Adrenalin Misfits (EU/JP)

Xbox 360

Adrenalin Misfits (EU/JP) Achievements

Most Earned

Landing Boost
Landing Boost20 (20)Perform an air trick and stick the landing.
EZ Jump
EZ Jump10 (10)Jump while you are boarding.
Item Attack
Item Attack11 (10)Stomp your front foot when you have an item.
Front Grab
Front Grab11 (10)Raise your front leg while in the air and perform a front grab.

Least Earned

Balloon Buster Master
Balloon Buster Master145 (50)Finish a "Balloon Buster" race with Rank A.
Free Race Master
Free Race Master132 (50)Finish a "Free Race" race with Rank A.
Fly Distance Master
Fly Distance Master125 (50)Finish a "Fly Distance" race with Rank A.
Downhill Slalom Master
Downhill Slalom Master121 (50)Finish a "Downhill Slalom" race with Rank A.
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