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    08 May 2011
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    I've held off writing anything about Crysis 2 until I'd completed it 100%. I was hesitant because it's so pretty at times it's easy to get carried away and lose sight of the fact that games are meant to be played, not gawped at.

    Take for granted then it looks bloody good. But does it is there any substance behind it's model-looks? Yes. And no.

    Let's start with the single player. First playthrough is interesting enough, though the storyline doesn't offer anything new, nor is it particularly coherent. You get given a supersuit, have to fight some aliens, something about DNA merging blah blah. I don't expect Philip K Dick from games, but it's a bit fractured and didn't make much sense.

    Your suit grants you the power of super jumps, shield and stealth technology. All very functional and often a lot of fun. You are encouraged to use your suit's visor to check out your "tactical options". This gives the impression you have some choice in how you approach things, but invariably it ends a straight-up gun fight. There's not masses of guns/equipment to play with, but what you've got works well enough. The AI is okay, but the number times an enemy just runs around in a circle, or jogs on the spot behind something is unacceptable and really does distract. Stupid I can handle, totally glitched is another matter.

    "Supersoldier" difficulty, the hardest setting, is a joke. The first playthrough clocks in at a mediocre 8 hours, but Supersoldier can be completed in under 3 hours using fully upgraded stealth options. No challenge whatsoever.

    That said, it's good fun. It maybe a missed opportunity, maybe Crysis 3 will improve, but it's definitely worth playing. Did I mention the graphics?

    So what's not quite right? Firstly, my pet hate. Controls. Every button is used, and are all needed to play the game properly. Yes you can switch the sticks for a lefty, but with so much resting on button inputs,especially in multiplayer, the options are far too limited. If you are using right-stick to move you are pretty much screwed. Jump cannot be accessed without stopping moving. Grenades are accessed by double-pressing "Y". A very clumsy mechanic where often you end up simply changing weapon. So frustrating was the experience I bought a modded controller from eBay that moves all of the face buttons under the controller.

    On to Multiplayer then. Very marmite indeed. Think COD4 on crack with invisibilty. It's so fast there is very little in the way of camping. Even with a stealth suit there's little opportunity to hide in a corner like a girl. Well done Crysis. But it is damn hard. Or is it? It's the first MP I've struggled with online - I honestly thought I'd lost it and would never be able to play anything online again. Until I got host.

    In my efforts to unlock the "Win all game types chevo" I spent hours playing deathmatch (Instant Action). I lost 41 games in a row. 41! Yes, I was finishing in the top 5 but come on...41/0??? Then something magical happened. I got host. I was like a gaming god. Not only did I come top, I got a kill streak of 17 and ended the session 11 kills above #2 spot!

    When it works it's really good, but host advantage sticks out like a sore thumb and makes the whole think pretty pointless and very frustrating. Also worth noting is that "Tooled Up" is very glitchy, you may find yourself having to reset your suits and loose everything to unlock it. Or worse still, reset and have to play through all the ranks again.

    Crysis 2Tooled UpThe Tooled Up achievement in Crysis 2 worth 179 pointsMultiplayer: Unlock all the weapons

    In summary then, Crysis 2 is a good single player FPS let down by glitchy AI and dodgy story-telling. It's definitely worth playing though. Multiplayer is too broken to take seriously. If the host advantage was sorted I would carry on playing, but once I've boosted all the achievements it's going back on the shelf. For me, that's the biggest disappointment, when it works (or I get host) it's a blast.

    Crysis 2 should be a solid 4/5 but really it's 3.5/5. I can't give it 3, so it's a 4 by default.
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    Crysis 2 puts you in the Nanosuit 2.0 with cool feautures such as Invisibilty, Nanovision and armour/weapon upgrades. I haven't played the first Crysis but all I know is that if you like First-Person-Shooters with a good storyline, gameplay and versatilty, Crysis 2 is the game for you.

    Graphics -- 10/10
    Crysis 2 is the most amazing looking game ever made, the detail in everything in the games is just amazing. To the water running on your helmet to bullets spraying out of your gun, Crysis 2 delivers excellent results every time. It is even available to play in 3D to people who have a 3D TV. And the lighting effect is not too fake as in other games.

    Gameplay -- 9/10
    The gameplay in Crysis 2 is flawless and faultless. The AI are spot on, even when you are in cloaking they will hear your footsteps if you go in for the kill too quickly. And if you are behind lighter cover like a advertising board or a rock pillar they will shoot through it to injure you. Crysis 2 has a very good cover feature, which allows you to easily pop in and out of cover to get some shots off at your enemies, this works very well on harder diffculties or when you are boxed in one area against a large number of enemies. You can also easily modify your guns, from switching the sight on your gun (Assault Scope, Red Dot Sight, Holographic sight etc.), to changing Rate of fire (Burst or Semi-Auto).
    As well as adding several different attachments such as grenade launcher a shotgun and others depending on the gun.
    Story -- 8/10
    Without spoiling much I will keep this short. The game starts off with a news report of the deadly virus spreading around Manhattan and talks of a Alien Invasion. The first level you play as one of the group of marines sent to extract Doctor Nathan Gould to safe place because he knows information about the Alien Invasion. But... I'll stop. All in all The story in Crysis 2 is very interesting and with solid 19 levels of campaign this should keep you entertained for a while. And it is obvious that Crysis 2 storyline was very well thought of. But some people may disagree thinking that it is quite weak, so don't go buying this game thinking that it has the best storyline ever, but if you love sci-fi/army like stories, you will enjoy the story Crysis 2 has to offer.

    Multiplayer -- 6/10
    Nothing much to say about the multiplayer only that it is very versatile, and one of the most enjoyable online experiences you will find but not the best. There are alot of customizable options, like dog tags, loadouts, guns and milestones. When you start off your nanosuit is very basic and of a lower level than the one you use in campaign, but as you level up, you unlock more items and features for your character so eventually becoming the best soldier you can be in the online battlefield. It has a similar function to the COD online as you can have Emblems and flags for your gamertag in the online lobby. Also in the online lobby you will be given the option of voting for the map you desire and the map with the most votes, that is the map you will play in. So give online a chance, because as you level up, things become a lot more interesting. Though multiplayer is not the best, it is very interesting as you can find trouble getting into a game and can easily lost connection to the chosen host. But obviously the better you're internet connection is, the more likely the chances of you getting into the game increase.

    So obviously my advice to you is to pick up Crysis 2 as soon as possible, because it is one of the best titles out there. And you will be truly amazed the brilliance of this game.

    (This is my first ever review, so please no negative comments without reason) toast
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    Ok so this is my first review guys so keep that in mind. I encourage feedback good or bad.

    Crysis 2 is one of the most heavily anticipated games coming this year, for a number of reasons. This once PC exclusive game is taking its chances with the 360 and PS3 consoles. The first one is also considered by many, to have the best graphics around. It is pretty common to hear ppl comparing PC graphics of other games to Crysis. This game has in many ways reached and surpassed my expectations, but in many ways has fallen quite a bit short, so lets get down to it. The game focuses around your character wearing a nanosuit. Not your everyday suit as it not only does all sorts of cool shit, but it also talks to you, as well as heal your wounds, and some other surprises you'll find throughout the story. Something else I wanted to add in after I wrote this, is that the guys at Crytek did a good job of making the game accessible to everyone. Do not worry if you did not play the first game, because all though there are references to it throughout the game, it holds no real importance to the story.

    The gameplay is terrific, and one of the games best features. As you have probably read from other reviews, it is mainly broken down into two styles. There is stealth, and Armour. Armour pretty much means you are a walking tank while stealth, is... well you know, stealthy. Both styles are fun, and the game gives them both a proper level of attention. The enemy AI is pretty solid, but I will say enemy variation seems to be bland. Although there are different types of soldiers and aliens to kill, there is nothing new or cool about any of them. You have your basic grunts, heavies, scouts, etc. Another complaint I will have is weapon variation. Although there are some very cool guns like swarmers, microwave guns, and gauss rifles, etc. you rarely get to use them. Almost the entire game I either used a SCAR or the Grendel assault rifles. All of the special guns I only found in 2 separate locations, but then again that could just be me being bad at exploring. The controls feel good, and the movement feels very natural. The game gives you a proper amount of special abilities seeing as you have a badass suit on you. You can grab enemies around the throat for up close and personal kills, kick cars into ppl, and quite a bit of other things you will find out if you play.

    Very simple, the game is gorgeous. If you ever needed a reason to get an HD TV, this is as good as any. The game looks amazing, but hook it up on HD, and wow. Early in the game I left a warehouse and went outside, and the scenery is truly breathtaking. The lighting, attention to detail, and the water effects are amazing. I particularly like it when you enter stealth mode. The invisibility mode your suit provides looks better than real life. If you want some really amazing graphics, get the PC version (assuming your PC has the capability to play a game with such good graphics, because a lot do not) as it is that much better.

    I won't spoil anything, but I will say that the after beating the game, you do not get any lasting impression. I honestly forgot about the story about half an hour later. It fails to stimulate any emotions, and its plot heavily borrows from games like halo and maybe a bit from gears of war, at least in my opinion. The story does have a couple of twists that did catch me off guard, but no characterization (of any of the characters), an average story, and a weird layered style of the campaign makes for a slightly above average plot. The story does accomplish its goal of maintaining your interest, and does have cool moments, but this was the part that fell quite short of the mark for me in my opinion. After playing games like RDR, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, and Dead Space 2, recently, I was really hoping this game would really shine with an emotional story. The worst part is that I really felt they had the pieces already there, it hits so close to home, ppl are dying, an impossible invasion is coming, and teamates and friends are dying, but there was just no attachment, no emotion.

    Another part that fell short for me. I will say that there are some very fun matches I have played, but many are overshadowed with cheap, annoying ones. Especially in free for all. Some bad maps, very bad spawn points, and overcrowding, leads to very lop sided fights. In one match I literally started right next to another player, and as soon as it started assassinated me. This is an extreme case, but it is very common to die by getting shot in the back or die as soon as you spawn. Team based games are quite a bit better, but in a COD style online game, I prefer free for all, and it just does not deliver in that department. I will say customization is pretty good, and it still looks very gorgeous with very fun gameplay to hold you over on those *sigh inducing matches.

    This is the little things in a game that adds to the overall effect. The games atmosphere was pretty good, but could have been (and should have been) much more depressing. The soundtrack is very good, and well put together. Sound effects are good, but voice acting was average. Considering that there was not much speaking I guess this is not that important, but in today's age, voice acting is a big part of the game. Main menu and pause screens are cool, and I also like the menu you get after you die, pretty cool.

    The gameplay is super fun, and the graphics are wonder worthy, if that makes sense. My favorite part about this game is even though the idea of playing a supersoldier is nothing new, this is really the first game that makes you feel like a real supersoldier. It isn't game of the year, but a very fun game at that. It is as different as it gets for an FPS without playing a game like Borderlands or Bulletstorm(both very good games in my opinion). Bit disappointed in the average story, and bad Free for All, but very fun gaming makes this game a definite renter if not keeper.

    Edit: My rating has changed from 4 stars to 3, overtime the game has just been... I don't know, its just gotten old. The more I play it the more I am kind of disappointed, like I said earlier give it a rent, buying it is up to you. Sorry I couldn't go more into detail, I just kinda don know what else to say. Thanks guys
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    03 Apr 2011
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    Crysis 2: made in Germany, reviewed in german!

    Bis auf Aufbaustrategie und Browsergames ist die Videospielentwicklungs Szene hier in Deutschland ja eher etwas rar gesät. Hier mal ein Jump’n Run da mal ein kleines Rennspiel 7ter Klasse. Alles in allem nicht wirklich was besonderes. Ein Lichtblick gibt es jedoch! Crytek! Das Frankfurter Studio, das auf dem internationalen Markt große erfolge verzeichnen kann, unterhält u.a. auch Studios in England und Ungarn. Gegründet und geleitet wird das Studio von den aus Coburg (wohoooooo FRANKEN!!!!) stammenden deutsch-türkischen „Yerli-Brüdern“, Cevat, Avin und Faruk Yerli. Viele Spiele hat das Studio noch nicht auf den Markt gebracht, dafür sind die die veröffentlich wurden, wahre Kracher! Far Cry war das erste Werk und schlug ein wie eine Bombe! Und danach kamen gleich die Hardware fressenden Grafikgiganten für den PC Crysis und Crysis: Warhead. Jetzt ist der nächste Teil der geplanten Crysis Trilogie erschienen und ist erstmals auch für Konsolen erhältlich. Ich hab mir das Ding natürlich gleich vorbestellt und sofort am Erscheinungsdatum eingelegt! (von mir getestet: Xbox 360 Version)
    Erst mal zur wichtigsten Frage überhaupt: „Läuft Crysis 2 denn nun flüssig und gut auf der Xbox?“
    Tia in Hinsicht auf diese Frage erweisen die Yerli Brüder eine besondere Art von Humor. Denn wer sich an den ersten Teil von Crysis erinnert, der wird vll noch wissen welche enormen Mengen an Hardware das Teil gefressen hat und, dass es nur auf den wenigsten Rechnern flüssig spielbar war. Und jetzt auch noch auf den Konsolen?
    Ja auch auf den Konsolen!
    Die Frage ob Crysis denn nun läuft beantwortet das Spiel mit dem ersten Achivment! Sein Titel: „Läuft Crysis?“! Und JA es läuft! Und wie! Crysis 2 ist unumstritten der bestaussehenste Shooter auf dem Markt! Wenn ihr zum ersten Mal aus den dunklen Gemäuern in denen ihr erwacht heraustretet, dann bläst euch die Grafik regenrecht vom Sofa! Alles ist unglaublich hübsch und mit Detailreichtum versehen, der andere Titel wie alte Socken aussehen lässt! Und dabei läuft da Spiel überraschend flüssig! Ein paar Mal habe ich bemerkt, dass nach dem laden eines neuen Levels Texturen nachgeladen werden mussten, doch das war kauf auffällig. Ansonsten läuft das Spiel flüssig und rückenfrei! Und auch der 3D Effekt, der auf 3D fähigen Fernsehern einstellbar ist, soll überzeugen. Diesen konnte ich leider noch nicht testen, da ein solches Gerät meinen Geldbeutel etwas überlastet. Doch aus anderen Berichten heißt es, dass es super funktionieren soll.
    Technisch ist das Ding also eine Wucht! Crytek hat wirklich das letzte aus den Konsolen raus gekitzelt. Doch wie sieht es spielerisch aus? Und wie ist die Story dieses Mal gelungen… die des ersten Teils ließ ja einige Fragen offen. Denn die beste Grafik nützt nichts, wenn das Spielprinzip Mist ist!

    Nun im Hinblick auf Storytelling haben die Yerli-Brüder wirklich noch Nachholbedarf! Denn Crysis 2 wirft mehr Fragen auf als es beantwortet. Doch von vorne!
    In Crysis 2 spielt ihr nicht mehr den US-Supersoldaten Nomad und auch nicht mehr auf einer koreanischen Tropeninsel, sondern ihr spielt Alcatraz, einen US-Marin, der halbtot an der Küste des Hudson von Prophet, eurem Kommandanten aus Teil 1, gefunden wird. Und ja ihr habt es schon gemerkt diesmal geht es in die Stadt! Und zwar noch New York New York! Doch der Big Apple ist nicht mehr das was er früher einmal war! Aliens, die Ceph genannt werden, haben die Stadt angegriffen und eine Spur von Verwüstung hinterlassen. Die ganze Stadt ist Karantänegebiet, da durch die Sporen der Ceph die Menschen zu einer Art geistlose Hülle verkommen, die, wenn ihr im Spiel auf sie trefft, nur in der Ecke sitzen und vor sich hin jammern. Um die Ausbreitung dieser Seuche in den Griff zu bekommen, wurde die paramilitärische Organisation „Cell“ beauftragt New York abzuriegeln.
    Ihr erhaltet, noch als nichts wissender Marin, den Auftrag nach Manhattan vorzudringen und die Lage zu checken. Doch natürlich wird gleich zu Beginn euer Uboot versenkt und ihr seid der einzige überlebende eures Trupps, der dann, wie schon gesagt von Prophet halbtot am Rand der Flusses aufgegabelt und mitgenommen wird. Prophet zieht euch den Nano-Suit, einen super Kampfanzug, der euch stärker, schneller und unsichtbar machen kann, an und tötet sich danach selbst. Soweit die Vorgeschichte! Im Verlauf des Spiels lauft ihr dann durch das zerstörte New York und bekommt von immer verschiedenen kleinen Köpfen am oberen Rand des Bildschirms Anweisungen was ihr zu tun habt. Dabei versuchen euch natürlich, die eigentlich zum Schutze der Stadt abgestellten Cell und die Aliens zu töten. Kennt man ja alles! Die Story in Crysis ist also nicht besonderes. Warum ihr das ganze jetzt macht interessier euch die meiste Zeit eigentlich gar nicht! Die Anweisungen sind so schwer verständlich, sowohl akustisch, weil um euch her rum ständig Dinge explodieren, als auch rein logisch, so dass ihr euch nach einige Zeit einfach darauf beschränkt zu schauen, wo ihr hin müsst und dann eben dahin zu laufen. Warum und wieso ist euch egal! Ihr seid schließlich Soldat und Soldaten stellen keine Fragen! Apropos stellen keine Fragen: wie jeder knallharte Typ in einem echten Shooter habt ihr natürlich keine Stimme und seid das ganze Spiel über stumm! Selbst wenn euch Fragen gestellt werden sagt ihr kein Wort! Denn echte Kerle sagen ja auch nichts ;)
    Und dann kommen ihr zum nächsten meiner Kritikpunkte, der Kontinuität! Es gab viele Änderungen im Vergleich zu Crysis 1. Die Aliens scheinen nun mehr eine als einer Gelee artigen Masse gestehenden Lebensform zu sein, welche Sporen nutzt um die Menschheit auszurotten. Doch wie waren die Aliens in Crysis 1?! Damals war die Rasse eine auf Energie basierende Lebensform aus der Erde, die durch eine Atombombe noch stärker wird. Als ich dann am gegen Ende des Spieles über Funk hörte, dass die Regierung offensichtlich plane, die Altersstruktur, die sich im Central Park ausgebreitet hat, mit einem taktischen Nuklear Sprengkopf zu beschießen, habe ich mich schon gefragt was das soll. Und nicht nur die Aliens haben sich verändert, auch die Menschen und deren Technologie. Das reicht vom Aussehen eines normalen Mariens bis hin dazu, dass in Teil eins offenbar alle einen solchen Anzug kannten, in Teil 2 jedoch jeder Soldat unglaublich erstand ist, wenn er euch sieht und fragt was das für ein Ding sei.
    Und Allgemein ist man nach dem Spielen von Crysis 2 nicht wirklich schlauer. Mal ehrlich! Kann mir irgendjemand sagen was das am Ende sollte?! Schreibt es in die Kommentare!

    Doch so viel Kritik in der Story liegt, soviel Lob liegt im Spiel selbst! Das Spielprinzip mit dem wechselt die verschiedenen Anzugmodus funktioniert viel besser als im ersten Teil. Der Wechsel geht schnell und euch bleiben viel mehr taktische Möglichkeiten! Ob ihr euch nun an einer Wache vorbeischleichen wollte, oder die mit einem Autobewerft. Alles ist möglich! Sogar die Sprung- und Gleiteinlagen, welche an Mirro’s Edge erinnern, funktionieren toll und machen unglaublich Spaß!
    Die Gegner sind fordernd und operieren klug. Sie gehen in Deckung und verlangen euch, zumindest auf den höheren Schwierigkeitsgraden einiges ab.
    Und auch der Multiplayermodus, welcher nicht von Crytek Germany sondern von den Engländern entwickelt wurde, macht Spaß und bietet euch viele Möglichkeiten eure Klassen anzupassen. Der Nanosuit gibt dem ganzen dann noch einmal eine taktische Würze!

    Alles in allem ist Crysis 2 eine Bombe! Es fesselt euch und auch die Singelplayerkampagne, die zwar nicht so lange ist wie im Vorgänger, ist toll inszeniert und macht Spaß! Ich kann hier nur eine absolute Kaufempfehlung aussprechen! Crysis 2 ist eine grandioser Shooter mit Nachbesserungsbedarf in der Story, der eine tolle Abwechslung zum realistischen Militär-Shooter Zeugs der Marke CoD oder MoH bietet!

    Als Bewertung gebe ich "Crysis 2" 8 von 10 Ostermännern

    Diese und andere Reviews und Kritiken zu Spielen, Filmen und Serien findet ihr auf meinen Blog:
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    30 Jul 2011
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    Crysis 2

    Developed by : Crytek
    Published by : Electronic Arts
    Console : Xbox 360

    We’ve all know Aliens vs. Predator right? Seen the films, played the games and argued over if we COULD have the powers of one who it would be. Well here steps up Crysis 2 with its Nanosuit 2.0 and with it granting you the speed of an Alien, the stealth of the Predator and the gun toting prowess of a US Marine.

    The sequel to the “most beautiful” game ever made, the same one that only NASA’s latest tech offerings could run we can now finally have the beauty of Crysis on the box.

    The Plot

    The year is 2024, the place is New York. Following on (slightly) from the original Crysis you are playing the role of gun toting US Marine Alcatraz aboard a routine operation on a nuclear submarine. But then something goes wrong, terribly wrong, and you are thrown into the shoes (literally) of the infamous Prophet.

    New York is under attack. At first, it’s hard to realise why and from who. The city is in Martial Law, the military is at odds with the private security firm Crynet and then there is the alien threat. And guess what - only you can save the city.

    To save the ultimate destruction of New York you are gifted Prophet’s nanosuit early in the game. A biological wonder, the nanosuit is an armoured suit made up of micro-organisms - that’s right, your suit is in itself, alive. Featuring in built AI (presumably the conscious mind of the millions of organisms that construct your suit) they have the ability to change and adapt to their surroundings. Need to get somewhere quietly? No problem, these little blighters can mimic the surroundings and turn you invisible. In a spot of bother? Hey, no problem either as these things can turn to a solid state giving you increased armour capable of withstanding a lot of gunfire, and if that wasn’t enough - they do something (I honestly can’t think what it could be) that can make you sprint incredibly fast and jump incredibly high if you need to get away.

    It’s a nice plot for an FPS that features corporate greed, military distrust and an alien invasion. It really is reality in the USA, with maybe the exception of the aliens….


    C2 comes out in a time where FPS games need to stand out. We’ve had a good run lately with Black Ops, last years Battlefield 2 and even the “average” games such as Homefront and Medal of Honour have been thoroughly enjoyable. So Crysis really needed to deliver something, and something different to be able to stand out in an oversaturated market filled by brilliance and disaster : and something different it brought.

    Unlike any other FPS game I’ve played, this is all about the Nanosuit. Guns are there sure, and sure they’re important - but have you ever played an FPS game where guns are an option and not a necessity? I think this is a first for me. The suit offers three key abilities, all easily mapped to the 360’s controller. Firstly there is the stealth mode. With one little hit of the left bumper button, your nanosuits organisms and modules shimmer as they turn you completely invisible. Your still there, you can still make noise. But the fact no-one can see you is a huge advantage at certain parts of the game (too much so at some points, but I’ll get to that later). It gives you the option of sneaking to great vantage points, walking straight through the middle of a marine patrol or silently creeping behind an enemy to snap his neck. Armour is activated by tapping the RB button and after a short shift you are now playing The Thing from the Fantastic Four. Your damage resistance is increased three-fold and bullets will now bounce off you, once again presenting numerous options. Storm through the marines and enemies absorbing all their fire whilst returning your own - watch as they fall still open-mouthed at the fact you are still standing, their bullets doing no damage. Finally we have the power sprint and jump. Definitely not the coolest of abilities the suit provides us, but amazingly useful none the less. Activate the mode by pressing down on LS or holding A for the jump, and your sprint duration and jumping distance are increased. Jump from the floor onto the car roof? No problem. Sprint towards the ledge, hit the power jump and then sail between the skyscraper roofs? Easy. Couple this with the few thermal vision variations and you’ll discover you’re wearing an incredibly piece of kit.

    This sounds mightily overpowered and you are quite correct, it is. It’s balanced nicely though by your suits energy cell - basically a battery that is the measurement of time that you can use your abilities. Don’t use any, and your battery will remain full. Start running and you’ll notice the suits power levels dropping - hit the stealth and it’ll drop rapidly. It’s then down to the player to turn all abilities off at the correct time to let the battery recharge so you can start over again. Let your battery deplete fully, and your suit will start to shut-down leaving you limping around at an incredibly slow pace - a walking bull’s-eye. Overall, the suit and it’s abilities are there to serve one purpose - give you, the player, options.

    It’s all about options. The game features 18 single player levels, everyone can be completed in numerous ways. There is no right way nor a wrong way, but there is always a way. It’s all about preference really and Crytek have done a great job in creating a game where the player can play it however they will enjoy it most. If you want to go through every level with your armour on, shooting and destroying everyone and everything then that’s fine. You’ll reach the level end no problem and won’t be punished for not sneaking by. On the flip side, you can use your stealth and sneak through the level avoiding confrontations at all costs and only killing out of necessity. That’s fine too, and both are just as enjoyable as each other. The choice is not only in the abilities you choose to use, but also the route you take. New York is your playground and you can stroll the sidewalks, creep through the parks or stalk the rooftops if you wish. It really is a 3D battle zone and you can choose any part of it to fight in. It’s just another dimension Crytek have added to the game to offer the player an amazing depth in choice.

    This is where Crysis first major flaw in my mind springs its head - when implementing a “game breaker” such as stealth in any game you have to try very hard to not let it be abused. Unfortunately, I found I stealthed most of the game because it was so easy to bypass all confrontation and finish the level cleanly like an Assassin. Even on the hardest difficulty if you utilise your stealth you will breeze through the game and in my mind, sucking all of the fun out of it. It’s just a shame the game was nearly over by the time I realised that maybe “being the ultimate killing machine” wasn’t that much fun if it was all silence and stealth. It’s my personal opinion that the hardest mode a game has to offer should be hard - not literally, a walk in the park.

    You view everything in Crysis 2 in first person mode. You see the world and the menu’s as you would see them looking out of your suits visor. Weapon selects and augmentation upgrades for instance are still viewed through your own eyes instead of taking you to a menu - you just put your hand out and upgrade via your arms. It’s a small touch, but a brilliant one at that. The upgrade system is a nice touch where you can upgrade your suits potential by collecting more nano-organisms off the Aliens you have killed. Collect enough and you can spend them (via your awesome hand menu) on things like improved jumping, silent walking and better stealth modules. There is 12 total upgrades split into 3 different sections - but your only allowed three active at a time ; one from each group. Weapons can also be upgraded from laser scopes to barrel suppressors each one changing how the guns handle in different situations. I’d like to sit here and tell you about the different guns and how they feel, but as I said earlier the guns are just another option, and an option that took a backseat during my play-throughs. They feel solid enough and have enough recoil to feel realistic - especially the big M60 esque guns - they really do pack a punch.

    The opponents and enemies in Crysis 2 are incredibly varied compared to other FPS games. No longer are we just killing Russian dissidents for the whole game, Crysis 2 has them all. Not only do we fight with the US marines, but also against them. We’re fighting against the private security firm Crytek and their hired goons as well as the spectrum of Alien residents that are now gracing New York with their presence. There are different kinds of aliens from the lowly foot solider to big hulking brutes - the former being incredibly nimble and fast, jumping from rooftop to rooftop as they stalk you and the latter are slow and built like tanks ; and you need to literally put enough lead in them to destroy a tank before they will drop.

    The AI is of a decent standard in Crysis. You can be the prey as well as stalk your own prey. It was a satisfying moment to watch the lowly alien foot-soldiers stalk me. It reminded me of the Velociraptor scene in Jurassic Park ; I watched them pause, as if thinking how best to attack before they continued to stalk across rooftops waiting for the opportune moment to pounce down on me from above. Make a lot of noise, and the AI is on you in seconds - the aliens swarming to your position and the US troops organising battle plans and activating efficient search and destroy procedures. The AI does have a few “glitches”. On occasions I saw them walking infinitely into walls, walking around in small circles as if drunk, and generally not having a clue as to what was going on. It’s a little thing as it only happened rarely, but when it does happen it spoils the whole package and effect that Crytek have tried to deliver.


    I was unsure how Crysis 2 would deliver on a multi-player scale - after all, you are no longer facing the Alien AI threat, but now real people, and unfortunately, now we aren’t the only person in a Nanosuit!

    The game features the same staple of modes as most other FPS games - Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag plus a few others. They all function as intended, so there isn’t much I can really say about the modes.

    The multiplayer does work well. I’ll be the first to admit that this is a marmite game when it comes to playing online. You will either love it, or hate it. I actually really enjoyed my time on the MP but I have a lot of friends who didn’t like it, and I can understand why.

    The MP balance is a bit off. Stealth rules over armour and the run and gun method is heavily punished. Certain weapons like the Sniper Rifle coupled with stealth can make you an (undiscoverable) killing machine. I found the best way of playing was to find a balance - its all about learning when to use each ability and managing your shields energy resource. That’s the key : mess up your energy and you will be getting killed incredibly easily by even the weakest of guns. It seems that the amount of energy your suit has is a direct representation of your damage resistance - have a full energy battery and you can take far more bullets than if your cell is depleted.

    The maps are nice and varied from small and urban to large and sparsely populated. One minor gripe is some of the maps are TOO large for a 12 person death match - you can actually wander around for ages without encountering anyone, couple this with the stealth ability and it’s entirely possible to play for a good five minutes without actually seeing anyone to kill.

    The online mode features the common perk system whereby the more experience you earn and higher ranks you unlock, the more perks become available to you. Some of these similar to single player and they vary from seeing bullet trace fire (great to see where your being shot from) to silent footsteps. The guns and abilities all feature challenges as well that come with an XP reward, such as kill 1000 enemies, sprint for 10 minutes etc - nothing groundbreaking, but a nice feature to include to encourage people to keep coming back.

    Graphics and Sound

    Now this is the “biggy”. We all know that the original Crysis was THE benchmark of graphics in a computer game. The standard was set so high that only the best of the best gaming computers could run Crysis at a decent frame-rate - and now that Crytek promised us Crysis 2 is even more beautiful, how did it fare for it’s first visit onto the 360?

    Well, it didn’t disappoint. I’ve played a lot of good looking games on the box but Crysis 2 is the best looking. Not just from the cut-scenes, but the in game world is stunning. The skyline, the views, the scenery : its all rendered in incredible detail and it does a great job of immersing the player into the world. When things look as realistic as this, its hard not to be drawn into the world. The cut-scenes are amazingly detailed as well, from buildings collapsing to alien motherships landing downtown…but nothing, nothing has ever looked so good on any game as the water effects on Crysis 2. The pinnacle of this for me came during a single player level - I was sprinting down a pier, I jumped off and landed in the Hudson, sinking a few feet below the surface before I came back up for air. I wish I had the words to describe what I felt when I saw this for the first time, but I don’t. All I can say is that it is a masterpiece in engineering, and the best I have ever seen to date.

    The sound is also top-notch. We have the standard sounds in any FPS game, gun-fire, human voice actors, tanks firing and bullets being destroyed. All the sounds are crisp and realistic and do a great job of immersing you even further into the decimated NYC. I’ve always thought that when using an “AI” voice developers can sometimes get it wrong - but no, the AI voices featured as well as the Alien language in the game are very good. If aliens do ever land on earth, and they sounded like they do here in Crysis then I wouldn’t be that disappointed. Incredibly scared yes, but at least not disappointed.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, I thought this was a good game. Visually it was stunning. But there is a nagging feeling, something in the back of my head that is telling me “it was good, but it’s not great”. Unfortunately for those of you reading this, I do not know why. I think it all boils down to the balance between abilities, the fact stealth makes it too easy, and that the armour modes make you like a savage heathen rather than the sleek slick assassin I wanted to be. You only need to look at the games box art to realise “that guy was made to be a ninja-god-like-assassin”, so its just a shame that being that guy made the game no challenge at all - and after all, what fun is a game if there is no challenge?

    Gameplay - 8 (A good solid FPS that tried, and nearly succeeded with new techniques abilities)
    Graphics & Sound - 10 (One word - Absolutelystunninglymindblowinglybeautiful)
    Lasting Appeal - 7 (The campaign doesn’t have much to go back for once its complete, but that’s why we have multiplayer)
  • SpazCoolSpazCool73,555
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    Considering that the game has been out for some time now and that there’s plenty of in-depth reviews, by professionals, available both here and on other sites I’ll keep this limited to opinion. For ease of reading I’ll subdivide this opinion piece into three sections: glitches, gameplay and whole package. Oh, yes, there are a few allusions to the story in the game so, if you haven’t beat it just yet you may consider a few of the passages below as “spoilers,” you’ve been warned.

    Campaign Glitches:

    It seems like every multi-million dollar game these days can’t, or don’t care enough to, escape from producing a few of these annoyances and “Crysis 2” has more than its fair share of glitches to account for. In total I have three gripes I’d like to share with you, the reader, concerning the campaign’s glitches.

    Freezing- I had been playing the campaign for about 5 out of the total 9 hours it would take me to complete the game before I encountered anything fishy. I was in the train terminal building having just beaten that boss character that looks like one of those Star Wars AT-Walker things…except with a tail. Upon leaving the area, right after a save point, my whole Xbox froze, not the game, the whole system. So, I unplugged it, rebooted it and loaded it up again only to have it happen again…and again. After a few moments forum-hunting I had found I was not the only one to confront this problem on “Crysis 2” nor was it the only problem one should expect. The solution, unfortunately, was to restart the whole level and hope that the problem didn’t find me after that save point again. Fortunately, it worked but, I did come across this same problem again at a later time in the game; fortunately, again, the same solution worked.

    Cracks in the Map- The second specific glitch hit me during the last battle of the game verse those four super-Ceph. After dying a few times trying to figure out how I was to kill those damn things I finally killed all of the available foes only to find, after much searching, that the last one of the bunch had somehow fallen into a piece of the landscape. This happened after having played the game for over 9 hours and staring the ending in the face. Let’s just say that I was pissed and found myself restarting yet another level due to Crytek’s faults.

    Artificial Stupidity- Now the occasional frozen console does strike any game and, it may have something to do with the fact that I like to beat my campaigns in one sitting, excluding anything from RockStar of course. And, unlike many of the its big name competitors “Crysis 2’s” campaign lasts more than 5 hours (e.g. Bad Company, Modern Warfare, etc). However, there was one more persistent problem that I only really began to notice after I got to face the alien Ceph with some frequency, that is, their shitty A.I. Coming from just beating “Call of Duty: Black Ops’” campaign as well as “Bad Company 2’s” I wasn’t exactly primed for great A.I., like one will find in the “Halo” series. But, the mistakes and funky Ceph behaviour I witnessed more and more frequently as I progressed in the campaign did eat away at the awe inspiring visuals. Watching the Ceph continuously walk into walls waiting for me to break their neck or “patrol” in a circle formation no larger than a sombrero begs the question, was this game rushed by some deadline? Even if that was the case the poor A.I. makes what could have been a great campaign just a good one (i.e. a game I’ll beat for the achievements but not one I’ll actually pop back in just for the fun).

    Multiplayer Glitches:

    Graininess- So far I’ve only experienced two glitches while playing multiplayer and neither of them were “game breaking” in my opinion. The often bitched about graininess did in fact strike me a couple of times but, only momentarily, quickly dissipating allowing me to go back to playing. In fact it happened for such a short time that I didn’t think of it as a full-blown glitch, more an occasional processing hiccup. I only mention it because it seems to have affected others quite a bit. Perhaps I lucked out.

    Apparently not “Tooled Up”- The second glitch did bother me quite a bit but, according to some sources it will work itself out after I reach rank 50 on the MP and reboot. Yes the “Tooled Up” achievement decided to not unlock after I had dedicated 40+ hours of online gameplay to its completion. Now, there seems to be a bit of confusion out there in the cyber world concerning what this glitch is. Apparently there’s two separate glitches associated with this achievement where one, the achievement doesn’t pop after unlocking all of the weapons (i.e. the glitch I’ve got) or two, the achievement is rendered impossible because the player doesn’t receive the requisite number of weapon unlock icons to acquire their new toys (i.e. it may have something to do with game sessions being lost after getting the unlock icon, thus the icon is lost in limbo along with your achievement).

    **Update** Just rebooted and still not achievement! Before the reboot I had every weapon unlocked but, the weapon unlock meter-thing read 19 out of 22 despite there only being 20 weapons in the game. I'll keep the rest of the review unchanged but, the readers should know that I will be putting "Crysis 2" down until I hear that theres been a definitive fix.

    Campaign Gameplay:

    Not being one to watch TV regularly I hadn’t even heard of “Crysis 2” before I bought the thing on EBay because it was suggested as something I would enjoy, damn you spyware! Anyways, as I always do, I endeavored to complete the campaign achievements before moving on to the multiplayer to both familiarize myself with the controls as well as the lore behind the series. Initial reaction to the sights, sounds, controls and story was positive. The game is beautiful and, for the most part, the controls feel cozy.

    Aside from the above mentioned glitches the game itself is quite well done. The graphics, of course, steal the show but, the level design shows that some consideration went into it allowing for multiple approaches to key areas ahead. If one must compare to understand I’d say these levels fall somewhere between the narrow passageways of “CoD” and great expanses of “BF”, allowing the player choice but, not great freedom.

    The blending of the cinematics into the gameplay is a nice touch allowing the player to continue playing while some truly epic events unfold before them. This stands in contrast to other shooters persistence to disembody the player from the event to focus their attention on the cutscene.

    Another job well done by Crytek is the sound scape. This really made me happy because in a world of Whilhelm screams and the absense of auditory nuances Crytek's game is refreshing. Blending the sounds with the visuals is made the gameplay immersive in spots (e.g. activating ones cloak or armor brings with it both the satisfying sounds as well as a change to the HUD). This same culmination is found throughout the campaign, as well as being translated into the multiplayer. Ripping off turrets while in armor mode couldn't be more satisfying. It is these little nuance that, in my opinion, make a great game...too bad Crytek messed it up with their glitches.

    Lastly, the story, while not exactly original (i.e. take two parts Halo with one part Gears of War and you’ll have a basic idea) is satisfying. It’s not the watered down bullshit that one gets from the “Battlefield” series nor is it the beyond comprehensible bullshit I still don’t fully understand from “Halo 3.” No, the story is easy enough to follow that I knew why I needed to run to the specific objectives, while still having some subtleties concerning transhumanism to tug at your philosophical self, albeit while your gunnin’ down some Ceph.

    Multiplayer Gameplay:

    This won’t take long to describe because, no joke, if you’ve played “CoD’s” multiplayer then you’ve played “Crysis 2’s” multiplayer. The level designs, the load out screens, killcams, weapon skill assessments, and dog tags all feel exactly the same as “CoD’s.” Granted, there are the Nanosuit’s abilities that do steer the combat in an interesting way. Having to balance one’s energy level between sprinting, armor mode, jumping and stealth makes the game both more frustrating than “CoD” as well as more rewarding. I will say that the controls are a bit too busy for multiplayer, every button has a use and some even have more than one function (e.g. tap “Y” once for secondary and twice, quickly, for the grenade).

    While the fighting itself feels crisp and well planned out there is one persistent problem I’ve noticed in my gaming sessions. The killcams offered by Crytek are laughably bad. Perhaps this has something to do with bad connections/lag/whatever but, I don’t believe that I’ve watched a single killcam that portrayed my death that didn’t have some mismatched sound effects or show something completely different from what I recall happening. I’m not an expert when it comes to online gaming but, I do know that I never witnessed killcams like this when I played the first “Modern Warfare” three years ago.

    One cautionary note to the multiplayer gamers out there, if you want to play more than just team death match or you get bored easily by the stock maps of a game then don’t look to “Crysis 2” to fill your needs. This is due to the relatively small number of players on the game. If you take a look at Major Nelson’s website you’ll see that the top 20 Xbox Live games no longer includes “Crysis 2,” though “Halo 3” is still in the top 10 after four years. While one can easily pop into a team death match game without having to wait a second if you venture to the objective style matches the wait can last up to 10 minutes for a previous match to end. The situation is even worse with the map packs, which I foolishly purchased. Last Saturday night I spent a full 20 minutes stuck in lobbies waiting for enough players to come on the playlists associated with the map packs before I got bored and popped back into the team death match lists.

    Whole Package:

    Not being familiar with the original “Crysis” nor even aware of this games ad campaigns I fell into “Crysis 2” with a neutral stance. I wasn’t a fanboy coming from the original nor was a “hater” coming from “Battlefields,” or anyone’s, camp. With my eyes wide open I received “Crysis 2” with open arms. The campaign despite its flaws still carries some fantastic moments and is paced really well. If it weren’t for the glitches the campaign itself would have been worth the full retail price but, alas, Crytek messed up. As I mentioned earlier, if you’ve played “CoD” you’ve played “Crysis 2” so, in my opinion the MP alone really isn’t worth the coin given how unoriginal it is. Despite these two points I have suggested to friends and fellow gamers to give “Crysis 2” a try simply because when one combines the two flawed halves of the campaign and multiplayer one does find a good game, in fact, one finds a game that is still better than a lot of the utter tosh that is out there now.
    While “Crysis 2” is still a good game with a few flaws perhaps its biggest issue lies with its base of players. How is it that “Halo 3” is still in the top ten of Xbox Live Activity while “Crysis 2” isn’t even in the top twenty anymore?

    Final Thought- It’s a good game, worth the “used game” price I paid (i.e. £ 35), some nagging flaws one doesn’t find in similar games (e.g. “Halo’s” and “Gear’s” campaigns and “CoD’s” multiplayer) so, if you’ve got those titles you should think a while before buying this one.
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    Crysis 2: More hit than miss, and let me explain my point.

    Firstly, the visuals of the game are standout I believe. It's been a while since I have seen something so well done, especially in the first person. It is something that while I did not immediately go wow, was consistantly impressed, especially with the lighting and water. Kudos to the studio for showing what you can do with a graphics engine.

    Secondly, I would also like to congratulate the studio on making a sequel that for me is an improvement on the first. At no point did I have the issues I did with it in terms of stability or lack of interest. The aliens are alien, the humans oh so human, and the nanosuit, wish I had one.

    Weapon design, as those of you who have read my Sniper: Ghost Warrior review, may expect a missive on this subject alone, and I will try not to disappoint. I believe they are well thought out, and designed. I recognise weapons by sight, and they, for a game of this type are the stock pieces you would expect. That being said, when you have such good stock pieces, you don't want to complain too much about what they did get wrong. Truth be told, I feel that one idea of mine may be inspired by what was done in part in the first, and if I'm using it, and still using it, then it's an idea I can respect, which says alot.

    What I do have against it, are minor notes of annoyance that I will say simply. I like customisation and on the same side I appreciate nods to real sights and components, on the other side of this, CoD took it way too far, and I feel that Crysis 2 has gone that bit too far for my tastes. I felt that some areas made me use particular sights, or weapons, and that for design, rubs me the wrong way.

    Levels were good, but the story behind it, I felt could have been clearer and cleaner. I like the fact you have this build up from the first, and the conspiracy suggested in it was more believable at first than some others I have encountered. The rest of it was that it was just too layered, while I was able to predict certain elements, the amount of garbage used to pass it across was frustrating in places, especially with one of the factions involved. I think making it clearer, and removing one or two of these layers would have been a good thing for the story.

    Before I touch on MP, I would like to bring up the collectables. I am not a fan of them in general, and this is no exception. I wonder why they are in here, as they don't really serve a purpose except for the e-mails. I don't mind those, but on the same side I wonder if there was a better way to include the information in the game without needing to be so blunt about it.

    Multiplayer I have not had the chance to get a true feeling of, as I've only been able to play one game type consistantly, and most of the time the ping has been moderate to terrible. That being said, fast free flowing combat is interesting, and does keep you on your toes.

    To answer the questions I ask myself, yes, I will keep this game, I enjoyed it, but in the long term I probably will replay it, for being light hearted shoot the alien fair. Is this a great game? No, I have seen better in certain specific aspects, and I think there was unnecessary layers in the story. In terms of numbers, three out of five. It's a good game, it's fun, but it's nothing that really excties me. Maybe a three and a half, if there was such an option.

    Finally, if you disagree and decide to neg vote, please leave an explaination.
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    Never played the first one but I will now after playing this.

    Please note that I will be adding more reviewing categories like Achievements, Replayability and more.

    Crysis 1 was released in 2007 on the PC. The game stormed right up to the top of the charts after a week or two and it's still being played because it was ported onto Xbox and PS3. Before the port there came a sequel. While not as popular as the first. This is still a great game by its own rights.

    External image

    You play as a new character called Alcatraz. Just a normal soldier that was handpicked by Prophet to carry out his mission. Alcatraz has no idea why he was chosen but he knows that he has to do something about it. While Alcatraz is full filling his duty he is being chased by Prophets enemies because they think that you're him. That's the gist of the story

    Lets get started with the review.


    The graphics in this game is pretty impressive. The game uses Cryengine 3 and even the Xbox is powerful enough to handle its fantastic graphics. It looks beautiful in almost every way. The textures are great and character models are unbelievably detailed. The characters are so detailed that you can see scars and freckles on their faces. The Nanosuit is a work of art and looks like a pretty bad ass piece of technology. I wished that it was a real suit. The game is also very cinematic and they are memorable. It also helps the atmosphere feel realistic. The not too distant future setting is actually quite believable and isn't over done.

    External image

    Meet the future of the Big Apple

    The game also has great use of colour palettes. The colours aren't too bright or not too bland. They are just right with an interesting use of the grey colour. Lighting is also well done and brings the scene to life. Especially when it comes to the sneaking sections. There is also a great use of dust particles that actually make the game feel more like a post apocalyptic scene even though its just chaos caused by the alien invaders.

    The game mostly runs well with solid frame rate a minor case of screen tearing and pop-ins.

    I give the graphics a 9/10.


    The sound design is amazing. The sound effects like exploding cars and what not sound great and truly convincing. The gun sounds are also great. The voice acting is also solid but there are times where the voice actors sound a bit bland but mostly good when the shouting kicks in. The main credit though goes towards to the sound scoring. The sound composers did a great job at creating a dramatic scene with the use of the Violins, Cellos etc. The sound scoring is so good that you would want to wait in a lobby for a multiplayer match to begin because of the beautiful sound of the dramatic Violin.

    I give the sound design a 9/10.


    The gameplay play identical to the first Far Cry game but with a little more depth with the sneaking and the powers. I would've just said Crysis 1 but like I said I haven't played it yet. Using the suits powers make you feel like a total bad ass. You can literally blast through the door like a boss because of the armor power that allows you to be more resistant to damage. You can just run up to the enemy and strangle them without taking too much damage. There are other powers like sprinting, heavy lifting, power jumps and invisibility. All this comes at price though because using each power uses up your energy gauge. The energy gauge pretty much acts like a stamina gauge so when you run out you can't use your powers anymore until it is recharged. The powers are great and very useful. Kinda wished that there was a slow mo power though.

    External image

    The game is pretty chaotic and it's because you caused all of it.

    The gunplay is also pretty good. It feels like COD but better because the guns are a lot more powerful. There is also a feature for you to actually equip new attachments and powers in real time. This makes the battlefield a little more realistic and allows you to bring strategy into a gunfight which does give you more replay value because of the unlockable powers and attachments. Because of this feature you can either have a pretty simple gameplay experience or you can turn it into a strategy game.

    Sneaking about is great and brings a lot of tension but unfortunately the AI isn't all that good because they are a little stupid at times. Especially when it comes to friendly AI because they aren't actually killing anyone so it feels like you're babysitting them so that they can't get themselves killed.

    External image

    The perfect combination of Halo and COD

    The multiplayer is impressive. There are great modes and using powers make the match feel more fast paced. You can also upgrade your weapons and unlock dog tags which keeps you coming back for more. The maps are mostly huge and free running allows you to explore the unreachable.

    I give the gameplay score a 9/10.


    The storyline is the worst thing about the game. It's not all that exciting and it has plot holes. The characters aren't all that interesting but the distorted videos that act like hallucinations are quite interesting though.

    I give the storyline a 6/10.

    Replay Value:

    The game has a pretty lengthy single player. After you have completed the single player you can hunt down for collectibles and you can select the harder difficulties. The multiplayer is a blast with plenty of unlockables and maps to choose from. The game offers you a lot of toys to play with so you will be playing this for a long time. Unless you have a very short attention span.

    I give the replay value score a 9/10.


    The achievements are pretty easy and you can get most of them from your first play through but there are achievements where you have to collect all collectables, complete a difficulty and kill an enemy by throwing stuff at them. None of them are a hassle and you can get around 400 points on your first go.

    I give the Achievement rating an 8/10.

    Is it your cup of tea?
    If you like Crysis or Far Cry then this will be a treat.
    If you want a multiplayer game with a lot of depth then hell yes!
    If you want to feel like a boss then kick some ass!

    +Great guns and powers.
    +Brilliant multiplayer.
    +Tons of stuff to do.

    -Uninteresting Storyline.
    -Bad friendly AI.
    -COD can suck it.

    Overall I think that this is a great game that should be on the wall of fame. I give this game an overall score of 9/10.
  • GhostofaMessiahGhostofaMessiah248,372
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    Out right amazing. Played through it three times after beating it on the hardest difficulty. Its still fun to play on the hardest difficulty. Rather than giving all the enemies Kevlar faces and an obnoxious amount of hit points on top of that, the enemies become noticeably smarter and faster on the draw. And you have to keep moving, there were times when I'd try to take cover and recharge, but they'd just out flank me. Times like that, if your a decent player, it will bring out the best in you. This game will make you do things that you normally wouldn't consciously do. And if you lean to use all the abilities of the suit itself, you will be immortal, even on super soldier.


    An unimpressive re-imagining of Call of Duty with a juggernaut button, a halo jump button and a cloaking device. Expect host advantage, Host migration, Frag spamming, Melee Attacking, Camping and latency issues to be prevalent
  • W4RPHO3NIXW4RPHO3NIXThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
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    After playing the first Crysis I was waiting for a Crysis 2 ever since and when I heard it was coming out on Xbox I couldnt believe it.
    That said on PC this game looks far better than on 360, but still ill review it anyway.

    Single Player story was very well thought out with some nice twists thrown in, but a little clustered at times. Without any spoilers the ending, I thought, was amazing to be fair setting me up wanting more. The game visually may fail compared to PC but my god it is stunning, its propably the best looking console game I have ever seen and takes this award by far. Audio on the game creates great mood and tension often suiting the enviroment you are in. As for weapons there are a fair selection with a cool selection of adds for each weapon. For example you can equip any weapons with a silencer or scope whenever you want making the choice yours to go in guns blazing or slient. The nano suit has always been a favourite of mine and this time the abilites are insane, everything from tracking footsteps to being bulletproof to cloaking yourself to kill your enemy the sly way.

    The only downside to this is sometimes your so wowed by the graphics that your looking at the surrounds your so amazed you forget you have enemys shooting at you and die lol but seriously the only bad thing is the collectables can be so annoying honestly.

    By the way I will review multiplayer later when I have had time to have a good mess around with it.