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Posted on 25 March 18 at 09:54, Edited on 26 March 18 at 05:40
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This game is HAAARRRD! Hello everyone its Hunter, the professional videogame reviewer, here to give a well thought out and sincere review of the videogame this review pertains to.

So as soon as the game starts I have no idea what to do. Im in what I think is the tutorial level, but lack the motor skills required to do what a 4 year old can do. I then play it off as pretending to be awful at the game even though everyone knows im a piece of casual trash.

So after I have my midlife crisis I realize that you cant select characters. What if I want to play as the cup with blue pants instead? You ever think of that game developer people hmm? This is one of the types of things that cause me to dock points from games. You know, because I have to worry about minute things in videogames instead of stuff that actually matters.

I have my 3rd Aneurysm of the day and notice that this game is actually really challenging. I mean how am I supposed to navigate this overhead map without a map marker? The shop where you buy items is also unfair. You mean to tell me I have to actually play the game in order to get better stuff instead of buying my way to the top? This is outrageous!

I never got off the 2nd island because I didnt feel like putting in the effort to actually learn and get better at the game. I will proceed to dock points from this game sheerly from the fact that the game is difficult. I even put the game on simple mode to make things easier.

Which brings me to my next point, why did they have to include a simple mode? It is saddening to see that im missing out on certain aspects of the game because I chose to play the easier mode of my own volition. How dare those game developers attempt to make my experience easier when im only here to complain about how hard it is???

In conclusion this game is way too hard so I will be docking points because I like to pander to the casual majority. The story and animation arent as important as the lack of invincibility mode or the ability to insta kill bosses. This game is awful, so it gets a 4.5/5
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