DOOM Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Welcome to the walkthrough for Doom. This guide will help you obtain all 33 achievements. There are 28 achievements related to the campaign, 3 for the SnapMap feature (a map creator) and 2 for multiplayer. The SnapMap and Multiplayer features require online play, but it's not much.

You will need one full playthrough of the story finding all secrets, collectibles, runes, codex and completing all level challenges on any difficulty, then you can use mission select to clean up any trophies you missed. With this walkthrough you can choose to use the text or video guide for each level. For both the text and video guides, I have just focused on achievements and the best path that I found for them. So feel free to explore anything extra as you go. I have done my best to avoid spoilers for the actual story, so for the most part you will just be guided through each level.

So grab a shotgun, blast some metal music and let's get stuck in!

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