Dance Dance Revolution

Xbox 360

Dance Dance Revolution Achievements

Most Earned

Give it all you've got!11 (10)You've achieved a rank of D.
FIRST B11 (10)You've achieved a rank of B.
CHAIN CHAIN CHAIN11 (10)In a single song, you've managed to rack up 3 CHAIN ARROW BONUSES.
FIRST A11 (10)You've achieved a rank of A.

Least Earned

TRICK MASTER350 (50)You've got the SONG STATUS to the max for every song in CLUB MODE (excluding downloaded songs).
All achievements attained!350 (50)Attain all the achievements.
CHALLENGER125 (30)You've unlocked the CHALLENGE difficulty level on every song (excluding downloaded songs).
AAA COLLECTOR204 (50)You've got 100 or more ranks of AAA or above in RECORDS.
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