4. Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Ok let's start with our walkthrough finally. First, at the press start screen, go ahead and do that

Achievement unlocked alright!

Now let us enter the tutorial mode. Now I do not know what tasks to perform in these things, so pick the very last tutorial

This is a boss fight to show off your stuff. Just run around and pull the triggers to shoot at the eyes until the boss is dead. An achievement unlocks after the tutorial ends. Use this moment to learn some controls if you must.

Make your AI Partner now.

Next, fire up Arcade Mode.

You earn this by starting anything with your new Partner.

These are all pretty self-explanatory, try to do what the description says during each fight.

  • Winner Ver.03

    Win the match with defeating the leader VR in Arcade mode.

    Winner Ver.03
    Offline Game ModeSingle PlayerCooperative

If a ring circles your AI buddy, touch him to share some health and unlock this achievement.

Press the Back button to Rescue Dash. Touch a wounded AI partner while dashing for this.

This is the sub-boss of Arcade. Learn his patterns and dash out of the way when necessary.

The last boss. Evade until they form a Crystal then fire away!


Thus ends Arcade.

Now we will play mission mode.

Some missions are 2v2 fights, some are grab the items on each stage, some have certain attacks disabled, and others are 2v1 matches.

Remember to spend EX points and AI points when you get them.

Spend your first AI point for this.

Start and Clear.

As you clear missions, you unlock characters. You will earn these as you play.

Start and Clear again.

Unlock more characters.

Now as you have played, you may have noticed Crystals or Gold Discs fly into you. These are your collectables. You may have earned some or maybe one of the 2 achievements, but if not, keep playing until you do. Walk around the maps more than you normally would. You will find these at random.

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