Cut The Rope (Win 8) Walkthrough

2. General Hints and Tips

Cut the Rope

A Walkthrough by KJT CD ACD

This game's achievements are staggered between skill-based and cumulative achievements. There are a few things you'll need to master in order to complete this game. An example of which will be the tools and obstacles you encounter along the way, which I will now get into a little deeper. There is a new mechanic introduced during each world that increases the difficulty of the puzzles:


The main mechanic of the game, ropes tether the candy in place, stretch themselves to fling the candy and can be manipulated by other tools to swing the candy. These can be tricky if your fingers aren't in the right place, or jammed right up against the screen, or if two ropes are very close together. Accidental cuts are probably the most common cause of restarting in the earlier levels. However, any and all cut ropes count towards Ultimate Rope Cutter, so your mistakes will eventually loop back into a positive, be that an achievement or a lowered grinding time.


Balloons blow the candy relative to the direction they are facing; horizontally, vertically or diagonally. These can be used to make the candy swing on a rope or alter its course while in a bubble. These require quick fingers and reactions and knowing how many times you should squeeze the balloon on any given level to influence the candy's path correctly. Too much or too little, and your candy is gone.


Bubbles, when entered, reverse the candy's gravity in a direct vertical line. This line can be manipulated by ropes and balloons. Most of the time, bubbles require quick thinking to pop them at the right time to give the descent angle the correct trajectory for maximum swing on a rope, or to drop the candy directly into OmNom's mouth. Pop too early or too late and you'll lose your candy. Don't pop the bubble and you will lose your candy. In either case, this is progress towards achievements you'll only need to grind later.

Magic Hats:

Magic hats teleport your candy! These are colour coded sets, meaning you may find two or three different coloured pairs of hats in the same level. Everything about these hats scream 'Portal' - you can almost hear GLaDOS saying; "Momentum, a function of mass and velocity, is conserved between portals. In layman's terms, speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out", which is absolutely dead on the money. The candy enters and exits hats at the same speed, making for some frustratingly challenging puzzles. As with the bubbles, timing and reflexes for the perfect trajectory are required here.


Spiders sit at the top of a rope that your candy is, or can be, connected to and descends slowly in an attempt to steal it. This adds a time limit to cutting a certain rope. If the Spider reaches your candy, you'll lose it, but hastiness in cutting the rope to stop the spider can also lead to a loss of candy. Take your time, figure it out, and - if need be - let the spider take the candy once. There's achievements for losing the candy and for letting spiders take them. Might as well get the grind on early while learning the levels.

Spiked Bars:

Mostly in the earlier levels, spiked bars will break your candy if it touches them. Timing and reflexes are essential to bypassing these annoyances.

Re-unitable Candies:

In the final Box covered in the walkthrough of this game, you will be presented with the candy split in two halves, which you must master all of the above tools and avoid all of the above hazards to rectify before figuring out a way to feed the whole candy to OmNom. There is an achievement for doing this 100 times, but you might as well file this under 'To Grind' with the rest of the cumulative achievements, as progress for the sake of a progress achievements stops once Box 5 is unlocked.

These are the only mechanics you will be required to have knowledge of for this walkthrough, as the achievements do not require you to progress beyond Box 5. You will be introduced to all of these concepts in what I like to call 'tutorial puzzles', but it's just as effective to have read what they do and how they can be used instead of taking up time figuring it out for yourself.

With your tools and hazards explained and out of the way, it's on to the achievements!

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