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Neo Ethereal
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Neo Ethereal
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Posted on 29 July 19 at 15:19
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A timeless classic mired only by poor modern design decisions

I was caught off guard when I saw some friends playing DOOM, unlocking new achievements I hadn't seen before. I got a bit excited at the possibility of a more definitively updated DOOM to play on my current console of choice. With the small asking price, I took a chance on it.

My advice? Don't give Bethesda the extra quid until they change their business practices. This is still DOOM, it's still awesome and a joy to play. This port has higher resolution graphics than the Live Arcade version, a new credits roll inspired by DOOM 2016, and beefed up audio and vibration support. But... we now have heavy-handed DRM, Bethesda has delisted the previous versions, there are no leaderboards, and... online multiplayer/coop has been stripped out. I had to see it to believe it.

Early 90s computers running DOS were capable of offering deathmatch in DOOM. It may have been a slow slog on dialup but at least it was there. Online coop has also been a staple of the game for years. Now these features are stripped out of what should be the most comprehensive console version to date. The leaderboards are also a huge loss for people like me who like to speedrun this.

DOOM deserves five stars and more. If you don't own any other version of this then maybe have a go because it is still fun (though you are better off getting it on PC or grabbing the BFG Edition of Doom 3). That's why I'm giving this 4.5 stars. Everyone else should not give Bethesda any money until the DRM is addressed properly and the online features that were stripped out have been added back in. If this release is left as-is it will be inexcusably bad business and gamers should vote accordingly with their wallets.
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