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  • FullMoonBeaverFullMoonBeaver947,702
    20 May 2016 20 May 2016
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    Welcome to my review for CubiKolor

    Developer: Fractal Box
    Publisher: Moving Player
    Release Date: May 20th 2016
    Price: £6.31

    Cubikolor is a puzzle game. No shiny bells, or trinkets attached. Just simple levels to start you off with, and a learning curve that seems to be just right.

    From the word go, you are greeted by an even bigger black and white cube, that informs you that you are to take part in some peograms to determine what you are. Essentially this means you are a guinea pig. The aforementioned big cube, resembles the companion cube from the Portal series. Although with less malevolance. For now it seems.

    Levels are a series of blocks for you to traverse, from your white block which is your start point. To the black block which is your end of level. It has a keyhole on it too. Some levels will feature multiple lcoks that you must visit before the levl is over.

    All that sounds simple doesn't it? Well, it gets a bit more interesting as you progress through the game. You soon find coloured blocks, and you will notice that your cube faces are all of a different colour. Now for the fun part. You can either match the colour block to the correct face colour to make the block lift up, or you don't which will cause the block to lower. Once you really start to make some progress, there will be multiple coloured blocks within the level, and you really will have to start using your brain to work out the correct route through the level. Some are fiendishly tricky at first, but you will soon learn how to navigate your way through the game.

    I found the best way to solve the levels was to work backwards in my head as best I could. Sometimes the solution presents itself better that way. Sometimes trial and error is easier.

    There are 150 levels to play through, so value for money right there. There is also a hardcore mode. But as yet, I have not managed to unlock this mode.

    Nothing out of this world as far as a puzzle game goes. But it doesn't need to be. The visuals are smooth looking, and there are some pretty colours to look at. Simple as expected from an Indie game.

    Again, nothing groundbreaking in this area. The music is ambient, and relaxing which can help when you're feeling frustrated after attempting a level for the umpteenth time.

    Easy to pick up and play. Controls are easy. Left stick moves your cube, and right stick turns the camera. The triggers wi zoom in/out to allow you to see the level how you want. The learning curve is just right, allowing to to progress the first few sets of levels and feel like you're actually progressing.

    These achievements will take some time to get. It's by no means an easy 1000g up for grabs. The very first achievement that you can unlock is Hacker from the main menu for finding all the cube moves. I have written a guide for this already. After that, it mostly getting gold medals,white medals, red medals and some timed runs to do. There is one for rolling your cube over 50,000 times. Best wait to get that one done by just playing the game.

    I like CubiKolor, it's a simple yet fun idea for a puzzle game. Nothing OTT fancy, it just does the job it's supposed to do. Tax that Grey matter inside your head. And at the price it's up for, I would recommend a purchase should you be of the persuasion of puzzlers.

    For a video review, click here

    This Beaver gives CubiKolor 7.5/10
  • Mr VelezbianMr Velezbian338,057
    20 May 2016
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    Cubikolor is a delightful puzzler from Moving Player and Fractal Box. Taking a cube with different colors on each side, players traverse levels using color schemes to finish each puzzle. The title takes the good ol Rubik’s Cube to a whole different level. Beating the “System” is no easy task, and there are 150 levels with two difficulties to prove it. The complex levels are satisfying to beat if you can stomach them, but prepare to have your patience tested.

    Each level has one or more locked tiles that the player must successfully make it to pass said level. The levels feature multiple tiers of blocks that can be climbed by matching same colored tiles to each other to raise the block up another blocks height. Subsequently if you put any non-matching color against a colored block, it lowers it down a tier. Planning out your moves and rolling the correct way becomes crucial in these situations. All hope is not lost for those pesky levels however, as players can rewind and also use hints to beat the system. I wish the hint option was more informative in some situations, but it’s definitely a nice option to have in a game that can be sometimes unforgiving.

    In addition to the standard puzzle levels, there are also timed and limited move levels that further build the pressure. It is hard enough to plan out your rolls without a timer, and throwing one in makes for some frantic fun. The limited move ones are just as great, because it is always fun to see if you can get down to the least amount of moves as possible. As I mentioned earlier, there are two difficulties. After completing the standard levels, you can go back and replay them in hardkore mode which adds timers and move limits (or both) to the existing levels. This adds to the replayability, for players can earn a variety of medals in either mode.

    I have a few pet peeves with this otherwise perfectly fun casual game. The ones I already touched on are the effectiveness of the hints as well as the sometimes unforgiving attitude of the game. They go hand-in-hand, as getting frustrated by a hard level you have been stuck on try after try can come by easily. The hints often show you how your block needs to be placed at certain points on the map, but not how to get there. I don't want the game to play itself, but being stuck on one level with no option of skipping it for the time being and sometimes very limited help can make you feel hopeless. My other small issue is that the controls can further add to the frustration. They are sometimes finicky with the standard perception based movements enabled, which opens the door for easily made mis-movements. When meaning to go up, sometimes you'll go left and leave yourself trapped, and using rewind means forfeiting a gold medal for your perfect run.

    Other than these slight issues, Cubikolor is a great casual puzzler. It is relaxing at times, and frustrating at others. With a 150 levels across two difficulties, the game has 300 levels for players to master. It’s worth its weight as a puzzler both in content and challenge, and will test even the most patient of brain game fans. Cubikolor is fun title packaged just right, and if you are up for the challenge you should definitely look into it.

    +Colorful and Serene
    -Frustrating at times

    Note: A copy of the game was provided by the developer for the purposes of the review

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