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    Having owned Crysis, Crysis 2, and played (skimmed really) Crysis Warhead, I was genuinely looking forward to Crysis 3, as the 2nd was not only one of my favorite games of all time, but also one of the key inspirations for my novel Divine Avenger. Both the 2nd and the 1st, though plagued with bugs and glitches, were easily some of the greatest games I've played, and expecting something similar, i was quick to preorder the game, knowing that i would enjoy it nonetheless.

    The story starts off with Prophet being imprisoned by C.E.L.L.. He's soon rescued by Michael 'Psycho' Sykes from the first Crysis, and two members of Eagle Team from Crysis Warhead (Lazy Dane and Bandit). They inform Prophet that there's a war going on against C.E.L.L., which has enslaved people through debt. But Prophet's concerned about something else: the Alpha Ceph (aliens), who's been haunting him through visions and the like. Given this, Prophet has little concern about `human politics,' something that's often unnerved Psycho (explained via one of the first logs). Armed with a nano-bow that offers a selection of different arrow heads, Prophet must defeat both the CELL corporation, and the alien threat that looms upon humanity.

    Unlike the second installment, this Crysis has only seven levels, in contrast to the 20± its predecessor had (showcasing the gamer hypocrisy of long games being padded [a complaint I heard about Crysis 2] and short games just being cash grabs). Despite this, the levels feel much longer and are more open, addressing a common complaint that Crysis 2 was too linear (it was fine by my standards though). Even so, I do feel the story was extremely compressed, and at times rushed. Remember the Hydro Dam mission EA showed us? That's the third mission, and that's where everything goes to hell. And to be honest, it felt rushed and forced, as if they were trying to squeeze everything into a seven-hour plot. Not the way to start a game; there was no build up, like in the 2nd game, where you encounter the Ceph sporadically until they finally come out full force. The 2nd game's approach was preferable, because it built up tension; when compared the Ceph to the C.E.L.L. Troopers, they were ridiculously intimidating, especially in maps where you had to fight them both at the same time.

    Despite this, the gameplay is solid and top-notch. The bow was (unusually enough) fun and satisfying to use, and made me feel like a silent, deadly killing machine. The Human weapons maintain their traditional powerful feeling, and the new ones, especially the Typhoon, feel pretty damn powerful. The alien weapons also felt pretty powerful, and I enjoyed using them, in comparison to games like Halo, where I normally avoid them unless I have no ammo. There are some vehicle sections which I could describe on my own, but Yahtzee Croswhaw summed it up best with, "imagine that you've just woken from a twenty-year coma, celebrated the occasion by drinking six bottles of Mad Dog 20/20, then were called upon to pilot a light aircraft bearing a cargo of hippopotami[...]That's like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube with your elbows."

    Multiplayer is also fun, albeit very frustrating. Do yourself a favor: start in the training playlists. Trust me, you'll save your controller. The bow is massively overpowered, among other balance issues. The old default rifle, the SCAR, has also been moved, now requiring you reach level 27 to unlock it, which... was a **** move, Crytek. I loved that gun. There's other concerns I can note here, but I think most, if not all of them, are due to latency issues on my part (which have been mostly fixed from Crysis 2), but if they turn out to be the opposite, I'll come back and edit this.

    Maps have been significantly improved in comparison to number two, with higher degrees of verticality that allow the nanosuit's gameplay to truly shine as it should. However, there's one in particular that takes 2nd place for worst map I've ever played (the coveted 1st place belonging to Crysis 2's Lighthouse).

    Onto my favorite part now: the pet peeves. This is where I discuss things that bothered me, but shouldn't discourage you from buying the game.

    1) What the hell happened to Alcatraz? Don't tell me that his personality was corrupted, Crytek; I want answers! Christ, that's got to be one of the worst endings for a player-controlled character I've seen. And the game's ending just adds more insult to the injury.

    2) Lazy Dane and Bandit from Crysis Warhead's were back for two nanoseconds. What's the point of bringing them back if they're not gonna play a major part in the story? Fan service? Might as well have not mentioned them at all.

    So far, I've yet to regret my purchase, and I welcome the challenge (frustration) that the game presents. If you enjoyed Crysis 2 and Crysis, give it a shot; this one's not perfect, but it's great in every sense of the word. I give this a 4.5/5, and if there's ever DLC for it, I would happily buy it.

    Quick Edit:

    Thought I'd try talking about some of the game modes too, as well as my final pet peeve.

    First there's your average team deathmatch and free for all deathmatch. There's nothing special here, except that, as mentioned previously, the maps are incredibly well-made (except for the one with the boat in the middle). One problem I do think exists is that in some maps (Hydro Dam), you can take too long to find another player; the action takes it sweet time. To put it in perspective, if Action were asking Hydro Dam on a date, Action would arrive at Hydro Dam's door, wearing cologne, bearing chocolates and flowers, with dinner reservations (six months in advance, mind you) to the fanciest restaurant in town, only to find Hydro Dam just barely waking up and saying "oh, that was today?"

    The game's trademark mode, Hunter, is extremely fun too, if a bit biased in favor of the Hunters. Much more enjoyable than Halo 4's Flood mode and previous Halo's Infection modes.

    Domination, a good old king of the hill, makes its return, and although I've never been a fan of KotH game-types, I found it enjoyable. If only for a while.

    Cell vs Rebel, what little I played was frustrating to say the least. Avoid it.

    Oh, and here's my final pet peeve (this one may contain spoilers):

    3) There's no continuity between 2 and 3. Everyone credits Prophet with what happened to the Ceph in 2, with absolutely no mention of Alcatraz, the one who actually did everything. Having somehow become the first silent character I genuinely liked, I felt sidelining him took away from the storyline. His 'corrupted' status, as mentioned in peeve #1, feels like a cheap excuse to include Prophet instead, and the fact that Prophet barely touches upon the matter (Psycho does though. I like him.) makes it even worse. Additionally, there's barely any references to the Crysis 2 cast. Where's Col. Sherman Barclay, the hero of New York and survivor of the Ling Shang Islands? Dr Nathan Gould, who faithfully assisted Prophet and later Alcatraz during the New York Invasion? Chino, Alcatraz's friend who assisted him in more than one occasion? The only thing we get is a small cameo by Tara Strickland which really felt like a dismissal rather than a tribute, and Karl Rasch, whom I'm pretty sure was slated to appear if you pay close attention to the ending. I understand that 20 years have passed between both games, but this final peeve negatively impacted my full enjoyment. In fact, had it been addressed, I'm pretty sure the game would bear 5 stars, as I think the original deserves. But alas, we're left with a new, somewhat bland cast (sans Psycho. I like him.) that on occasion just bored me. I admit having Prophet speak (I hate silent characters) was a positive thing, but if Crytek had planned to pull this off in this way from the start, I would've ditched Alcatraz completely and simply made 2 about Prophet.

    **Edit done**
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    katana409I think the only one that MAY have glitched on me, (I say may because I'm not sure how high I was [pun intended]) was the one where you air stomp someone from 15 meters. I got an air stomp double kill in China Town from either the top or middle level and no achievement, but unless they give us some way to measure the height, I can't tell you for certain. As for the CtR method, I can't tell you for certain because I never did it; I leveled up the old fashioned way.
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    Skip to 5:08 and you'll see I don't think I high enough
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    PensFan4Life71THIS GAME SUCKS!
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    Firstly let me begin by mentioning that this is my first review for TA, and I hope I can live up to some of the other excellent efforts on this site. After the mediocre start to 2013 (thanks in no small part to Aliens: Colonial Marines, perhaps the biggest disappointment in my 20-year gaming life) I was looking forward with great anticipation to Crysis 3. I regard the second game in the series as one of my all-time favourite games, and so I was eagerly awaiting this release. The following are some of my thoughts and observations concerning plot, graphics, audio, multiplayer, and achievements. Beware of spoilers.

    I had hoped that this game would follow on from the victory of Alcatraz in Central Park, in that you would have to scour far-reaching locales to eradicate the remnants of the Ceph around the globe. Instead we are back in New York again, albeit a more post-apocalyptic, overgrown version of it. My main gripe about the plot and thus the length of the game is that it is far too short, and most of the characters in the second game are completely absent and many forgotten. This disappointed me, as I had hoped Gould, Strickland, Barclay, Chino etc would play some role. You only need to read the credits to see that there are 4 main characters, and this hinders the depth of the story. Although Psycho is back (and is one of the main strengths of the story) there is little in the way of immersion and I found it hard to relate to the plot. The mission briefings were uninspiring when compared to the nanosuit and character-narrated segments in the previous game, which I found exciting from start to finish. There are also few if any set-pieces, which were so plentiful in Crysis 2, such as Central Park rising out of the ground, and the opening scene in particular when you are leaving Battery Park. Moreover, I felt whilst playing the second game that the player assumed the role of Alcatraz (due to his silent nature), and I could relate to being given this state of the art nanosuit to carry on Prophet's work. I feel that the plot of this game lays waste to all of that, and despite it being a decent story in and of itself, it pales next to the experience I had with the second game. Whilst I appreciate the merging of aspects of both the first and second iterations I think that this game lives up to neither.

    Graphically Crysis 3 is top-notch, with spectacular looking environments and effects, and this was a breadth of fresh air after the aforementioned start to the year. Crytek have proved that the hardware still has some life, and that there are no excuses for shoddy efforts and screen-tearing and such.

    From an audio perspective, I found that bar a couple of themes during the mission briefings, the music was bland compared to the previous installment. Borislav Slavov returns as principal composer, and does a decent effort, but in my opinion the main theme does not compare to that of the second game (perhaps due to the contribution of one Hans Zimmer). I was so impressed with that soundtrack that I bought it, however this effort did not impress. Aside from the soundtrack, there are the usual gunshots and explosions which sound excellent, and I enjoyed the vocal performance of David Kennedy as Psycho, who brings a lot of emotion to his character.

    From a multiplayer perspective, it takes a great deal to impress me as I have never really embraced this aspect of modern gaming. My favourite online experience is Battlefield, but this game makes a solid effort and it is a great deal of fun. In fact, I have enjoyed the multiplayer more than the campaign, which is saying something. Although at times it can be hard to see cloaked players, and often frustrating when players camp whilst cloaked and spray to their hearts content with LMGs, all in all it is a satisfying aspect of the game.

    Achievement-wise, this game will take a fair bit of time to complete. The main reason for this is the number of collectibles and the token Crytek glitched achievement. The rest of the effort will be directed at multiplayer.

    In conclusion, Crysis 3 is not the ending to the trilogy that I had envisioned or expected. In spite of this, it still stands up as a decent shooter with a good online experience. It is just unfortunate that it could not live up to or surpass its stellar predecessors.
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    Well after the big hit that was Crysis 2 with great single player and surprisingly fun multiplayer we now have the next edition in the series with Crysis 3. Does it surpass the previous installment and move the series forward in a even better direction? Sadly not, it takes about 12 steps backwards.

    Now I won’t focus too much on the story since it is really one of the best aspects of the game but it does take place after the events of Crysis 2. Really going into too much detail about it will potentially spoil events and I don’t feel like spoiling anything for anyone that does care. I will say though that even running on Xbox which is toned down from PC this game is stunning. The game for the most parts runs fluidly and when you are able to go from sprint, to jump, to parkour onto a cliff you really do get to see how great it looks. The war torn buildings just give the vibe that a serious attack on taken place on the building and when standing in a wooded area watching the water flow or seeing deers stroll by you do get to see how much effort was really put into the visuals.

    The gameplay is in the vein of all the previous Crysis games so expect the same first person shooter in your nanosuit. The nice thing though is while the maps for this game may not be as big and open as Crysis 2 the map is still big enough to let you play the game out in different styles. If you want to run and gun you can but it might be a bit harder. You can go around too if you’d like playing it stealthy and using your bow which is one of the new additions to this game. You can pretty much play through a majority of the game using the bow if you’d like as I ended up using it most of the game except towards the end with stronger enemies. You can run back and grab your arrows from enemies as well.

    Another good addition to this game is being able to tag your enemies which can feel cheap when walking into a new area and being able to scan everything from enemies, to mines, turrets, ammo, and collectables since then everything shows up on your HUD and you can see the enemies moving them. It is a great addition and in places where the grass and rocks hides enemies it is a welcome addition. Throughout you can also collect upgrades which unlock perk like stats each with their own small challenge that once unlocked can make your guy even more powerful.

    Don’t go in expecting a long game though. I played through it on normal, taking my time, exploring, dying, including all the glitches and freezing, and getting most of the collectables and I clocked in at just 4 and a half hours game time. If you were blasting straight through you can beat this game in under 3 hours easily. It is extremely short.

    I’m not saying the game isn’t fun though even if I felt towards the end it was losing me some the time you spend playing is still fun and I think a large part is due to how fun it can be to go around invisible taking out people with the bow.

    The game does include multiplayer and I’d love to tell you how it was but I was only able to complete one game. The other few I was able to join ended up lagging out. Biggest problem though is how glitchy, buggy, and freezy this game is. I encountered a handful of serious bugs and glitches in the single player which mainly included falling through or getting stuck into things which often resulted in me having to restart from last checkpoint which sometimes wasn’t that close. It’s killer though is the fact that is seems that during loading screens the game freezes. I had it freeze about 6 times during a cut scene right after a achievement would pop which then resulted in me restarting the xbox and having to beat the end of the level again since it doesn’t save until the beginning of the next level. I saw several times the game freeze during loading for no reason or even when just opening the guide button. One of the worst ones though is that the game freezes when opening the multiplayer portion of the game. After asking everyone I knew about it they said it will load up if you leave any Xbox live party you are in and don’t do anything during a loading screen and that did work. That was until after one game online when the loading screen hit and it froze. I can’t even say that installing it to the Xbox helps as I had the game installed since the beginning.

    Overall it’s worth a rental to play the single player but the downsides for the game outweigh the pros. It is fun and maybe after some updates it will help the game fix a lot of its problems.

    Score :