Crusader Kings III (Windows)Northern Lords

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Northern Lords

Northern Lords Achievements

The Northern Lords Add-on for Crusader Kings III (Windows) has 10 achievements worth 200 gamerscore.

  • Far from Home

    As a Norse-Asatru ruler, have your capital on any island in the Indian Ocean.

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  • Miklagarðaríki

    As an Asatru, hold all of the original Thessalonika, and any empire title other than Byzantium.

  • Canute the Greater

    As an unreformed tribal, form the North Sea Empire.

  • King of all the Isles

    As a North Germanic Asatru, control all islands in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

  • Faster than the Fox

    As a Norse tribal, control the entirety of Sicily

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  • Völva

    Form a coven as a female Asatru witch

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  • Saga in Stone

    As any one dynasty, commission a hundred rune stones

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  • First of the Crusader Kings

    As a Christian North Germanic, participate in the very first crusade from the start.

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  • Vladimir's Second Choice

    As a North Germanic or Asatru ruler, convert to Islam & convert all of Russia.

  • A Dangerous Business

    As a dwarf, win a Varangian Adventurer war anywhere outside of Europe.