows "a continuous plot and each case follows consists of multiple missions". The graphics in the game are good and is easy to pick up and play. The game is voiced by British people but you drive on the right hand side of the road. The game is made up from Motorways, smaller roads and villages. The game is drive only and is pretty easy on hard. This game is also an easy 1000G although will just take a bit of time to complete. I believe this game to be one of those hidden gems and is definitely worth picking up!
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