DOOM (1993) Walkthrough

4. Cooperative and Multiplayer


There is one cooperative achievement in this game and it is for completing the game on Nightmare. Thankfully only the first three episodes are needed to pop the achievement, so Thy Flesh Consumed does not need to be completed. Likewise, the bonus missions E1M9, E2M9, and E3M9 do not have to be completed or accessed.

The cooperative mode works in this game a little bit differently than the singleplayer mode. Up to four players can play at once. Only one player has to make it to the exit. When one player triggers the exit, the mission will end. When a player dies, they can respawn by pressing cn_RT. They will appear at the beginning of the mission with all weapons gone except their pistol, with 50 bullets. No matter how many times any player dies, or how many die at once, the mission will continue. Just keep in mind that there is friendly fire, so be careful where and when you are shooting. Furthermore, any keys, items, or switches picked up or interacted with up will stay as such. Likewise, any enemies killed will remain killed. So as an example, if someone picks up the blue keycard, then all players in the game will be given the item to use and it cannot be taken away unless the level is restarted. There is, however, one caveat. On the Nightmare difficulty, whether in singleplayer or cooperative, enemies will respawn unlike on the lower difficulties. This makes this difficulty is very difficult, and conventional methods of just killing everything are no longer viable. So there are two methods here.

Method 1

Get as many friends as you can to play with you. If you can get a full game of four people then do so. Follow the instructions on the Story page through each mission. Just run past the enemies whenever you can get whatever keys are required to get to the next part of the level and continue on. You will die. A lot. Let us take the second mission as an example.

The first key you get is the red keycard. When you pick it up, make your way to the red key door. You may die on the way there. If you do, that is okay, since the keycard you collected does not get taken away. Just proceed to the red key door from the spawn. How to get to the end of the mission is described in the story page under E1M2.

If you attempt this method, you will need to be patient and persistent. There are a few levels where the amount of enemies is completely overwhelming, especially after you have entered a room and triggered the enemies for the first time. If the enemies get too clustered in a room, then take the time to kill them. There is no sense in trying to run through a room without shooting if there are too many enemies blocking the path. They may respawn, but they will at least be temporarily dead and the area they were crowding will have some more breathing room. Also, the enemies can travel between rooms when you or your partners open doors, so some of these enemies may spawn in other areas, which will keep the path more clear for movement.

One more note for this method, some doors when you enter them will shut behind you and not open back up for a certain amount of time. This, unfortunately, has a negative effect on cooperative mode. If someone goes into a room and one of these doors closes, none of the others will be able to open the door again, they will just need to stay and wait for the timer on the door to expire.

So here are some tips, some of which was mentioned above but I will state it again to be safe.

  • Know the missions and know them well, or at the very least follow the walkthrough for the levels as you go through each level.
    • You do not necessarily need to do this, but you could also practice each mission on a lower difficulty so everyone you are playing with knows where to go and when. This will increase the amount of time to beat the game, obviously, and it is not altogether needed. This comes down to preference.
  • Move together with your partners through the room. The more of you in the same room, the more diluted the enemy attention will be, which will give you a better chance of getting to the next area.
  • Focus on the next item or switch that needs to be triggered to get to the end of the level.
    • All keys picked up or switches interacted with will stay collected or interacted with will stay as such regardless of death.
  • If a room or hallway that you need to get through is too crowded, clear out the hallway. There are a very large number of enemies on some of these missions so this is likely to be necessary. This may take a few lives, but it will at least temporarily open up the hallway.
  • You may play alone with one controller idling if you do not have a partner to help, but this is difficult. The more players, the easier it is. Plus the achievement is not host-only so up to four people can get the achievement in one go.
  • Be patient. It is not easy, and certain missions will yield quite a bit of dying.
  • The game itself makes no attempt to help you track which missions you have completed on this difficulty. The achievement tracker does work though. As long as you go in order, each mission is worth about 5%.
    • Each episode has 8 missions. So if you are at say 45%, that implies that you have done 11 episodes, so you left off at episode 2 mission 4.

Method 2

Learn to speedrun the game. Videos of a speedrun for each episode will be posted below. This method will take a lot of practice. This method is for either people who are very good at DOOM, first-person shooters and/or speedrunning in general. This method will take a lot of practice. The method could also be useful for those that do not have another partner to play with and are trying to get the achievement alone. Either way, this is by far the hardest of the two methods, but the option is being provided just in case.

Here are some notes on the videos below. The videos use speedrunning techniques to skips parts of levels. Some of these tactics are detailed in the walkthrough. Furthermore, the person doing the speedruns here access more secrets and places in the missions that are not necessarily required for the completion of the level but makes it easier to survive. You may choose to follow all of their strategies or not. Furthermore, to actually survive some of these missions, a no-death run for the episodes individually is required, since the stronger weapons are needed to pull off some of the methods and clear some of the rooms needed.

Credit for the videos goes to The Tofu.

When you complete all the episodes you will pop:

Not So Bad in DOOM (1993)
Not So Bad463 (75)
Beat every level on Nightmare in co-operative mode
  • Unlocked by 39 tracked gamers (3% - TA Ratio = 6.17) 1,491


The two easiest achievements in the game, albeit boring. You will just need 100 kills. If you have some friends to run at you for kills, it will go more quickly. If not, two controllers and yourself is plenty.

Go to multiplayer and select Deathmatch. Pick the map E1M1 and set it to 25 kills. Have your account go outside using the secret exit (described in the walkthrough). Pick up the Rocket Launcher, all the ammo and go through the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel go left through the room into the room with the big window on the left. Stand here and aim into one of the corners of the room (but make sure you can see out of the window as well). Start running your dummies to the corner that you are aiming at and kill the dummy with your main account. If you are doing this on your own with a second controller, it will go a little faster if you kill the dummy when it spawns outside because it takes longer to run from the outside to the inside.

The other option is if you have multiple people locally that need the achievement, and you want to have some fun, play actual deathmatches and kill each other until everyone has 100 kills.

At the end of the first game will unlock:

Rookie in DOOM (1993)
Rookie37 (20)
Get 25 kills in deathmatch
  • Unlocked by 443 tracked gamers (30% - TA Ratio = 1.84) 1,491

Repeat this three more times and you will unlock:

Showstopper in DOOM (1993)
Showstopper105 (50)
Get 100 kills in deathmatch
  • Unlocked by 341 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.10) 1,491

Congratulations on completing DOOM (1993)!

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