Crash Time: Autobahn Pursuit Reviews

  • BantriBantri91,414
    18 Dec 2009
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    Crash Time at first seems like a, well rather lame game with incredibly horrid voice acting. But in a way, I really really enjoyed playing it. Crash Time gets into my top ten favorite games. The car handling is pretty good, and I don't see turn signals on GTA cars, where they would most be needed, but yet in Crash Time, you can put them on. Missions do get repetitive after a while, but there is enough differences to keep you playing. One thing I didn't really care for was all the mystery kinds of stuff thrown in the game. You drive around for the missions and the characters come up with all this info that you had no clue how they got it because all you did was drive to go get some coffee within a certain time through checkpoints. A good way to determine if you should buy it or not is look at how it is being sold. Not in Gamestop, or Best Buy, or any other retail store. The second and third Crash Times have not even came out in the US after the first one did. They are for Europe. So you can decide from that. But I do recommend it personally, if not to buy and keep, maybe borrow, or rent (if you can find a place to rent it from)