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    Well, it had been a while since I covered Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3, and I finally managed to find a copy of the newest entry in the series without the dance mat (I didn't need a second mat, after all). The newest is simply called Dance Dance Revolution and was meant as a reinvention of the extremely bloated series. (Seriously, why did this series require OVER 100 RELEASES since 1998, including OVER 40 in the U.S. ALONE???) Well, we can probably rest assured that this one will be the last to show up on the 360; the DDR series just can't compete with the dance games on Kinect. Fortunately, Konami apparently saved the best for last as this DDR is MUCH better than the Universe trilogy.

    Yes, the game still involves stepping on arrows. Yes, it's still a good aerobic workout. Yes, NAOKI is STILL on the soundtrack! (He needs another gig.) However, the differences in this one push it to the top of the pops.

    First, the grainy music videos are gone, replaced with simple light shows and the occasional dancing silhouette. The videos in the Universe trilogy were not only ugly on an HDTV but also distracting.

    Second, the soundtrack includes a LOT more recognizable songs this time around, from the expected (Lady GaGa) to the pleasant surprises (Kool and the Gang) to the utterly baffling (Lady Antebellum???).

    Third, the incredibly annoying and frustrating quest mode had been kicked to the curb! In its place is club mode in which you dance to a series of songs back to back. You start at "Beginner" difficulty, and, if you're really groovin', the game alters difficulty dynamically. The steps could speed up, or the whole difficulty level could change, adding more steps. As you play, you gain experience with each song which affects the "Tricks" that pop up on subsequent plays. It can be maddening, but it adds an entertaining wrinkle to the game.

    Fourth, the old workout mode is gone. Now, the calorie tracker can be turned on at the beginning of a play session, and the calories will be tracked in every game mode! Why didn't they do this 30 entries ago?

    Fifth, the difficulty had been smoothed out. There is no longer the jarring jump between "Basic" and "Difficult". Don't get me wrong, the game can still be quite hard, but it isn't as maddening as before.

    Finally, and this is the big improvement, THEY ACTUALLY ADDED NEW ELEMENTS TO THE GAMEPLAY!!! *GASP* Taking some cues from Rock Band, there are now step sequences which, if you hit the first step, activate a bonus counter with extra steps. If you complete the whole sequence, you get an huge point bonus. If you miss a step, you lose the bonus and take an extra large hit to your groove meter. The other big addition is a form of Overdrive; when your groove meter is maxed out, you can slide your foot from the up arrow to the A button and activate a special score booster that lasts for about thirty seconds, allowing you to rack up huge bonuses, especially when activated with the bonus chains.

    If you must own one DDR game on the 360, make it this one. It's a bitter irony that Konami waited until the series was no longer relevant on the 360 to release the best entry for the platform. facepalm

    For such a HUGE improvement over the prior games, it had earned 5 stars!

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    mooglessas an owner of both several kinect dance games and several ddrs, id have to say that DDR is better...but it is a matter of opinion its just that in every single review for the 360 ddrs iv seen have basicly said kinect/popular music from OUR country is better.
    Posted by moogless on 02 Aug 12 at 05:26
    Iron Chef HowiePersonally, I preferred the Universe series. Don't get me wrong, this one's songlist wasn't bad, but I think Konami might have tried to make too many changes all at once.

    "Yes, NAOKI is STILL on the soundtrack! (She needs another gig.)"

    You mean "he"? Naoki Maeda's a guy.
    Posted by Iron Chef Howie on 02 Aug 12 at 14:19
    JoeCool7835My mistake, Iron Chef. Picture me slapping myself on the forehead.
    Posted by JoeCool7835 on 02 Aug 12 at 23:05
    XitlLol ddr still exists
    Posted by Xitl on 11 Aug 12 at 21:47
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