3. Cro-Mag Rally (WP) Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Race Mode

So, lets start off with the race portion of the game.

As a little note before starting: Do all the races with Brog until you get the achievement for completing 6 with him, and then change over to Grag. In the race section of the game you only do 9-11 races so you will only get the one achievement.

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The first thing we will do is go straight for the hard difficulty achievement in the game, so in the options change the difficulty to hard. Now load up the first track and I found the best vehicle to do this on is the Bone Buggy. Now, in the race all you have to do is finish in the top 3 and the achievement will pop. It is very hard to win against the AI when they are on hard as they seem to go much faster than you no matter what.

You can now mark the Bone Buggy off on the vehicles list as all you need to do is complete a race in each vehicle. You can also mark the track off the list IF you won the race.

So, now change the difficulty back to easy and load up the first track if you did not win the last race. If you did, then load up the next one and choose a different vehicle. You should be able to win this race as the AI do not go full speed and are incredibly slow. Also, try to not use any power-ups, and the ones that automatically happen when you pick them up don't count. If you manage to not use any power-ups and win then you should get 2 achievements.


Now just work through all the tracks, changing vehicles every time as long as you win. Just remember once you get the achievement for completing 6 races with Brog change your person to Grag when starting the races.

When you get to the Glacier track there is an achievement for completing it in 5 minutes or less. This can be done just by racing around it like normal, and near the end of the lap there is a section when it loops back on itself. This part can be cut out to save some time, or you can do the race as normal and just as you cross the line on each lap push the start button on your phone. Leave it for a minute or two and then go back to the game and continue going until the race is done. This method resets the time but sometimes it worked for me and others it did not. Anyway, once you get the time below 5 minutes at the finish you should get.

Once all the tracks have been won in the Race Mode you should have unlocked:

Before moving on to the Gather Races, I suggest that you go for another 3 achievements in the race mode.

Load up the Desert track and once in the race go around slowly taking out all of the cacti on the track. You will know when you have taken them all out as you will get the achievement for doing so. Let the AI lap you, and make sure they finish before you start your last lap as when they finish they just stop at the finish line. Now go and crash into them a bit and once you have made "damage" to each of them you will get the achievement for doing so. For the last achievement you can get on this track, just go slowly into one of the tornadoes and it should lift you up long enough to get the achievement.


That is it for the Race Mode... Onto the Gather Mode!!!

Gather Mode

The overall objective of this mode is to gather 8 tree shaped stone blocks that are scattered around each level (These are referred to as tokens in the game but they look like trees).

Along with getting the gather related achievements you will be continuing with the other achievements you were working on such as completing a race in each vehicle and completing 6 races with Grag. I may as well put these achievements here as you will get them whilst working through all the gather races getting all the trees.


So now start up the first race on the gather mode and just collect all the tokens. If you still have the difficulty on easy then you should be able to win it still, even with going slow to make sure you didn't miss any...

You need to get all of the tokens in all of the tracks. Once completed you should get.

You should now have 72 tokens and you only need another 28 to get the last achievement.

The method I found most reliable was just repeating the Desert track over and over again as this is the quickest track.

There is an even quicker way but it was not very reliable when I tried it. If you want to give it a go, then on the same track collect all the tokens on the first lap. When crossing the line to start a new lap push the start button on your phone, and leave it for 10-15 seconds, and return to the game. The objects on the track are meant to reset so you can get another 8 for the second lap, and another 8 for the third lap. This will give you 24 in total for one race, so you only need another 4 to get the achievement.

Congratulations, you now should have finished the game!

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