DOOM Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

There are not many tips I need to give you with this game as it is pretty straightforward, just keep shooting until the demons die and then move on to find more demons. With most shooters today, you will be used to heading for cover when a fight breaks out, this is not one of those shooters. You are meant to get sucked into the fight, and if your health gets low, you will be rewarded with health drops from enemies you kill. So don't run away, get sucked in.

Each of the challenges you are given from level 2 onwards needs to be finished in 1 sitting, but you do not need to do all 3 per level in 1 go. i.e. a challenge may ask you to kill 20 demons in a certain way, but if you kill 10 and then finish the level then next time you play the level you will start from 0 kills.

Tracking for Rune/Weapon Mod Upgrades and Challenges carry over with deaths and checkpoint reloads. So if you find a decent spot then you can keep reloading the checkpoint to get them done.

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