Dance Paradise (EU)

Xbox 360

Dance Paradise (EU) Achievements

Most Earned

Finish 1 song
Finish 1 song10 (10)Finish 1 song
Welcome!5 (5)Complete tutorial
First Dance Degree
First Dance Degree11 (10)Qualify as Amateur on one song
Dance Power Master
Dance Power Master30 (25)Successfully complete all Dance Power moves

Least Earned

Until the End!
Until the End!158 (30)End the last song in Career mode with a Star Rank in Hard difficulty mode
Hard Dance
Hard Dance459 (90)End game in Hard mode
King of Groove
King of Groove444 (90)Qualify as Star on all songs
Prince of Groove
Prince of Groove274 (60)Qualify as Pro on all songs
All Dance Paradise (EU) Achievements